The Loading Ramp

Quality means different things to different people. Quality is an empty platitude unless you have a quantifiable means to measure it. So, how do you measure quality, especially as it relates to an air ambulance service?

AirCARE1™ is focused on quality in two specific areas—quality of patient care and quality of customer service. This is the second article in a series describing how we define and measure quality.

Introducing AirCARE1’s Loading Ramp

We know one of the most critical times during the transport of a patient is during the loading and unloading process. To load a patient into an aircraft is not an easy process. In the air ambulance industry, patients are typically loaded manually by a group of people who bear the weight of the patient as they hand feed the stretcher through the aircraft door. This is made even more difficult if the door is a 24-inch executive door. Imagine being the patient on the stretcher who has no control over this process. Imagine again, if one of the persons involved in the process, fails to do their job, allowing the stretcher to wobble or tip. How terrifying would this be to the patient’s mental and physical well being?

AirCARE1™ International has observed this unsafe practice in the industry and has seen the terrified looks in the patients and family member’s eyes. Our commitment to the highest level of care is so strong, we contacted LifePort®, the industry leader in patient care systems, to acquire a specially designed engineered loading ramp which eliminates frightening and dangerous tipping and tilting. AirCARE1™ International patients are placed on the loading ramp and safely slide through our 36-inch cargo door, into the aircraft where the stretcher securely locks onto the patient care system.

This loading ramp provides the patient with the highest degree of safety as well as a sense of well being and peace of mind during this critical time.

Our Commitment to Excellence is measurable to patients, since we provide a higher level of care and service they experience first hand during their flight.

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