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AirCARE1 offers a range of air ambulance transportation services for those in need of medical transportation to or from Yuma, Arizona. We transport patients safely and comfortably both domestically and internationally to allow patients access to the specialized care they may need. Our team of expert medical professionals are trained to administer support and assistance in a range of medical areas. We are among the few air ambulance service companies that have dual accreditation status demonstrating our commitment to the highest standards of patient care.

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About AirCARE1

AirCARE1 has been providing ambulatory air transport services for over 11 years. We are proud to serve patients of all types including infants, children, adults, elderly and obese patients. We provide both dedicated air ambulance services as well as commercial medical escort services for patients able to fly on commercial airlines. We are proud to hold and maintain dual accreditation through CAMTS and EURAMI, two of the leading accreditation organizations in the industry. We are also a member of the International Assistance Group and are only one of two air ambulance companies in the United States to hold this partnership. AirCARE1 has maintained a perfect safety record since we began transporting patients and are committed to offering fast, safe and comfortable medevac services both domestically and internationally.

Safety is Our Top Priority

AirCARE1 is very proud to have maintained a perfect safety record for over a decade in operation. Our safety systems and procedures focus on delivering the high level of care our patients deserve under the safest conditions possible. From our highly trained medical team to our seasoned pilots, we ensure our patients receive an equal or better quality of care than they would receive at a top medical facility.

Our world-class medical personnel are among the most trained medical professionals in the industry. All of our staff maintain the most current training and industry qualifications. Quality control standards guide our continuous improvement planning efforts to meet our goal of providing exemplary care. Our staff carefully reviews our patient-centered services, constantly identifying ways to improve our medical transport experience. Safety and risk management systems in place are constantly upgraded to meet evolving transport needs of our patients.

Pilots who serve our patients are also committed to providing the safest transport experience. Our team of veteran pilots have transported thousands of patients over the years and are required to have a minimum of 3,000 flight hours before joining our team. Our pilots receive training annually at one of the top flight schools in the United States. We also require our pilots receive critical care training to ensure they work seamlessly with our medical staff.

AirCARE1’s fully-equipped fleet of aircraft all contain state-of-the-art medical equipment and advanced monitoring equipment to serve a wide range of medical needs. Our aircraft maintenance schedule is well documented and meticulously reviewed internally to ensure that every patient has access to the safest travel experience. All aircraft ventilation systems are designed to maintain high air quality for our patients while our properly pressurized jets keep the patient’s condition stable as they are transported.

Dually Accredited

An air ambulance company holding dual certifications from the top two organizations in the industry is a rarity in this field. We are proud to carry and maintain these two certifications, by both CAMTS and EURAM, which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the highest standards of patient care.

The EURAMI and CAMTS certification programs evaluate the credentials of all medical personnel administering care. Our aircraft are evaluated and inspected to ensure that they meet the highest safety and quality standards. Aircraft and communication processes are also reviewed as a part of the application process. Continuous improvement standards and internal policies must also mirror the ambitious goals of the accrediting body. Facility audits are also a requirement for all applicants. Certification is only valid for three years. Upon expiration, companies are required to renew their status and are subject to audit.

Every three years, the certification standards for these credentials are updated to reflect the emerging needs of the medical air transportation industry. Driven by peer input, these organizations invest a substantial amount of time to developing patient care systems that answer the needs of all patient profiles. AirCARE1 is proud to be one of only two air ambulance companies in the Western Hemisphere to have dual accreditations.

Providing Holistic Care

Stress levels for patients are often influenced by their environment. This is why we focus on providing holistic care options for all patients. In making sure that our patients arrive in the most relaxed state as possible, we are able to affect the chances of each patient having a favorable treatment outcome.

Noise cancelling headphones available offer a stress-relieving travel experience for our patients during transport. Extensive research shows that people who have quieter environments are able to lower their stress hormone levels. For this reason, we have made sure that all of our patients have access to noise cancelling headphones. This is particularly beneficial to patients with heart conditions, in which a study found that those who were exposed to noisier environments increased their risks of heart attack. Studies show that people who wear noise cancelling headphones feel lower anxiety and stress levels.

Hand massages, a known stress reliever, are also offered by our team of medical professionals. Researchers found that caregivers were able to connect, empathize and communicate with patients with only a brief hand massage during their interaction which allows for improved patient care. Hand massages carry the ability to relieve stress as they stimulate the production of positive endorphin levels.

Aromatherapy is widely encouraged in the medical community and has been proven to relieve stress and relax the body. It is also believed to boost the body’s immunity by stimulating chemical reactions in the brain. Within just ten minutes of exposure to citrus, for example, the heart rate can be lowered as research has uncovered. Treated as a complementary therapy in many cases, aromatherapy has been cited as useful in multiple health scenarios involving insomnia, depression, anger, pain, and respiratory illnesses. For these reasons, AirCARE1 offers soothing aromatherapy treatment options to all of our patients.

Therapeutic music was also found to be beneficial in patients with Parkinson’s disease and depression. Studies have also explored the use of music with premature infants and have shown positive impact. Therapeutic music as a stress relieving mechanism provides a healing experience for many patients. Music therapy is commonly prescribed to those with mood disorders and other conditions. By acting on oxytocin levels, patients can reduce pain symptoms naturally with exposure to therapeutic music which is also offered as a holistic treatment by our medical team.

Catering to All Types of Patients

Our aircrafts are equipped with technologies and features to accommodate any patient profile. We serve pediatric, geriatric, bariatric, neonates, and adults. All staff members are trained to evaluate neonatal patients and complete assessments. AirCARE1’s aircraft are fully equipped with a state-of-the-art NICU units especially designed for infants. In pediatric patients for example, we know that younger children are less capable of regulating body temperatures effectively, so we have trained staff on hand to tend to their needs. For aging patients with conditions like dementia, our staff are especially trained to offer cognitive assistance, utilizing skills such as refocusing to keep the patient secure during transport. Our loading systems simplify the transport process while keeping bariatric patients secure and stable as transported. Regardless of the type of patients and their condition, you can rest assured that AirCARE1 is trained and equipped to handle any type of situation.

State of the Art Medical Technology

Our Learjet aircraft are equipped with the same technologies one would find in a premier medical facility. NICU units with every possible feature support infant needs while transported. Our fleet has the latest monitoring technologies installed for neonatal and adult patients. Zoll Propaq MD Monitor, LTV 1200 Ventilator, Alaris Pumps and Medfusion Pumps are some examples of monitoring systems our fleet features. In preparation for transport, we rely on our custom designed patient loading system for patients of all sizes which securely lift and lower the patient safely. We have engineered our own Neonate Isollete and Cross Vent 2i ventilator system for the unique needs of our neonatal patients. CPR equipment to assist in administering emergency care is available on each Learjet in our fleet. We understand that the diverse needs of patients can only be served with the support of advanced, state-of-the-art technologies.

Enhanced Comfort & Smoother Ride

When we selected our fleet of Learjets, we focused on the comfort, safety and reliability for our patients. Turbulence levels during the flight are reduced as we fly at much higher altitudes than most medical air ambulances which is safer and more comfortable for our patients. At higher altitudes, patients aren’t exposed to nearly as much inclement weather as they would be at lower altitudes.

A safe transport experience is vital for any patient. With a fleet equipped with only the most advanced medical equipment, highly experienced pilots and expert medical staff, AirCARE1 provides the best medical transport experience that you or your loved one deserves. We know that the transport environment is just as important as the care itself, so we focus on providing an environment conducive to a healthy and healing experience. Our medical systems and procedures are revisited constantly to ensure we maintain the highest level of patient care available.

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