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For those in need of fast and safe medical air transportation, AirCARE1 provides the best air ambulance services in the Santa Fe area. We’re the premier provider of air ambulance service in the U.S. and throughout the world. Whether you’re flying to or from Santa Fe, New Mexico domestically or internationally, our fleet of Learjets can transport you safely and comfortably. Our critical care staff is comprised of nurses, physicians, emergency medical technicians, and respiratory therapists that provide medical transport service for all ages and types of patient.

Our Learjet aircraft are equipped with the latest in medical equipment and we provide a pleasant environment so that you are transported in the most comfortable way possible. We also use holistic methods such as aromatherapy, hand massages, and therapeutic music to further enhance your air ambulance experience and provide as much tranquility as possible.

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Who We Are and What We Do

AirCARE1 was founded by a dedicated and compassionate flight nurse named Denise who was dissatisfied with the treatment provided to air ambulance patients. Safety procedures were often ignored and care was often inadequate, which was sometimes detrimental to the patient’s well-being. At her previous position as a flight nurse, Denise’s complaints were ignored and she was told by her boss to start her own company if she didn’t like her working conditions. Ms. Waye took that to heart and founded AirCARE1 shortly after. AirCARE1’s mission is to provide top quality air ambulance service to patients who need transportation to distant medical facilities in situations where ground transportation may not be ideal or even possible.

Our Commitment to Patient Safety

We have an outstanding safety record and have safely transported thousands of patients to both domestic and international destinations. We use the Learjet 35A and 36A aircraft, which are among the safest available—and they can fly at altitudes above 40,000 feet, which means our patients enjoy a smoother and more comfortable ride. We’re also able to fly above many adverse weather conditions, which means that there are fewer weather delays and less turbulence.

Our fleet of Learjets are equipped with extra wide body doors so that patients can be loaded and unloaded without the risk of being jarred or bumped. Our aircraft are equipped for long flights so that we can make fewer stops for refueling; this results in a faster transport and in turn getting the patient to their destination quicker for treatment and recovery . We’re also able to transport family members and/or care givers with the patient, which may make the patient more comfortable.

Our pilots undergo rigorous annual training courses to ensure they are up to date on the latest advances in their field. This enables us to transport you or your loved one safely and comfortably to any destination, whether domestic or international.

Dual Accreditation

We’re very proud to have obtained the CAMTS, or Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems, and EURAMI, or European Aeromedical Institute, accreditations. Additionally, we’re one of only two U.S.-based air ambulance providers to earn preferred-provider status with the International Assistance Group.

We believe that our patients deserve the highest quality of treatment, so we endeavor to consistently go above and beyond what’s average. By maintaining our dual accreditation, we provide peace of mind to our patients and their families. They know that we’re highly qualified to transport the patient wherever it is they need to go.

We’re Focused on Holistic Care and Comfort

Flying to a distant medical facility can be intimidating and stressful. We know that your loved one will fare better when they’re relaxed and comfortable, so we provide aromatherapy, hand massages, and noise-canceling headsets for the patient. All of these amenities can provide a much more pleasant flight experience for the patient and they’ll arrive to their destination more relaxed and less anxious.

The interior of our Learjets has been designed to reflect a clean, pleasant environment that puts you at ease. Our objective is to promote the well-being and peace of mind of the patient, and we’ve designed our service and our aircraft with that objective in mind.

Service to All Types of Patients

We provide air ambulance service to bariatric, geriatric, neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients. Our neonatal unit is a medical level 3 intensive care unit with an incubator and it’s attended by some of the best nurses and doctors in the field. Infants are fragile and we do our utmost to ensure their health and safety.

Geriatric patients have similar needs too, and are more susceptible to dehydration and the side effects of their medications. Santa Fe’s warm, dry climate is attractive to many geriatric patients and they may need air ambulance service to distant medical facilities. Our medical staff is skilled in geriatric care so AirCARE1 can provide some of the best air ambulance service available.

Bariatric patients also have special needs and we’re equipped to accommodate them. Our extra wide body doors enable loading and unloading without bumping or jarring the patient, and we provide extra padding if it’s needed. Our loading ramps are designed to prohibit tilting or wobbling and extra restraints are used to ensure patient stability. Our loading ramps use the LifePort system and can accommodate patients up to 450 pounds.

Sometimes, an obese person’s body will release nitrogen into the blood during flight. We continuously monitor all the patient’s vital signs during loading as well as during the flight to ensure that their oxygen and nitrogen levels are appropriate, and administer pain medication as necessary. We do our utmost to ensure the comfort level of our bariatric patients and we’re among the best at the international transport of bariatric patients.

AirCARE1 Uses State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment

The utmost planning went into AirCARE1’s patient care system. We use the most technologically advanced medical equipment available in conjunction with our patient care system. This enables AirCARE1 to treat and monitor most patients in flight, whether domestically or internationally.

We use the Zoll Propaq MD Monitor, the LTV 1200Veintilator, and Alaris pumps for our adult patients. We use the Neonate isollete, the Cross Vent 2i ventilator, and Medfusion pumps for our neonatal patients. This sophisticated array of medical equipment enables us to provide the highest level of treatment and monitoring to our air ambulance transport patients. You can do no better than to trust your care or the care of your loved one to AirCARE1.

We Provide a Smoother and More Comfortable Ride

The Learjet 35A and Learjet 36A are some of the most comfortable aircraft in the industry and they have an outstanding safety record. They’re able to fly at altitudes of up to 43,000 feet and at speeds up to 500 miles per hour, which ensures a quick and safe flight. Our fleet of Learjets are equipped for long distance travel, which means fewer stops for refueling, and a more comfortable flight for the patient.

We use two pilots per flight and hire only the best pilots who have an ATP, or airline transport pilot, certification. Our maintenance mechanics keep our fleet of Learjets in top condition, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you and your loved one will arrive safely to your destination.

We Have a Commercial Medical Escort Option

When you’re traveling, sometimes things happen. You or a loved one may be involved in an accident or experience a sudden health crisis. Our commercial medical escort option can help you or your loved one get back home from your international destination without stress or worry. This can be a great and more cost effective option for patients who may not need a dedicated aircraft for their transportation.

As long as there’s no contagious disease involved or health issues that contraindicate air travel, we can help arrange your travel. Whether you’re accompanied by medical equipment or an individual, or you need ground transportation, we can book all of your airline flights with any special arrangements you need. We can also arrange continuous medical care throughout the travel process as well as 24/7 flight updates to your loved ones.

Be sure to call AirCARE1 for more information on our Commercial Medical Escort Services. There are some restrictions on the types of patients we can transport—they must be free of communicable disease and there must be no conditions that involve trapped gases, for example. Call us to learn more about this medical transport option and we would be happy to see if you or your loved one would be a good fit for this type of transportation.

Why Choose AirCARE1 in Santa Fe, New Mexico?

At AirCARE1, our mission statement is to “Do what is right for our patient at all times as we transport them with exceptional care equal to or better than the best premier medical facility.”

Our rigid hiring process provides us with the best and most qualified individuals on our team, whether it’s physicians, pilots, nurses, or technicians. Our medical director has more than two decades of experience in the emergency room as well as being a licensed private pilot. AirCARE1’s medical director ensures that all aspects of each medical transport meet stringent quality assurance standards.

Our experience and expertise enable us to transport the most critical of patients regardless of their age. We continually monitor the patient and his or her vital signs to ensure that the medical care they receive is equivalent to or better than the care they’d receive in the best hospital.

If you’re located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and need air ambulance service to a distant location, we can help you. If you’re located elsewhere and need air ambulance service to Santa Fe, New Mexico, we can help you as well. Whether you need to fly within the United States or you have an international destination, we can provide safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation to your distant medical facility.

Call us at 1-877-760-7760 in the U.S. or 505-242-7760 internationally for more information and a free, no-obligation quote.

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