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With Arizona being one of the top states for tourism, millions of people visit the state each year. Many of them find their way to Phoenix and surrounding communities such as Avondale. When one of those visitors gets sick or has an accident, they are able to seek treatment at facilities such as Abrazo West Campus medical center or Southwest Valley Urgent Care Center. Unfortunately, some patients need specialized or long-term treatment not available at these local medical facilities. Whether you are a visitors who need to get back home for treatment or an Avondale local who needs medical assistance at a facility out of state or overseas, AirCARE1 can get you to and from these destinations safely, securely and comfortably.

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Who is AirCARE1?

AirCARE1 is an air ambulance service that helps people travel home or to a much needed medical treatment facility when they can’t or don’t want to travel by ground transportation or commercial flight. Our mission at AirCARE1 is to “Do what is right for our patient at all times as we transport them with exceptional care equal to or better than the best premiere medical facility.”

Our story begins with Denise Waye, a critical care flight nurse who loved her job, but saw significant safety issues in the air ambulance industry. After realizing she could better implement safety improvements by becoming her own boss, Denise formed AirCARE1. She built the company on safety, honesty, exceptional service and customer care. Here is what we provide at AirCARE1:

  • Arrangements of all ground transportation for patients
  • Air transportation advice and medical attention
  • Bedside-to-bedside care
  • 24-hour dispatch
  • Coordination with insurance companies and help finding room at receiving medical facilities
  • International services

Committed to Safety

Our Medical flight teams come with years of experience and ongoing routine training to ensure the safety of our patients. Our crew’s initial training includes patient assessment, intubations and other issues that they may encounter routinely. Continuing education for all team members is required to make sure our medical team is always prepared for any patient need. This ongoing education includes infection control, burn management, advanced airway management and much more.

AirCARE1 training also covers neurology, pulmonary and pharmacology, as well as anatomy, physiology and assessment. Because AirCARE1 is committed to safe medical transport, our medical crew members get specific training over and above what’s usually offered to ground based critical care providers. This is because medical flight crews may encounter situations unique to air ambulance patients. Our crew is trained to handle in-flight emergencies that are related to the patient’s condition, flight physiology as well as how flight stressors impact the patient.

At AirCARE1, we require that our pilots have at least 3,000 hours of flight time and also require that they be trained specifically in critical care transportation. Our pilots learn medical terminology and flight physiology as well as patient support. This ensures that our pilots and medical staff on board are able to work seamlessly as they transport patients safely to their destination.

AirCARE1 is Dually Accredited to Earn Your Trust

Dual accreditation is important because it holds air ambulance businesses accountable to maintain industry established safety standards. AirCARE1 wants you to know that we go beyond what’s required because we are committed to higher standards of service and we want to ensure patient safety at the highest level. That’s why we hold and maintain two accreditations. AirCARE1 is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) and the European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI).

AirCARE1 is also one of only two U.S. air ambulance services to named as preferred providers for IAG, the International Assistance Group. This group includes more than 60 partner entities working together to provide more than 150 million people worldwide with medical and other types of assistance. Being named a provider for IAG is a badge of honor for us and shows that AirCARE1 is a company you can trust.

Holistic Care: We Treat the Whole Patient

Most medical service providers treat the patient based on their health condition, but AirCARE1 takes patient care to another level by offering a holistic approach. We take into account the whole body and the emotions of those entrusted to our care. Here’s is some of what we offer.

  • Therapeutic music and noise-cancelling headsets to reduce outside noise during the flight.
  • Hand massages using aromatherapy, which has been shown to relieve stress and anxiety and decrease the need for patient sedation. For some patients, research shows that aromatherapy can speed up healing and reduce pain.

Who We Serve

Typically a doctor advises a patient who will be traveling by air to choose a dedicated medical flight over a commercial airline based on that patient’s condition. Whether the condition requires only minimal monitoring or it calls for specialty care because of a critical illness, we serve all types of patients:

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Neonatal patients
  • Trauma patients
  • Patients on ventilators
  • Patients requiring multiple IV drips
  • Neurological patients who require intracranial monitoring
  • Cardiac patients using balloon pumps (IABP)
  • Obese patients undergoing bariatric treatment
  • Geriatric patients

Advanced Medical Equipment

Having top-notch medical equipment is vital to receiving the best possible care, which is why our equipment is state-of-the-art. AirCARE1’s fleet of Learjets is a group of flying intensive care aircraft, and with them our team can treat almost any patient condition. Our medical equipment allows us to give patients the same level of care they would get at a leading hospital’s critical care unit.

Patient safety is always our top concern which is why take great care in getting them onboard via our exclusive Lifeport Patient Care System. Using our custom loading ramp system, the patient goes from their bed to our aircraft. Our system makes the process faster and smoother; there’s no tipping, tilting or wobbling. That makes the transfer process less intimidating for patients. Another thing that sets AirCARE1 apart is our cargo door that is 30 percent wider than the industry standard. For patients, this reduces the chances of bumping against the sides of the door or the aircraft and allows for a seamless loading and unloading process.

Once onboard, our equipment is ready for each patient, regardless of their age or condition. Here is what we have on board for adult monitoring.

  • Zoll Propaq MD Monitor – An ultra-lightweight monitor and defibrillator. It includes remote viewing, advanced data transmission and advanced monitor capabilities that allow medical personnel to see underlying heart rhythms during CPR.
  • LTV 1200 Ventilator – Small, lightweight and impact-resistant, this device has easy-to-read displays and offers comprehensive monitoring.
  • Alaris Pumps – For patients with infusion needs.

The very young are among the most fragile patients, so the equipment needed in their care can differ from that of adults. AirCARE1 thought of and planned for our tiny patients by including sophisticated equipment for their needs.

  • Neonate Isollete – Incubators with controlled heat, humidity and an oxygen microenvironment for premature and low birth weight infants.
  • Cross Vent 2i Ventilator – Infant ventilator with efficient user interface specifically designed to work with both older and newer incubators.
  • Medfusion Pumps – For accurate, safe doses of solutions to neonatal and pediatric patients.

Why Equipment Matters

Top quality medical equipment matters to AirCARE1, but not all air ambulance services believe the same. Some carry minimal equipment and often don’t have the advanced equipment needed if a patient’s condition deteriorates. That’s a terrible position to be in as a patient, so it’s important to choose the right medical air transport team. The best air ambulance companies have equipment to monitor your blood pressure, oxygen saturation and heart rate and rhythm, and they have onboard each aircraft pumps, ventilators and suction equipment. You can trust that AirCARE1 has the equipment you need for safe and secure medical transport.

Patient Comfort Also Matters

Comfort is especially important when being transported for medical reasons, which is why each patient we carry can experience a comfortable and smooth ride on our fleet of Learjets. Though outfitted as intensive care units, our aircraft still offer executive level, first class interiors. From the point of origin to the final destination, we offer seamless transition for critical care patients. Our Learjet aircraft are among the industry’s most efficient for use in long-range air ambulance transportation and they have a very high safety record. Not all air ambulance companies use aircraft that are appropriate for the distance the patient needs to travel, but our aircraft are built for longer distances. We are able to fly more than 2,000 miles before having to stop and refuel which reduces overall travel time for our patients.

Here are a few more reasons why AirCARE1 chooses to fly Learjets. They are less noisy than many other aircraft, which adds to the comfort level our patient’s experience. How about less turbulence? At lower altitudes, not only is the ride potentially bumpier, but transit times are longer and there are more necessary fuel stops. All that adds up to a less comfortable ride for patients. According to FAA regulations, a jet must have Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) to fly above 29,000 feet which our aircraft are equipped with. We choose to fly higher to avoid turbulence and other issues so that our patients are more comfortable.

Dedicated Air Ambulance vs Medical Travel Companion

If a patient is able to travel by regular commercial airlines but still needs assistance, they may choose our Commercial Medical Escort service over a dedicated air ambulance. To qualify, patients must meet a few qualifications, including being non-critical, non-combative and free of contagious diseases. Here’s some of what we offer as travel companions:

  • Travel booking for flights as well as arrangements of special assistance needs and medical clearances
  • Travel arrangements for any family members accompanying the patient
  • Continuous care throughout travel
  • FAA approved medical equipment
  • Ground transportation such as an ambulance or private sedan
  • Communication for around-the-clock travel updates

AirCARE1 Is Here To Help

AirCARE1 offers exceptional service, and we are committed to giving our patients the care they need in a safe, comfortable environment. If you have questions or are in need of a quote, contact us at 877-760-7760. You may also click here to receive a free no obligation quote for air transport services.

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