“I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you! My mother made it home safely and comfortably from North Carolina to Florida thanks to you and your incredible team. Every single step of the way was first-class with all of you. From my incredible coordinator, Nikki, who helped me with quotes and got me the best possible rate, to the amazingly patient and kind two-person on-board medical team who monitored and calmed my mother through the flight, to Melanie, who kept me abreast of status of the transport the entire way. This was an unfortunate situation and you ALL made it so easy and so well executed. Please make sure all of their supervisors are aware of how wonderful our experience was.We appreciate you and you should all be applauded for incredible customer service.”
Jennifer Staffen, Daughter of Patient
“God sent me the right crew for this flight. I am forever grateful!”
Mrs. Delgado, Spouse of Patient

I am writing to express my gratitude on behalf of the family of Phyllis Merrill. Your company transported her on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend this year from Palm Springs to Virginia. I was the family member that traveled with my mother that day, so I have first-hand knowledge of both my mother’s and my experience…which was fabulous! Everything about the trip was so thoughtfully designed and well-managed, that it was easier than any other air travel I have done in the last 15 years.

The ‘bed-to bed’ service was amazing—both ambulance service personnel (Palm Springs and Virginia) were prompt, efficient, and very careful of my mother during the transport on and off the plane and at the facilities. I also appreciated that all the paperwork had been handled ahead of time by your company, making it possible for me to just concentrate on my mother’s well-being.

The pilots were professional and friendly, inspiring both of us with complete confidence during the entire flight. The EMT, Ryan Raffaele, was impeccably attentive—no sooner did my mother make any indication of need than he was right there to make adjustments for her care and comfort. Roxanne Johnson, the RN, was equally knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. You may recall that my mother had been concerned that she would feel unduly anxious during the flight and need a sedative, but because of the high quality of your staff my mother’s level of comfort was never an issue, nor did she require any medication during the trip. It was clear to me right from the start that if anything had happened medically during the flight, my mother was in the best of hands.

She is now happily ensconced in a better facility than we could provide her in Palm Springs. My brother lives only fifteen minutes away and her grandchildren and great-grandchildren also live relatively close, much to her delight! Thank you and your staff for making this move possible and for providing such excellent care before, during, and after the flight. And please forgive the tardiness of this letter which had nothing to do with our satisfaction with your company; I am a teacher and the end of school is always an incredibly busy time.

Misha Merrill, Daughter of Patient
“Thank you very much for professionally flying us and mentoring Mark during our flight from Cabo to the airport in Fort Worth. This was our first flight experience, and hopefully our last, for a medical evacuation. Thanks to so many friends and acquaintances, Mark returned home and was admitted to Hains Hospital through the E.R. After many tests and visitations with doctors & nurses, he was able to return home Saturday night. We still have no answer as to the cause of the problem, but Mark is feeling fine. He has resumed his daily life and is feeling fit. Please accept our gratitude — I feel very confident that we were in good hands.”
Lauren & Mark Yamagata, Spouse of Patient
Special thanks to the medical crew and two pilots for being so careful and making our trip so comfortable and for allowing me to hold our little puppy in my arms on the flight. You took all the stress away and we can’t thank you enough. You are all simply amazing!!! Thank you so much for everything you do!
Kathy Holmwood, Spouse of Patient
“This is the first time I referred a patient to your company and must state that Denise, Monica and all the staff members have been compassionate, professional and a joy to work with since the onset of the referral process. The “courtesy calls” indicating flight departure, landing and completion of services and care are above and beyond the call of duty! Please notify everyone that we at Kindred Hospital value their hard work and stellar professionalism! AirCARE1 is highly recommended.”
Hulya Sansoy, Licensed Master Social Worker / Case Manager

“For the Flight crew on 12/31/08, 5:30 AM from Las Vegas, NV to Albuqueque, NM: Thank you so much for providing superior service. The pilots and medical staff were so caring and professional. The pilots made the trip so pleasant in spite of the circumstance. Their gracious welcome and kindness is so much appreciated.”
Dolores Herrera, Frances's daughter