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When medical emergency strikes, being transported safely and securely is of the utmost importance to patients and their loved ones. At AirCARE1, we are committed to providing this for residents and visitors flying to or departing from the Long Beach area. After calling our customer service team and arranging a pick-up, our international air ambulances and crews provide critical care and stabilizing support to patients afflicted by illness, accident, and injury while transporting them safely to the hospital or other destination.

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About AirCARE1: Our Story and What We Do

AirCARE1 was born from the passion and drive of a critical care nurse with a love of aviation. While working as a flight nurse, Denise Waye recognized a gap in both quality of care and method of delivery in transport in the industry. Convinced that she had the insight and will to provide a better alternative for patients in need, she founded AirCARE1 International. AirCARE1 provides emergency medical transport by air both domestically as well as abroad. Built upon a commitment to safety, customer care and honesty, the AirCARE1 mission is to dream big, work hard, and never quit in the pursuit of providing exceptional service to all patients and their family members.

Our Strong Commitment to Safety

At AirCARE1 International, we prioritize customer comfort and safety. In addition to using only the finest medical equipment and aviation technology, we uphold vigorous hiring standards and seek out the most qualified, disciplined, and passionate employees, from the cockpit to the office. These practices are in accordance with our mission statement: “Do what is right for our patient at all times as we transport them with exceptional care equal to or better than the best premiere medical facility.” In order to fulfill this mission of providing an exceptional quality of care, we must find and employ the right people who have the right attitude and the right training.

Our team is composed of top-qualified medical personnel with years of experience in critical care areas. Their combined experience allows the team to thrive during intense pressure and time constraints, using critical thinking to produce the safest, most successful results. The team consists of a variety of medical professionals, from critical care nurses and paramedics to respiratory therapists and physicians, who operate under the supervision and direction of our Medical Director. With over 20 years of emergency medical experience in addition to working as a private pilot, our Medical Director oversees all aspects of flight operations with confidence.

While our medical staff are already held with high regard in their fields, AirCARE1 is committed to providing continuous training in order to afford the highest level of care. After being hired, staff undergo lengthy training in areas such as flight physiology and orientation, potential stressors while in flight, and air medical resource management, to name just a few. Once becoming regular, fully-trained staff, medical crew members participate in monthly continuing education sessions as well as completing annual trauma training. These monthly sessions focus on a plethora of topics in order to broaden our expertise across the spectrum, from respiratory and pulmonary episodes to neurological and pharmacological crises. Our standards are among the highest in the industry, guaranteeing that our team is capable of handling any patient condition appropriately and efficiently.

Dual Accreditation

It is a rare fete to achieve dual accreditation in the field of air ambulance medical service, but at AirCARE1, we do not cut corners when providing our patients with the best possible care. With accreditation from both CAMTS and EURAMI, AirCARE1 aims to provide patients with every assurance necessary to ensure their comfort and security during difficult and often stressful times.

Our Unique Focus on Holistic Care

Another unique aspect of the AirCARE1 approach to patient care is our focus on holistic methods and creating a calming, serene environment. From the moment of take-off, our crew is committed to making the flight experience as pleasant as possible, given the circumstances. Our cabin crew and medical staff use holistic methods such as providing noise cancelling headphones and soothing music, movies for the whole family to enjoy, relaxing aromatherapy, and even hand massages, where appropriate. Our extra attention to small details such as these significantly help in reducing the stress of the patient, an often critical factor in medical emergency scenarios.

Additionally, our pilots are held to rigorous standards and must also undergo regular re-certification, testing, and education on the newest technologies available in both aviation and, more specifically, the air ambulance industry.

Our Ability to Cater to All Types of Patients

Both our medical staff and the equipment on-board our aircraft are fully prepared and capable to intervene with even the most delicate and sensitive of patients. AirCARE1 staff understand the specific struggles, stresses, and concerns that come about when transporting an infant in need. Our emergency flights feature equipment specialized for neonatal intensive care: a NICU incubator, fully equipped level 3 intensive care unit, and well-trained NICU nurses. Mothers and family members can rest easier knowing that our staff understands and is capable of examining the physical adjustments that neonates must make to life outside the mother’s body.

In addition to a proclivity for neonatal care, our medical crew are also well-versed in treating children. Our crew members undergo vigorous training in pediatrics and intervention methods in order to ensure the comfort, safety, and health of young ones whose growth and developmental factors are far different from their adult counterparts. This attention to knowing all that we can to help the weakest and most vulnerable further demonstrates our compassion and commitment to providing families with the best service possible during such an emotionally trying time.

AirCARE1 medical and transport crew members also know that geriatric and bariatric patients, too, often come with their own set of specific, necessary needs. From pick-up through to drop-off, AirCARE1 staff are prepared to make the necessary adjustments to uphold our standards of safety, comfort, and overall care. Our aircraft are loaded with specially crafted stretchers that can support different sized bodies while remaining secure. Our loading system is outfitted with extra-supported ramps and a wide door, ensuring the smooth transfer of all patients. Additionally, our air ambulance crews are continuously trained on the special health monitoring needs of elderly and obese patients. Our team is capable of altering the flight physiology to support any co-existing health issues that these patients may also be experiencing and maintain as stabile of an environment as possible. Oftentimes, keeping patients safe and in good spirits involves having the comfort of a loved one or companion, and our teams embrace this aspect as crucial for creating the most optimal environment.

State of Our Medical Equipment

While in the air, AirCARE1 patients can rest easier knowing that they will be given the same level of care that they would receive in a hospital. All medical equipment used is top-of-the-line in quality and is meticulously maintained by our dedicated staff. Our use of the most sophisticated medical equipment and patient care systems enables AirCARE1 staff to continuously and accurately monitor almost any condition that a patient could be experiencing. Our aircraft are loaded with the exclusive LifePort patient care system, which provides a safer and smoother transition from loading to disembarkation. Our patient loading utility system comes complete with a custom ramp, making the loading and unloading processes safer, faster, and less intimidating by preventing wobbling, tilting, and/or tipping over. The LifePort system allows patients to rest securely and comfortably, conserving their energy and calming their nerves during transport. Additionally, our Learjets have been designed to feature a cargo door that is more than 30 percent wider than most in the industry, which further simplifies the transference of the patient.

Enhanced Comfort and Flawless Design

In addition to our state-of-the-art medical equipment and patient loading and unloading systems, our fleet are outfitted with first class interiors, allowing patients and their families to fly in an enhanced state of comfort. Our goal is to reduce distress and improve comfort as much as we can, including by offering amenities and granting special requests whenever possible. Additionally, our fleet is capable of flying at higher altitudes than most in the industry. This reduces turbulence, provides a smoother ride, and also enables pilots to fly through more unstable weather conditions.

Commercial Medical Escort Program

Not every medical situation will require a dedicated Learjet aircraft. AirCARE1 aims to help as many patients as possible during their time of need, even if they will not be joining one of our dedicated medevac flights. In these situations, when unexpected illness or injury arrives, our customer service team can assist patients with their transport plans from start to finish. Instead of taking a Air Ambulance, our knowledgeable team will book commercial flights (available worldwide) and arrange for continuous care and assistance for the patient throughout. The flights are guaranteed to be FAA approved and we will provide the necessary medical equipment. A physician should clear a medical patient before being approved for this program, but our team works to ensure that patients will still receive the same comfort and attention while journeying home.

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With an extensive range of service options and a cross-continental flight range, AirCARE1 is here to serve. To find out more or receive your free, no-obligation quote, visit our quote page or call our team of customer service professionals at US 1-877-760-7760 or Internationally at 1-505-242-7760.

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