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Air medical transportation has been in use since the 1940s when it became a faster and more efficient way to transport critically injured patients to hospitals for care. The air ambulance industry has evolved ever since, and today it is a popular choice for patients who need to move safely and rapidly from one facility to another. If you’re looking for air ambulance service in Tempe, Arizona, consider AirCARE1 for you or your loved one’s safe and reliable medical air transport needs. Founded by a critical care nurse turned flight nurse, AirCARE1 is a dually-certified air ambulance company that transports patients safely and quickly to medical facilities within Tempe, throughout Arizona, nationwide, and even internationally.

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About AirCARE1

AirCARE1 started as a collaborative effort between a medical air transport pilot and Denise Waye, who began her career as a critical care nurse before transitioning to a flight nurse. After gaining experience as a flight nurse, Ms. Waye chose to branch off and form her own company and AirCARE1 was born. Unlike many companies in the industry, in which Waye observed patient safety wasn’t the highest priority, AirCARE1 mission is to make each patient’s ride as safe, smooth, and stress-free as possible. This philosophy starts on the ground and continues into the air. AirCARE1 abides by its initial founding principles of honesty, reliable customer service, fair prices, and a high quality of patient care. AirCARE1 also has techniques for mitigating medical risks during transit, which it does through a proprietary system called the Airborne Critical Care Unit. Staff members are regularly trained and equipped to manage each patient with courtesy, respect, and extensive medical knowledge. Along with AirCARE1’s safety accolades, we are one of very few air ambulance companies in the industry to hold dual EURAMI and CAMTS certifications, which is a rarity in our industry.

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety comes first at AirCARE1 where patients of all sizes and needs are cared for in the most personalized and professional manner. From high-tech equipment to highly trained staff members, AirCARE1 goes to great lengths to uphold its impeccable safety record. AirCARE1 owns its own fleet of executive-worthy LearJet aircraft. Our fleet of aircraft are outfitted with luxurious interiors and a wealth of amenities to ensure safe, comfortable, and smooth rides for patients, crew, and patients’ family members. Additionally, our LearJet fleet are licensed to fly at altitudes typically reserved for commercial aircraft only, which makes flights less turbulent and safer for those onboard.

AirCARE1’s medical transport LearJets are also equipped with wide loading doors (30% larger than the industry standard), which enables us to accommodate patients who are morbidly obese. Specialized flight crew members travel with patients and their family members regardless of the flight distance. All flights are headed by two experienced Airline Transport Pilots (also called ATPs). These veteran pilots have many years’ worth of flight experience, and they also undergo routine annual maintenance training to stay abreast of changing protocols to ensure they adhere to the best practices in the field. Also on hand to assist with any flight is a team of adept mechanics who perform routine maintenance and make requisite repairs to ensure our aircraft are ready to go day and night.

Dual Accreditation

A rarity in the industry, AirCARE1 is proud to hold dual accreditation from CAMTS and EURAMI. EURAMI is an organization based in Europe that strives to create high, uniform standards for companies in the medical flight profession to follow. EURAMI awards certifications to companies in Europe and around the world who demonstrate superior levels of patient safety and care. EURAMI also works to create an internationally acceptable level of care based on science, and that treats patients as equals regardless of race, gender, religion, social status, and other factors.

The other organization that AirCARE1 is certified by is CAMTS. CAMTS, which is the acronym for the “Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems,” is an organization based in South Carolina. CAMTS exists to audit medical transport companies and provide accreditation to those who meet its standards of patient care and quality customer service. CAMTS accredits qualifying entities based on a list of 10 different criteria, which are updated regularly to reflect the constant evolution within the medical flight industry.

Superior Holistic Care

While many flight companies provide basic levels of support and convenience for travelers, AirCARE1 takes medical flight patient care to a new level. Patients on all flights, regardless of whether they’re going from one Arizona hospital to another or flying abroad, are treated to a wealth of amenities designed to make their flight experience as smooth, relaxing, comfortable, and safe as possible. Consideration for the whole patient is apparent with services like aromatherapy, hand massages, and noise-canceling headphones to block out ambient noise. Patients can relax to the sounds of soothing tranquil background music or listen to their own music. On longer flights, patients and their families can select from a series of movies to make the flight time pass more quickly. Prior to the flight, the staff makes arrangements for all aspects of patient care, which includes coordinating ground transportation to and from the medical facilities c.

Patient Care for All

The special needs of all kinds of patients, whether they are neonatal infants, pediatric patients, obese and bariatric patients or geriatric patients, are carefully considered and accounted for by AirCARE1’s staff. Each group has special needs, which the AirCARE1 staff recognizes and is ready to handle.

Neonates, for example, require frequent monitoring and constant evaluation. Infants in this category are assigned a team of neonatal physicians, NICU nurses, and respiratory specialists to ensure they get the best possible care during their flight from one hospital to the next. Also accompanying neonatal infants on their flight are NICU incubators and a level three neonatal ICU.

Older children will fly with a team of medical staff members who are specially trained to handle the unique physiological, anatomical, and emotional needs of children flying via medical transport from a dispatching hospital to the recipient hospital. Pediatric patients have unique challenges for their safe transportation, which AirCARE1’s highly trained and specialized staff are ready to handle. Pre-flight, the staff carefully evaluates each patient’s age and developmental capacity when making travel arrangements.

AirCARE1’s LearJets are equipped with cargo loading doors, which are about 30 percent larger than standard doors, and therefore perfectly suited to carrying heavier passengers. The cargo loading doors can support morbidly obese patients with a girth of up to 40 inches. Furthermore, the staff is trained in safe loading techniques that minimize safety risks the patient during the loading and unloading process.

Lastly, if your beloved elderly patient needs specialized medical air transport, rest assured that AirCARE1 offers this service too. Our staff is trained to handle the unique needs of elderly care, ranging from administering oxygen and medication to ensuring skin quality does not deteriorate.

State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment

Each LearJet in AirCARE1’s fleet is also outfitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment. AirCARE1 is proud to have a proprietary patient safety and care system called Lifeport. One component of this system is the use of four-inch thick mattresses, which is considerably thicker than what industry standards call for (which is two inches) and what most companies use. Ventilators and oxygen tanks fly to destinations with patients, and each flight has top-notch monitoring equipment that can keep an eye on vitals during the flight. A special set of monitoring equipment (which includes pumps, ventilators, and monitors) travels with adults and children during their medical flight. Along with premier medical equipment, patients can rest comfortably knowing that they’re flying with an extensively trained and highly skilled team of medical professionals.

Comfortable Rides

Flying from one airport to another for medical purposes can be stressful for both you and your family. The aircraft employed by AirCARE1 stand out for their roomy and luxurious interiors as well as their capacity to fly at altitudes of up to 43,000 feet, which is an altitude typically restricted for commercial flights only. Along with the capacity to fly at higher altitudes, our LearJets have a good fuel economy, which allows them to go longer distances without having to stop for fuel. This, combined with their ability to fly at high altitudes, makes our flights safer and more comfortable for patients and their families. Our LearJets are also sized to be able to land at smaller airports and in more precarious weather conditions than ordinary medical transportation aircraft.

Traveling Commercial With a Companion

Sometimes, you feel that you don’t need (or possibly can’t afford) the full services of a medical flight, but nevertheless you’d like medical assistance traveling from one destination to the next on a commercial flight. AirCARE1 offers a service for patients who want a travel companion on commercial flights. This service is often requested when individuals encounter a sudden illness or injury when they’re traveling and would like help getting safely back home. Services offered by AirCARE1’s commercial travel companion program include getting pre-flight medical clearances, arranging for the use of an ambulance or private ground transportation, providing continual medical care throughout the flight, and making travel arrangement for family members who will be joining you on the flight back. AirCARE1’s services extend to patients in non-critical conditions who are not carrying infectious diseases.

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