12 02, 2019

Top 10 Tips for Keeping Safe While Traveling Abroad

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Traveling overseas is a chance to create treasured memories to last a lifetime. Whether you are traveling for sightseeing, local activities and nightlife, or even just relaxing on the beach, everyone enjoys the opportunity to unwind while on vacation. Unfortunately, there’s also potential danger lurking almost anywhere you go. While certain international destinations may be considered more dangerous than others to visit, the below tips should be kept in mind even when traveling to [...]

29 01, 2019

Travel Guide: A Weekend in San Diego

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Often referred to as America’s Finest City, San Diego offers something for just about everyone. Millions of travelers head to San Diego each year for pleasure as well as many other purposes. Many travelers like getting to know the city and seeing what life is like for the locals who reside there. To make sure that you have a good time on your next trip to San Diego, we have compiled a list of [...]

20 12, 2018

2018 Holiday Travel Forecast

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With the holidays fast approaching, a forecasted one in three Americans will travel this holiday season.  That equates to roughly 112.5 million people which is the most on record as we look back at past years. Compared to last year, this represents a 4.4 percent increase in holiday travel.
“Tis the season for holiday travel, and more Americans than ever will journey to spend time with friends and family or choose to take a [...]

14 12, 2018

The History of Air Ambulances

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In today’s modern era of medical transportation, fixed wing aircraft and helicopters frequently serve as air ambulances. Staffed with medically trained flight crews, they help transport patients from remote locations to hospitals for the provision of medical care. The fascinating history of medical air transportation testifies to the important changes air travel has made in the modern world during a relatively brief span of human history. Many of the sophisticated technologies employed by air [...]

27 11, 2018

10 Extremely Unique Places to Stay in Arizona

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From stunning outdoor attractions, such as the Grand Canyon or the red rocks of Sedona, to diverse cities with much to offer, Arizona is a popular vacation destination welcoming more than forty four million visitors every year. With so many people visiting the state, there are no shortage of hotels and rental options to accommodate all types of visitors. For those who may want to stay somewhere a bit more unique and out of [...]

13 11, 2018

Travel Guide: A Weekend In Albuquerque

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If you’re thinking of traveling to Albuquerque for a weekend adventure, the city offers a wide variety of exciting tastes and sites that you can enjoy. When it comes to great eating, flavors of the southwest and Mexico prevail. In addition to all the dining choices, Albuquerque offers an abundance of things to do including great sightseeing, outdoor activities, museums and even an internationally renowned hot air balloon fiesta.
24 07, 2018

Top 10 Places to Visit in Arizona

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From mind-blowing canyons to breathtaking waterfalls and Native American cliff dwellings, Arizona is home to some of the country’s most awe-inspiring landscapes and man-made marvels, offering endless delight to any outdoor enthusiast. When you’re ready to venture out from Phoenix and the other larger cities in Arizona, look no further as we have compiled here our list of the top ten places to visit in Arizona.
10. Antelope Canyon
Starting off out list at [...]

10 07, 2018

Top 10 Day Trips From Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is well known for its Strip, a roughly four-mile stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard lined with a remarkable assortment of resorts and casinos. From the Stratosphere on the north end to Mandalay Bay on the south, the Las Vegas Strip offers up a sensory overload of adult-themed fun. But if you have had your fill of slot machines and Cirque du Soleil, there are plenty of entertainment options a short drive away. [...]

19 06, 2018

Crazy & Cool Facts About New Mexico [Infographic]

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The Land of Enchantment is filled with surprises. Take a journey with us through the great state and learn everything you need to know about New Mexico along with a few things that no one probably needs to know.
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    Scottsdale, Arizona: Ranked One of 2018’s Healthiest Cities in the US

1 06, 2018

Scottsdale, Arizona: Ranked One of 2018’s Healthiest Cities in the US

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Scottsdale, Arizona is situated within the amazing boundaries of the Sonoran Desert just 12 miles outside of downtown Phoenix. This oasis occupies 120,000 square miles surrounded by the McDowell Mountain Regional Park and the Camel Back Mountains. WalletHub conducts an annual survey of the top healthiest cities in America and Scottsdale was near the top. At number 7 out of more than 170 U.S. cities, the survey named the city of Scottsdale as one [...]