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Denise Waye, RN, BSN
Denise Waye, RN, BSNPresident & Founder

Denise Waye has over 10 years of experience as a critical care nurse. She received her BSN degree from the University of New Mexico and has worked in a variety of critical care patient settings including ICU, CCU, ED, and as a flight nurse. She is also a published author in the health field.

Her first hand experience as a flight nurse led her to realize that patient care was not a top priority for many companies in the air ambulance services industry. She knew there was a better way to give unmatched patient care in the air, along with outstanding customer service.

Her passion for this endeavor led to a partnership with Jake Jacobsen. Leveraging their complementary skills and experience, they formed AirCARE1™ to ensure patients receive the highest quality of care during their air ambulance transport. To better understand the flight process, Denise became a private pilot, which has helped her give patients added insights during their flight experience.

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