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AirCARE1 is among the leading providers of air-based ambulance services worldwide. If you or a loved one are unwell, injured or recovering and need to return home or travel to a hospital or other medical facility in the Irvine area, our team is here to assist you. Our company possesses dual accreditation from CAMTS and EURAMI, and we are a preferred provider for the International Assistance Group—only the second U.S.-based provider recognized in this manner. If you call Irvine home or this is where the specialized care you need is, we can coordinate and facilitate transportation via Learjet. We are also equipped to transport you from any Irvine location to wherever you need to go in the U.S. and throughout the world.

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Meet AirCARE1

Our mission statement is do right by our patients at all times as we transport them with exceptional care. Exceptional care to us is equal to or better than the attention that you would receive at the premiere medical facilities around the world. AirCARE1 began as just a dream. Denise Waye is a licensed nurse who served as a critical care nurse before transitioning to a flight nurse. She loves to fly and was immediately drawn to caring for patients in environments that presented unique challenges.

This was her dream job, but she soon realized that there were significant concerns. She herself had been thrust into the position with no training and little preparation. Denise also noted considerable safety issues that could affect patients in a very negative way. She brought these issues to the attention of ownership, but her concerns were dismissed in a manner that did not sit well. That was the spark that led to Ms. Waye founding AirCARE1. That will to dream big, work hard and take care of people has resulted in a fleet of Learjets that operate under our own FAA Air Carrier certificate. AirCARE1 is recognized across the globe, and we are the preferred provider for many insurance companies and travel assist firms.

Consistent Commitment to Safety

Precautions and safeguards have always been integral to what we do. Our training and education programs are second to none. All employees are meticulously screened and carefully selected. They all go through an extensive training program before they ever affect the life of a patient. But our commitment to education does not end with training programs for newcomers. Every AirCARE1 team member receives ongoing training not only to reinforce existing skills but to incorporate innovations in medical care and air flight. Our industry is constantly evolving, and we must be prepared at all times.

AirCARE1 has transported thousands of patients to their unique destinations, and we have a perfect safety record. We are able to transport all patients quickly and comfortably. Our aircraft maintain cruising speeds of 500 mph and altitudes between 41,000 and 43,000 feet. That allows us to fly above any adverse weather conditions that would otherwise diminish comfort. Each Learjet is piloted by a two-person crew who are certified as Airline Transport Pilots. These ATPs undergo rigorous training annually at one of the most prestigious flight training facilities in the United States and the World.

Accredited by CAMTS and EURAMI

Achieving dual accreditation is an accomplishment of which our company is very proud. This is a rare accomplishment for air ambulance services. In fact, AirCARE1 is one of only two companies in the Western Hemisphere to have achieved this feat in our industry. Furthermore, these accreditations are not static but must be renewed in an ongoing manner, and our ability to do that again and again demonstrates our commitment to providing our patients with the very best care possible at all times.

The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems is an independent non-profit group based in the United States. CAMTS audits and accredits fixed-wing medical transport companies worldwide based on strict criteria established by the industry. The European Aeromedical Institute is based in Germany and also a leading accrediting organization. EURAMI assesses companies in the field of aeromedical transfers based on the quality, safety and ethics of their healthcare and transportation practices and track record.

An Emphasis on Holistic Care

Among the ways we distinguish ourselves from others in the industry is an emphasis on holistic care. Stress is one of the greatest challenges that patients being transported via aircraft must contend with. We use holistic methods in order to minimize anxieties and other pressures. Something as simple as providing our patients with noise-cancelling headphones can make a big difference. Listening to music without distractions can soothe patients and even make traditional medical care more effective.

We believe very much in the connection between mind, body and soul. Often, a human touch is all that is required to make the difference between a pleasant experience and a stressful one. Along with music, another effective technique that we utilize is hand massages. These massages not only forge a bond between the patient and the care provider but help to reduce pain, improve circulation and increase range of motion. In addition to hand massages, we use aromatherapy to stimulate the limbic system of the brain. This not only reduces stress but can lower heart rate and even balance hormones and breathing.

All Patients Are Treated with Care and Respect

Patients who require air transport for specialized medical care or to return home to Irvine after receiving such care vary greatly from one to the next. One day we may be transporting a newborn who requires a specialized operation, and the next day we may be transferring an elderly person battling severe pneumonia. AirCARE1 recognized early on that we needed to be prepared for whatever challenges a patient may face, and we are: we have the resources and training to handle all situations no matter how unique.

Our accommodation of all manner of people extends to bariatric patients as well. In fact, some of our patients are people facing significant obesity challenges that make commercial travel impractical. The fleet of Learjets we employ even feature wide-body doors so that heavier patients can be transferred to and from the aircraft quickly, with ease and with comfort preserved.

State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment

When you or a loved one travel with us to or from Irvine, California, you will have access to the same advanced medical equipment available in the best hospitals throughout the country. All AirCARE1 aircraft are equipped with an Airborne Critical Care Unit. These units are the signature element of our LifePort Patient Care System. Furthermore, we are the only air ambulance provider equipped with thicker 4-inch mattress pads, adjustable knee lifts and monitor brackets to secure health monitoring hardware.

The LifePort is used to transfer patients from their beds and between our aircraft, ground transportation and medical facilities as needed. Our aircraft also feature custom loading ramps that are faster, safer and create less unease for patients. We also offer the highest levels of continuous monitoring capabilities available. For adults, this includes Alaris pumps, LTV-1200 ventilators and ZOLL Propaq MD monitors, and for neonate patients, this includes Medfusion pumps, Crossvent 2i+ ventilators and neonatal intensive care units.

Comfort Is a Priority

You deserve the utmost comfort, and that is a responsibility to you that we take very seriously. The interiors in our Learjets are not only elegant and outfitted with first-class amenities, but they were initially designed for business executives. We’ve enhanced them to account for your medical needs but without detracting from that refinement. Our team combines these amenities with the holistic approach mentioned earlier in order to ensure that you enjoy peace of mind throughout the trip.

It is also essential to the AirCARE1 team that we maintain a smooth ride at all times. Ideally, it should never feel any different than lying in your bed at home or at the Irvine Medical Center. Not only do your care providers work to ensure your comfort but so do your pilots. Backed by experience and training, they make flight decisions based on your specific medical needs and your overall comfort. These aircraft are also less noisy than commercial options, and noise-cancelling headphones can ensure no bothersome sounds at all.

Travel Commercially with a Medical Escort

Not all patients require a dedicated air ambulance. Many are able to travel via standard commercial means but will still require medical assistance during the trip. Our commercial medical escorts are highly skilled and trained professionals who’ll work not only to meet your medical needs but to ensure that your travel experience is as stress-free and streamlined as possible. This service is ideal for all non-critical scenarios, and these companions can travel with you home to Irvine or from California to any destination in the United States or throughout the world.

Reach Out to AirCARE1 Today

The medical-oriented transportation that you need is just a click or phone call away. We have representatives on hand to assist you in overcoming whatever logistical challenges you face. Feel free to contact us in advance of needing our services in order to discuss what we do and how we can personalize it to you. Complete and accurate quotes are available to you at no cost and without obligation. Simply call us or visit our Request A Quote page to learn more.

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