When evaluating insurance for services that require an air ambulance, a customer should consider every insurance plan’s deductibles, whether or not each insurance company will pay for numerous flights and the types of medical emergencies that an insurer covers. Additionally, the customer can verify that the insurance plan will pay expenses that are related to international flights and the use of equipment that helps patients who are in critical condition.

The Costs of Utilizing an Air Ambulance and Potential Stipulations

When an individual is transported by an air ambulance, the price of the service is typically between $12,000 and $35,000. If the patient must reach another country, the flight’s cost could exceed $100,000.

Some insurers approve flights for any medical purposes; however, most insurance providers will offer a list of medical emergencies that may require an air ambulance. In some cases, a physician can ensure that a company will pay for an emergency by providing a letter indicating that a patient’s medical condition necessitates the use of an air ambulance.

The Deductibles

Insurers typically offer a deductible of less than $1,500 for each flight. Although most traditional health insurance companies will not reimburse patients who choose emergency flights, some insurance providers will pay 80 percent of the costs of services. According to various reports, several insurers will waive a deductible if a patient’s annual income is below $45,000.

Services in Numerous Geographic Regions

Every year, more than 550,000 individuals utilize air ambulances in the United States, and approximately 30,000 patients are transported from other countries. In general, the insurance plan will pay for flights from any nation and will cover the costs of an unlimited number of flights per year. If a patient is located in a particularly rural area, the company that operates the plane may require the insurance company to pay a higher price.


Some insurance companies will only cover services if the business has received an accreditation from a reputable organization, such as the European Aeromedical Institute or the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems. Furthermore, insurers will approve companies that have partnered with the International Assistance Group, which was established in 1992 and has managed more than 4.4 million cases.

The Costs of Multiple Medical Services

The insurance plan will typically pay the costs of medications, the equipment that provides oxygen and cutting-edge lifts that can stabilize a patient’s knees. Each custom plane will also feature monitors that evaluate an individual’s blood pressure and pulse. Some air ambulances have specialized cargo doors and ramps that prevent a patient’s gurney from wobbling. The especially wide doors can simultaneously accommodate oxygen tanks, numerous bulky monitors and multiple medical experts who are transporting the patient.

Family Members and Friends

In general, the insurance package will cover the costs of transporting family members who opt to remain at an individual’s bedside during the flight. Furthermore, some insurers will allow business associates to travel with the patient for free.

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