Ambulance Flight

AirCARE1 Transports 24 Week Old Baby Home to New York City

A baby born four prematurely in Albuquerque, New Mexico finally flies home to New York City by AirCARE1 International. You may also watch the 1st video on this subject which was featured on KOB Channel 4 News.

AirCARE1 International Featured on KOB Channel 4 News

Video of AirCARE1 featured on New Mexico’s KOB Channel 4 News for transporting a premature baby home.

How to Charter an Ambulance Flight – A Quick Checklist

When someone you love needs major surgery or requires expert level medical attention but flying on a typical plane is out of the question, you have to hire an air ambulance. Just as your local ambulance would pick up your loved one and rush them to the hospital in the case of a local emergency, an air ambulance is designed to speed patients to medical care that is further away.

Most people never imagine having [...]