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A fully licensed air medical transport and ambulance, AirCARE1 International provides evacuation and transfer services both to and from the Santa Ana, California area. With the help of our state-of-the-art Learjet aircraft fleet operated by the best in the aviation field, our fully qualified and well-trained medical team is capable of providing a variety of emergency care services.

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About AirCARE1

Born from a combined adoration of air travel and providing the most compassionate and high-quality medical care, AirCARE1 has been the top name in the industry since its founding. After recognizing a gap in the quality, delivery, and safety in the critical care transport industry, founder Denise Waye decided to devote her efforts to solving the issue and offering patients a one-of-a-kind service. Her passion for flying and caring for each patient, catering to their unique needs, combined with her extensive professional experience enabled her to fulfill this dream. Along with the rest of the company, she worked to build AirCARE1 International on the principles of customer care, safety, and honesty, elevating its status to the best in industry standards.

Our Commitment to Safety

At AirCARE1 International, our commitment to regular training and continuous dedication to providing the safest journey possible enables our staff and crew to provide only the best, worry-free journey for our patients and their families. Flight crew regularly undergo testing and recertification, staying up-to-date with developments in the aviation industry. Our medical personnel must pass a vigorous hiring process before securing a space on our team, and even then, their efforts do not subside. Medical staff complete mandatory initial training, with modules focused on patient assessment strategies, flight physiology, fatigue factors, aircraft and flight orientation, in-flight medical emergencies, HAZMAT, and other skills that may be necessary in situations that arise during the air evacuation process. Continuing education trainings and classes are required, with opportunities to learn the specialist ins-and-outs of respiratory care, airway management and ventilator operations, burn treatment, cardiovascular emergencies, coronary issues, congestive heart failure, and a variety of brain, neural, and psychopharmacological complications. Our staff are also regularly assessed on their knowledge of anatomy and physiology, as we value giving them the best tools possible when it comes to treating our patients.

By combining our executive quality aircraft interiors with our specialized on-board equipment, we aim to provide all passengers with a pleasant medical environment for the duration of the journey. Each highly-trained staff member is committed to putting the needs of our patients first, creating a personalized experience unique to the passengers’ needs. We recognize and understand the importance of giving patients and their families the added comfort and peace of mind during this potentially trying time. When traveling with AirCARE1, you have our personal assurance that your medical air transport experience will be characterized by the best medical care at a great value, a dedication to your safety and comfort, and hospitable, reliable customer service from booking until disembarkation.

Dual Accreditation

In the critical and emergency air care industry, it is a rare fete to achieve dual accreditation. Through our drive, passion, dedication to improvement, and commitment to excellence, AirCARE1 International was awarded dual accreditation from both CAMTS and EURAMI, the leading accreditors in the field. Though not easy, putting our best foot forward in order to demonstrate our commitments and qualifications for the purpose of easing our patients and their families is important to us. Your faith in us is a top priority.

Our Focus on Holistic Care

Another element of our unique approach to patients comes in the form of the holistic experiences we offer to our patients on board. We recognize that air transport can be trying and stressful, and we aim to make our patients’ journeys as comfortable as possible. We provide noise cancelling headphones, aromatherapy, hand massages and relaxing music to take the edge off and ensure that the patient’s stress is reduced and that the journey goes as smoothly as possible.

Our Commitment to Catering to All Types of Patients

AirCARE1’s equipment and crew are capable of catering to all types of patients, another area that we pride ourselves on. Transporting an infant in intensive care can be a frightening and chaotic time for the parties concerned, and our staff work tirelessly to ensure that the specific and unique needs of the situation are addressed with care. Our Learjet aircraft are fully equipped to treat neonates, complete with a level 3 neonatal intensive care unit and NICU incubator that is operated by well-trained NICU nurses. Staff are extensively trained on neonatal-specific issues and the appropriate procedures used to treat them.

Continuing on our commitment of recognizing the needs of the individual and the specific circumstances of each situation, we are also aware of the anatomical differences between adults and children that necessitate different approaches to care. Pediatric bodies and minds function differently, and we recognize the importance of incorporating that fact into our approaches to care. All medical flight crews are trained in pediatric growth and development so that they can accurately assess behavioral as well as physiological symptoms and reactions. Additionally, they understand the uniqueness of each child’s personality and levels of comfort and are able to adapt accordingly to ensure that the young patient is as calm and comfortable as possible throughout the flight.

The young are not the only subpopulation in our communities that often require special consideration. This is why we devote extra training and attention to the challenges specifically presented by geriatric patients. While these challenges are many, including physical and psychological functioning capabilities, our team is equipped to tend to the particular needs and mitigate risks associated with transporting elderly patients. This includes undergoing training to learn specific techniques and strategies for transporting patients that are frail and perhaps have difficulty boarding the aircraft. Common conditions in geriatrics often cause higher oxygen consumption during flight, particularly due to altitude sensitivity, and our medical crew is ready and available to make quick adjustments as needed. As with all of our other patients, we want our elderly patients to feel safe and cared for when accident or illness strikes. Because of this, we allow travel companions to accompany patients.

With obesity affecting tens of millions of Americans, we recognize the need to be capable and prepared to assist patients who have special requirements due to the condition. When accidents happen, it is part of our commitment to be able to assist as many patients as safely and effectively as possible. Our teams have the expertise to transport bariatric patients. Loading is one of the most critical moments in patient transport, but this can be particularly challenging when the patient is a bariatric. Our fleet of aircraft are fitted with doors larger than that of the industry average to ensure safe loading and unloading. Our air ambulance medical staff also have access to specially reinforced stretchers and loading ramps that can bear a heavier weight- up to 450 pounds. Once in flight, our bariatric patients will also have any extra equipment necessary for their specific needs, such as extra padding to reduce the likelihood of decubitis and the initialization of oxygen 15 minutes prior to loading on the aircraft.

State of the Medical Equipment

Our ambition to always aim high and strive for the best is not limited to our care and aircraft. Each of our planes is outfitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment on par with what is found in renowned hospitals. Initial critical care plays a huge role in the prognosis and follow-up treatment of a patient, regardless of what his or her ailment is. As such, we use only the best instruments and technology when treating our patients.

Enhanced Comfort & Smoother Ride

While being transported in our Learjets, you can rest assured that you will be traveling in comfort and style. Our first-class interiors allow for enhanced comfortability, both for the patients and their families. This also allows our crew to focus on the job at hand: providing the optimum level of care. In addition to the interiors, Learjets are one of the most efficiently operating small aircraft. They are less noisy and can travel a longer range than most other aircraft on the market, and they also have an impeccable safety record. These jets also fly at higher speeds and altitudes, which decreases turbulences and promotes a smoother ride.

Commercial Medical Escort Services

Not all accidents and illnesses require an ambulance, and the same applies to the skies. When an emergency air ambulance is not necessary, our patients also have the option to fly via our Commercial Medical Escort service. After being cleared by a doctor, our operating staff will arrange every aspect of a patient’s travel on a commercial airline, ensuring that they receive the assistance that they need from our capable medical crew..

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Transport is the last thing you want to worry about when emergency strikes you or a loved one. At AirCARE1 International, we’ve got you covered from bedside to bedside. With us, you can rest assured that you are always in capable, safe hands. To get your free quote today, click here or give us a call at US 1-866-395-2687 or Internationally at 505-859-7044.

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