Do you need to consider an air ambulance service in Missouri for yourself or a loved one? Whether you need to visit a hospital in another part of the state or require medical evacuation to another treatment center in the US, AirCARE1 has the facilities and the training to provide you and your family member with the safe treatment and level of professionalism that you deserve.

If you live in a remote part of the state and require medical treatment, driving to your destination may not be the safest or more comfortable way to do it. Anyone who requires constant care due to either a chronic illness or a life-threatening condition will need medical attention throughout the journey. For long trips, our fleet of Learjet planes can take you and your family from multiple airports in Missouri to a clinic, hospital, or specialist treatment center, while ensuring that you are looked after from takeoff to landing.

Each AirCARE1 flight is staffed by a two-person medical team, who provide care that is on par with what you’d find in a leading hospital or clinic. In addition to their work as doctors, nurses, or physicians, they receive regular training in specialist air medical treatment so that they better understand the situations their clients face. This means that they can provide the best possible level of care until you arrive at your destination.

Our dedication to safety standards is second-to-none, with all of our pilots undergoing annual training to ensure that our clients receive the best possible experience during what is typically a very stressful time. AirCARE1 is accredited by both the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) as well as the European Air Medical Institute (EURAMI) – a rare feat in the medical evacuation industry. We are also one of just two preferred US service partners for the International Assistance Group, and our fleet of planes has its own FAA Air Carrier certification. This means that we have received authorization from the Department of Transport to provide our services.

The staff on board every AirCARE1 flight strive to create a relaxing atmosphere that puts you and your loved ones at ease. A host of complementary holistic treatments, such as massage and aromatherapy, are offered, and in-flight entertainment like music and movies can also be provided.

Choose AirCARE1 when you need medical evacuation services or an air ambulance in Missouri – there’s no better provider in the country to take care of you or your family member. We take the stress and worry out of emergency treatment so that you can focus on recovery and regaining your health. Explore the list of airports we fly to and from, and call us at 877-760-7760 for a free, no-obligation quote.

Airports We Fly to in Missouri

Looking for an air ambulance in Missouri (MO)? AirCARE1 provides air ambulance and medevac service to many cities in MO. Here are just a few of the airports in Missouri that we fly to:

  • Branson, MO United States; Branson Airport
  • Branson West, MO United States; Branson West Muni – Emerson Field Airport
  • Cape Girardeau, MO United States; Cape Girardeau Regional Airport
  • Clinton, MO United States; Clinton Memorial Airport
  • Columbia, MO United States; Columbia Regional Airport
  • Dexter, MO United States; Dexter Muni Airport
  • Fort Leonard Wood, MO United States; Waynesville St Robert Regional/Forney Field Airport
  • Jefferson City, MO United States; Jefferson City Memorial Airport
  • Joplin, MO United States; Joplin Regional Airport
  • Kaiser, MO United States; Lee C Fine Memorial Airport
  • Kansas City, MO United States; Charles B Wheeler Downtown Airport
  • Kansas City, MO United States; Kansas City International Airport
  • Kennett, MO United States; Kennett Memorial Airport
  • Kirksville, MO United States; Kirksville Regional Airport
  • Lebanon, MO United States; Floyd W. Jones Lebanon Airport
  • Malden, MO United States; Malden Rgnl Airport
  • Marshall, MO United States; Marshall Memorial Muni Airport
  • Mexico, MO United States; Mexico Memorial Airport
  • Moberly, MO United States; Omar N Bradley Airport
  • Monett, MO United States; Monett Muni Airport
  • Mosby, MO United States; Midwest National Air Center Airport
  • Mountain View, MO United States; Mountain View Airport
  • Neosho, MO United States; Neosho Hugh Robinson Airport
  • Nevada, MO United States; Nevada Muni Airport
  • Perryville, MO United States; Perryville Muni Airport
  • Poplar Bluff, MO United States; Poplar Bluff Muni Airport
  • Rolla/Vichy, MO United States; Rolla National Airport
  • Sedalia, MO United States; Sedalia Rgnl Airport
  • Sikeston, MO United States; Sikeston Memorial Muni Airport
  • Springfield, MO United States; Springfield/Branson National Airport
  • St Joseph, MO United States; Rosecrans Memorial Airport
  • St Louis, MO United States; Lambert St Louis International Airport
  • Washington, MO United States; Washington Rgnl Airport
  • West Plains, MO United States; West Plains Rgnl Airport