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If you are a resident or visitor of Fontana, California in need of medevac services, you have come to the right place. AirCARE1 provides safe, quick and comfortable air ambulance services to or from Fontana to destinations both domestically and internationally. AirCARE1’s air ambulances are specially fitted Learjet aircrafts staffed with medically trained care professionals, state of the art medical equipment and all the tools you would find in an intensive care ambulance. Whether you are coming home to Fontana, traveling across country, or further to international destinations, AirCARE1 can transport you while providing for all of your medical needs.

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Who is AirCARE1?

AirCARE1 is a leading air ambulance company that provides our patients with air ambulance services to destinations all over the United States as well as international destinations. AirCARE1 was established when Denise Waye, the founder of the company, was working as a flight nurse and saw that there was a great need for an air ambulance company that made patient care, safety and comfort a top priority. She created a company that focuses on quality patient care, safety, risk mitigation, reliable customer service, and fair pricing. Today, AirCARE1 is a preferred provider for many insurance companies. We are also only the second air ambulance company from the United States to be selected as a preferred provider by the International Assistance Group (IAG).

Making Safety Our Top Priority

AirCARE1 is committed to providing you with the safest trip possible. AirCARE1 owns and operates our entire fleet of Learjet aircraft which are one of the industries safest aircrafts. Loading patients onto the aircraft can be very stressful for all involved, that is why AirCARE1’s Learjets are equipped with a mechanical loading system that makes the loading and unloading of patients a smooth, quick, and safe process. Our customized stretcher is also equipped with a monitor bracket that attaches to it. This enables the medical team to have the ability to continuously monitor the patients while keeping the equipment secured which prevents it from shifting or tilting during the flight. The cruising speed of the Learjet is over 500 mph and it can fly as high as 43,000 feet which allows these aircraft to easily fly over bad weather. This higher cruising altitude keeps the flight smooth and the patient comfortable. All of AirCARE1’s pilots are certified Airline Transport Pilots (ATP) and must attend rigorous training annually at one of the top training facilities in the country. All of our pilots must have over 3,000 hours of flight experience before joining the company and are also trained in critical care procedures to ensure our flight and medical crew operate together seamlessly.

Dual Accreditation

AirCARE1 has been recognized for the high level of service we provide and has been awarded the CAMTS and EURAMI air ambulance accreditations. Dual Accreditation among air ambulance services are not a very common occurrence; especially by the two leading accreditation bodies in the air ambulance industry. That is why the dual accreditation received by AirCARE1 can be seen as further proof of our commitment to providing a higher standard of customer service and patient care.

Treating the Whole Person with Holistic Care

AirCARE1 doesn’t just focus on your specific medical condition, we also focus on the whole person, seeing that your psychological, physical and social needs are taken care of. In an effort to remove as much stress as possible from your traveling experience, we provide noise cancelling headsets for you to enjoy therapeutic music. We also offer our patients hand massages and aromatherapy. All of these accommodations help the patient and their family to relax and feel more peaceful during what can be an already stressful situation.

Different Types of Patients We Service

The air ambulance services we provide at AirCARE1 are best for patients who need to get to or from medical facilities with continuous care or monitoring in a timely manner. Our patients range from:

  • Neonatal – Babies in intensive care or infants in NICU can be transported safely with all of the specialized equipment needed. AirCARE1’s neonate air medical transport jet is a fully equipped level 3 neonatal intensive care unit. Specially trained NICU nurses and respiratory therapists are on hand to give these fragile patients the ultimate attention and care they need.
  • Pediatric – AirCARE1 provides a specialized team that knows your child is not just a “small adult”, but has unique needs including physiological and anatomical differences. Our team is specifically trained on growth and development from birth to early childhood. This knowledge enables them to make an age appropriate assessment of each patient and tailor the treatment accordingly, including dealing with stranger anxiety which can be an issue with this age group.
  • Bariatric – AirCARE1 specializes in the transport of obese patients. The cargo doors and mechanized loading/unloading system in our Learjets make transition to and from the aircraft safe and easier. Our specialized stretcher can carry patients weighing up to 450 lbs and it is the only stretcher used from the beginning of transport to final destination. This eliminates the need for multiple bed transfers which reduces stress and anxiety. The extra padding on their stretcher not only adds to the comfort of the patient, but also lowers the chance of debucitis. The loading ramp, wide doors and extra padding also assist in eliminating any wobbling, tilting or tipping of the patient.
  • Geriatric – Transporting geriatric patients can produce a host of medical challenges. Due to their age, medical flight crews need to be more aware of things that don’t normally afflict other patients like the patient’s skin integrity, dehydration, and how certain medications may metabolize differently in these patients. AirCARE1’s medical crews are also trained to assist patients suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s or other cognitive dysfunctions. AirCARE1 also makes arrangements for a travel companion that may be needed to help their elderly patients.

The Type of Medical Equipment You Will Find on our Learjets

In order to ensure that you receive the best care during your transportation, AirCARE1 combines our outstanding patient care system with state of the art medical equipment. You will be transferred from your bed into AirCARE1’s exclusive LifePort Patient Care System and remain there for the entire transportation process. Our Learjets have a custom loading ramp with a wide body door. These accommodations help the patient feel more stable as the possibility of tipping, tilting, and wobbling are eliminated. It also helps to provide a faster and safer loading process. AirCARE1’s medical team is able to continuously monitor your conditions during transport with sophisticated equipment like the Zoll Propaq MD Monitor, the LTV 1200 Ventilator, and Alaris Pumps for adults. We also have the Neonate Isollete, the Cross Vent 2i Ventilator, and Medfusion Pumps for our neonatal patients. Our stretcher has been custom designed so that this equipment can be attached to it for easy access throughout transportation.

Providing You with The Most Comfortable Ride

Whether you’re being transported across the country or across the world, you will be as comfortable as possible on our aircraft. Our LifePort patient care system contains features that you don’t normally see in air ambulances. While the industry standard is a 2-inch mattress, AirCARE1 provides a 4-inch-thick mattress pad to make both long and short trips extra comfortable. There is also an adjustable knee lift in place which prevents you from slipping down the stretcher during takeoffs or landings and provides extra comfort while lying on the stretcher during transport. Our Learjets are equipped with Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) systems. This system enables the jet to travel at altitudes of 41,000 to 43,000 feet. At these heights, we can easily fly over bad weather systems keeping your flight smooth and comfortable.

Commercial Medical Escort Services

Sometimes, a patient may simply need help traveling which does not require the use of a Air Ambulance service. If you are traveling and become sick or injured, an AirCARE1 medical escort can help you get back to California safely. Our medical escort specialists are extremely knowledgeable about the domestic and international commercial transport industry. Some of the services provided in our all-inclusive Commercial Medical Escort Service are:

  • Booking the flights to transport the patient either domestically or worldwide
  • Making sure that all arrangements for special assistance and medical clearances are met prior to the flight
  • Ensuring greater comfort during travel by acquiring first class or business class seats
  • Ensuring all medical equipment and oxygen are both available and FAA approved
  • Making travel arrangements for accompanying family members
  • Traveling with a medical staff member that is experienced in both emergency and critical care and that provides continuous care throughout the flight
  • A communication center that is available 24/7 for flight status and updates
  • Arrangement of an ambulance or other ground transportation method to and from airport

To be eligible for the commercial medical escort service, a patient must:

  • Be in a non-critical condition
  • Be medically cleared by their treating physician to fly with an accompanying medical companion
  • Be free of contagious disease
  • Be free from conditions involving trapped gases (pneumothorax, bowel obstruction, gas embolism, etc.)
  • Be able to sit secured and upright in the aircraft seating during taxi, takeoff and landing
  • Their supplemental oxygen therapy does not exceed 5 liters per minute
  • Be non-combative

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No one wants to become sick or injured while traveling. If you find yourself in this situation, you can place your trust in AirCARE1 to you back home or to your preferred medical facility for further treatment. Contact AirCARE1 today by calling 877-760-7760 or by clicking here to request a free no-obligation quote.

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