The United States Army’s MEDEVAC unit in Iraq has become an important part of medical service for US troops in Iraq. A recent article describes the life of the air ambulance company serving northern Iraq, which consists of several Black Hawk helicopter pilots, crew chiefs and flight medics. According to the article, this air ambulance company runs a tight ship:

“You’re trying to get some sleep, you wake up, run as fast as you can and try to put your gear on,” Egbert said. “Usually the crew chief will go out to get the aircraft ready while the medic and pilot in charge stay to get info from command post. Our goal is to be in the air in (less than) 10 minutes.”

The air ambulance unit has a lot to figure out in that short period of time.  Among the considerations are where they’re going, the best way to get there and what kind of equipment the medics should bring, based on the injury that was reported to them.

However, war injuries aren’t the only people that this MEDEVAC unit services — this unit once saved a contractor that swallowed his dentures!

Be sure to read the article for lots of interesting information about the air ambulance company in Iraq.