Scottsdale, Arizona is situated within the amazing boundaries of the Sonoran Desert just 12 miles outside of downtown Phoenix. This oasis occupies 120,000 square miles surrounded by the McDowell Mountain Regional Park and the Camel Back Mountains. WalletHub conducts an annual survey of the top healthiest cities in America and Scottsdale was near the top. At number 7 out of more than 170 U.S. cities, the survey named the city of Scottsdale as one of the country’s healthiest locations for the seventh consecutive year in the category of fitness, food, green space, and healthcare.


Discover an inclusive system of fitness activities and adventures in Scottsdale. No matter where you go in Scottsdale, you will find fitness camps, centers, spas, resorts, and salons. Each section of Scottsdale is filled with biking trails, walking trails, running trails, and activity tours for visitors and family members who call Scottsdale home.

The Scottsdale fitness environment is a myriad of amazing events that nourishes the mind, body, and soul. In addition to offering the highly interesting goat yoga, fitness centers offer everything in their exercise menu to accommodate the lifestyle of residents and tourists alike.

Activities can include personal training, muscle building, general fitness, Pilates, weight/cardio training, acupuncture, anti-aging treatments, hydrotherapy, holistic and alternative treatments, massage services, body wrapping, and nutritional programs for all ages. Imagine taking any of these fitness activities surrounded by the gorgeous scenery of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

Many Scottsdale spas and health centers are located in the McDowell Sonoran valley and are between outdoor mountains and cactus scenery. Due to its wide array of fitness activities and events, Scottsdale has won the Gold status award. Also, a majority of the city’s health, fitness, and wellness centers have received numerous national and international awards.

Food & Dining

Scottsdale is home to several Iron Chef winners like Beau MacMillian who won against renowned Chef Bobby Flay and Top Chef winner Brian Malarkey. Scottsdale draws amazing chefs, top-rated cooks, and passionate restaurant owners whose focus is on food quality and creativity.

When you visit the annual Scottsdale Culinary Festival, you experience food from the city’s finest restaurants, mobile truck cuisines, local neighborhood cafes, bakeries, and more. The Culinary Festival gives residents and visitors a taste of its culinary excellence representing global cuisines featuring American BBQ, European, Latin, and Asian feasts. Scottsdale continues to enjoy a culinary rejuvenation with creative dining that can’t be found in any other city.

You must try the brussel sprouts nachos containing daily fresh ingredients that come from the Diego Pops restaurant in Scottsdale. Top it off with a variety of flavors from any of Scottsdale wineries or homemade beer breweries. Scottsdale restaurants have also been awarded many James Beard awards throughout the years.

Green Space

Scottsdale is known as the golfing capital in the U.S. In addition to the varied outdoor golf courses, the city also offers unique golf and gaming centers featuring food, drinks, and lots of fun. The city of Scottsdale is considered an open space environment with well landscaped parks consisting of 15,000 acres filled with canals, pathway trails, mountain/hiking trails, horse trails, as well as full-service recreational facilities for the whole family.

Scottsdale also features lakes and a vast national forest which is filled with desert areas and lush flora species. The city’s award-winning parks feature playgrounds, courts for varied sports, picnic areas, walking trails, naturalist trails, architectural swimming pools, biking, rollerblading and many other amenities. Many of Scottsdale’s parks interweave between the downtown area and into the mountain areas.

Healthcare Systems

Every year Scottsdale hosts the Scottsdale Institute Annual Conference. Health professionals, owners, CIOs, and CEOs from around the country meet to discuss and share new medical and healthcare ideas as well as new medical innovations and technology that is driving better healthcare for everyone. Scottsdale Healthcare is the city’s largest provider of medical care with a variety of top rated medical services.

The services include outpatient surgery centers, home health services, a wide range of city health educational programs, outreach services, medical transportation services, and successful clinical/research treatments not typically found in other healthcare systems.

Scottsdale is known as a city that leads medical and technological innovations with forward thinking professionals. These attributes are carried forward into all the medical platforms supported by Scottsdale, such as its alcohol/drug rehabilitation facilities, assisted living, hospice, hospitals, clinics, and natural/integrative centers.

Scottsdale is a mecca city fitting many different environmental lifestyles. It is an eco-friendly and environmentally minded city. It is no wonder that Scottsdale continually ranks high on the best places to live, raise families in or even retire to. Scottsdale has everything a healthy minded individual would want with easy access to mountains, desert, farmlands, lakeside resorts, and more so much more in the great state of Arizona. With the city’s continued focus on promoting fitness, good food, green space and healthcare, it is likely Scottsdale will be a top contender for the healthiest cities in America for many years to come.