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Serving Surprise, Arizona along with a variety of other towns and cities throughout Arizona, AirCARE1 is ready to transport you or a loved one with first-class accommodations and state-of-the-art medical equipment. When medical transportation services are required for either short distance or longer distance flights, consider AirCARE1’s fleet of executive-grade LearJets outfitted for fast and safe patient transport. From retrieving patients at the dispatching hospital to arriving safely at the destination hospital, AirCARE1’s kind, attentive, and well-trained staff takes care of its patients from bedside to bedside. Wherever you need to go, AirCARE1 will get you there with the highest quality of care and amenities designed to reduce stress and anxiety for both patients and their family members.

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About AirCARE1

AirCARE1 was established by a former flight nurse, Denise Waye who inspired by a dual love of flying and caring for patients, worked for some time to gain experience as a flight nurse before branching off on her own. Ms. Waye founded AirCARE1 with the intention of creating a company that made air ambulance services safer for patients, which involves a combination of superior staff training, a privately owned fleet of aircraft, and custom features like an exclusive patient care system and a unique loading ramp that makes it easy and safe to load and unload patients.

AirCARE1 is dually accredited by both CAMTS and EURAMI, which are two of the most prestigious and respected accreditation organizations in the world. AirCARE1 operates in the United States as well as internationally offering a unique approach to holistic patient care that includes stress-reducing measures and continual monitoring with state-of-the-art medical equipment. AirCARE1 is a certified woman-owned business, and it is a preferred provider for the International Assistance Group, which makes it one of only two medical transport providers in the country to have been chosen for that distinction.

Safety is a Priority

Safety comes first for everyone traveling aboard an AirCARE1 aircraft, which includes the patient, a family member, and crew members. From advanced medical equipment to oversized cargo doors to proper loading/unloading techniques, the flight crew ensures that all facets of quality patient care are accounted for. AirCARE1 provides exceptional patient care through its fleet of owned and operated Learjet aircraft. Each plane is meticulously inspected and maintained by our own mechanics, who also ensure that all of AirCARE1’s aircraft meet industry safety and maintenance standards.

The cargo loading doors on our Learjets are approximately 30 percent larger than they are on other aircraft regulated by the industry. The larger cargo doors improve loading/unloading safety and also allow us to transport patients with a heavier body weight than many other air ambulance aircraft can support. AirCARE1 also has a unique and proprietary loading ramp system that is sturdier than industry standards require. The fortified ramp also permits safer and more comfortable patient loading and unloading.

Our experienced medical crew undergoes continual training through rigorous continuing education courses. AirCARE1’s commitment to ongoing training ensures our team remains up to date on the latest techniques and best practices available in the medical transportation industry. Additionally, our advanced set of medical equipment, combined with the staff’s operational knowledge, creates a safer and more relaxing ride for you and your loved one.

Dual CAMTS and EURAMI Accreditation

AirCARE1 is one of the very few air ambulance companies that holds a dual accreditation from both CAMTS and EURAMI. CAMTS, which stands for the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems, is an organization that first submitted accreditation standards in 1991 at the insistence of its member organizations. CAMTS is formed from over 20 member organizations, which work together to advise on acceptable accreditation standards. CAMTS audits and ultimately accredits medical transport companies around the world that demonstrate compliance with its extremely high level of industry-established standards.

EURAMI, also known as the European Aeromedical Institute, is a similar organization that accredits medevac companies based on internationally established standards in the industry. EURAMI also promotes research, accreditation, and training to continually improve on its standards and in turn accredit the most qualified medical transport operators.

Emphasizing Holistic Care

Flying with AirCARE1 means you are treated as a complete individual, rather than as just a few specific parts relating to your medical condition. AirCARE1 keeps patients’ comfort and safety in mind with many onboard treatments that help to soothe, calm, and relax the patient and their family members. Our Learjet fleet of aircraft are outfitted with luxurious executive style interiors to ensure the comfort of all those on board. Noise-canceling headphones, aromatherapy, and hand massages are other offerings on AirCARE1’s flights that help to reduce stress and anxiety. Patients can also choose to listen to calming background music or listen to their own music if preferred.

Highest Quality of Care for All

From the smallest newborns to geriatric patients, AirCARE1 takes exceptional care of all types of patients. With our sophisticated suite of neonatal equipment, AirCARE1 is a go-to air ambulance provider in Surprise, Arizona for the safe transportation of neonates to and from hospitals. A level 3 neonatal intensive care unit, a team compiled of neonatal physicians, respiratory therapists, and NICU nurses, and advanced monitoring systems are just a few of the perks your tiny patient will get when flying with AirCARE1’s specialized and highly-trained neonate team. With the right equipment onboard, crew members can monitor, stabilize, and safely move even the most fragile neonatal patient from one hospital to the next.

Children are also considered to be a special group that AirCARE1 services. Children may respond physiologically and emotionally to medical flights in ways that other types of patients do not. The staff at AirCARE1 recognizes the special needs that children have in flight, and are on standby to monitor children from bedside to bedside. Before your child’s transport on an AirCARE1 aircraft, the crew will prepare a flight plan that takes into consideration the child’s specific developmental level and age.

Geriatric patients are another group that receives unique care at AirCARE1. Since many geriatric patients require oxygen at some point during medical flights, especially longer distance flights, our crew is trained to administer oxygen and constantly monitor patients. Our team will provide all medications needed and also watch the patient’s skin condition to make sure it does not lose its level of quality throughout the flight.

Obese and morbidly obese patients, often referred to as bariatric patients, also receive specific care when flying with AirCARE1. Bariatric patients are individuals who have a BMI of 40 or more, while obese patients have a BMI of 30 or higher. There are certain medical risks that obese and bariatric patients face when they fly at higher altitudes, and particularly over prolonged distances, which the AirCARE1 team is trained to handle. Patients who become claustrophobic or are in pain in the air may also be given a mild sedative or pain medication to make their journey more enjoyable. Heavier patients benefit from AirCARE1’s use of Learjet aircraft equipped with large cargo loading doors, which are about 30 percent larger than industry standards require. The larger cargo door size makes the aircraft capable of carrying patients who weigh up to 400 pounds or more. AirCARE1 also has a custom loading ramp that reduces wobbling, tipping, and other unpleasant and potentially hazardous scenarios that the crew and patient would otherwise experience while loading and unloading patients of a larger size.

Advanced Medical Equipment

With a suite of advanced medical equipment onboard for each flight, AirCARE1’s team is able to provide the same level of care as patients receive in the best hospitals around the world. Each patient is monitored and evaluated using a set of advanced medical equipment that includes ventilators, pumps, and other monitoring devices which are sized for both children and adults.

AirCARE1 uses an advanced patient support system called LifePort. Our custom designed LifePort Patient Care System contains many features, including the use of four-inch thick mattress pads, which exceed the industry standard of two inches. The thicker pads are more comfortable for patients and reduce the risk of injury and discomfort during travel. Other convenient features of the LifePort system include a bracket that mounts right to the stretcher to prevent interruptions in monitoring and also make rides safer and easier for patients and their families.

Smooth and Comfortable Rides

With their luxurious first-class interiors, the LearJet fleet owned and operated by AirCARE1 enhances passenger comfort for all travelers including the patient, the patient’s family members and crew members. The spacious cabin allows patients more room which reduces anxiety that can come from feeling confined to close quarters. Furthermore, the Learjet aircraft used by AirCARE1 have the capacity to travel at altitudes usually limited to commercial aircraft which allows patients to experience a smoother and less turbulent ride than they would normally find from a medical transport provider. Our Learjets have a high fuel capacity which makes them a top choice for long distance journeys. Our Learjets can also fly at higher speeds which makes for faster arrivals, and they are small and nimble enough to be able to land at airports where many medical transport flights cannot go.

Commercial Medical Escort Services

For less serious conditions, AirCARE1 gives patients the option of flying with a commercial travel companion. AirCARE1’s Commercial Medical Escort are trained to handle all components of a patient’s flight and provide the additional medical support a patient may need while traveling on a commercial flight. Our team of Commercial Medical Escort are highly trained individuals who can provide continual patient care throughout the journey, which includes administering FAA-approved medical equipment and oxygen. For those who may not need a dedicated air ambulance for medical travel, click here to read more about our commercial medical escort services.

Contact AirCARE1 Today

When you are ready to make medical transportation arrangements for yourself or a loved one, call AirCARE1 for more information or visit our quote page for a free, no-obligation quote. You will receive a quote based on all of the standard components that factor into pricing a flight, such as the use of a medical staff and advanced medical equipment. Our friendly team of flight coordinators will also be able to tell you more about the process of medical transport and take into consideration any special needs you or a loved one might have. We look forward to assisting you and making for an easy medical air transport to or from Surprise, Arizona.

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