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AirCARE1 helps patients in need of medical transportation via aircraft that are located in or are traveling to Riverside, California. AirCARE1 is a leading air ambulance service and we can get you where you need to go safe and sound. If you or a loved one needs assistance in traveling long distances via aircraft due to illness or injury, you can place your trust in AirCARE1 and our team of experienced medical professionals. Capable of getting patients in all types of situations from bedside to bedside, AirCARE1 has a storied history of assisting patients just like you. It doesn’t matter if you need to go from Riverside, California to an international destination, or just a few states over, AirCARE1’s cutting-edge fleet of Learjet aircraft can get you there in a safe and timely manner.

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About AirCARE1

AirCARE1’s story is one of passion, ambition, and a desire to elevate the level of patient care in the air ambulance industry. It’s a story with humble beginnings, big successes, and even broader horizons. Denise Waye, a nurse and businesswoman, created the company to service those in dire need of specialty medical transportation after having worked for other medical transportation companies as a flight nurse. As an experienced flight nurse, Ms. Waye spent her time caring for those being transported on medical aircraft and was able to identify many improvements to the medical transportation process that she felt would increase the level of patient care and comfort provided during transportation. Ms. Waye’s experience ultimately lead to the founding of AirCARE1 as the company operates on a model that is designed to put the patient first.

Since its inception, AirCARE1 has accrued various awards, accolades, and distinctions. A recipient of both the CAMTS and EURAMI air ambulance accreditations, AirCARE1 is one of only two air fixed wing ambulance providers in the western hemisphere to receive this dual accreditation. Upholding these accreditations requires ongoing review of all policies, procedures and operations which ultimately translates into a safer and more comfortable experience for you and your loved ones.

Committed to Safety

AirCARE1 is dedicated to providing you with a safe and stress-free medical transportation experience. One of the ways in which AirCARE1 achieves this is by training our employees on a frequent basis, ensuring that staff members new and old are prepared to provide you with the best medical service available. AirCARE1 employees are trained professionals coming to our team with many years of experience in the medical and aviation fields. AirCARE1 staff is a diverse, passionate group of individuals who share the common goal of guaranteeing you and your loved ones safe medical air transportation.

All of the AirCARE1 staff are hard workers who understand what is important when caring for patients. Hygiene, courtesy, and empathy are all on our staffs list of priorities. Rigorous testing and certification are required to work for AirCARE1, ensuring the best individuals in the field are caring for you or your loved one. Our team strives to provide a stress-free and enjoyable transportation experience, one filled with all the comforts you could hope for in a medical transportation service.

Dual Accreditation

AirCARE1 has the unique distinction of dual accreditation from both CAMTS and EURAMI; two of the leading accreditation bodies for air ambulance companies. A rare distinction in our industry, dual accreditation is awarded only to best medical air transportation services. This honor is an exceedingly difficult one to achieve because of the high standard of quality required to meet it. For AirCARE1 to both achieve and continue to maintain these accreditations, this ensures that you will be receiving the highest standard patient available.

Dual accreditation is a uniform honor, which means it ensures that all aspects of AirCARE1’s service meet the high level of requirements from both CAMTS and EURAMI. Be it hygiene, pilot experience, knowledge of medical staff, or timeliness, these accreditations ensure that AirCARE1 is leading the pack when it comes to patient safety and care.

Dedicated to Holistic Care

At AirCARE1, we understand that there are many different factors that go into a patient’s healing process. There is much more to a positive experience and a speedy recovery than what goes on in the doctor’s room. This is why AirCARE1 is dedicated to holistic care: To ensure that you enjoy a positive experience both physically and mentally.

AirCARE1 offers a vast assortment of holistic care options. Noise canceling headphones, hand massages and aromatherapy are available to you when flying with AirCARE1. These practices go a very long way in ensuring you have a positive air transportation experience. Our fleet of Learjets is equipped with an array of cutting-edge technology that can provide you with all sorts of modern comforts. When flying with AirCARE1, our team is caring for the patient as a whole and helping support their road to recovery. If you or a family member are in need of a caring, empathetic air ambulance service, look no further as AirCARE1 is here to help.

Catering to All Types of Patients

AirCARE1 is ready to assist all types of patients suffering from a variety of illnesses or injuries. No matter what you or your loved one may be inflicted with, we are prepared with the specific medical crew and equipment to help you in a timely and efficient manner. AirCARE1 has built an exceptional reputation working with people from all walks of life, suffering from an assortment of different conditions. AirCARE1 works with each patient’s individual condition to ensure we have the best medical team, equipment and transportation options available to meet you or your loved ones unique needs. Whether our team is transporting a child, an elderly family member, someone suffering from obesity or anything other type of situation, AirCARE1 understands the individualized needs and risks of these patients.

State of the Art Medical Equipment

As an air ambulance service, AirCARE1 goes above and beyond in providing patients with the most modern equipment available. AirCARE1 utilizes medical equipment comparable to that found in any premier hospital or medical facility. Our patients being transported will not need to worry about a drastic discrepancy in care quality when being moved from even the most advanced care facility: AirCARE1’s fleet of Learjet are custom outfitted with only the best equipment. No matter what condition you may find yourself or a loved on ailing from, the advanced medical equipment available on AirCARE1’s fleet of Learjet aircraft is prepared to treat you or your loved one.

Enhanced Comfort and A Smoother Ride

Patient comfort is also a top priority for AirCARE1 as we strive to make medical air transportation a seamless process for our patients and their loved ones. Our air ambulance service, renown for its dedication to patient satisfaction, is equipped to deliver a smooth and comfortable ride. AirCARE1’s Learjets feature first-class interiors and comfortable resting options. The interior of our aircrafts provide you and your loved ones with the highest standard of quality available in space. Additionally, AirCARE1 is equipped to fly at higher altitudes, above any weather conditions, to ensure that turbulence is kept at an absolute minimum.

Commercial Medical Escort Services

If you find yourself in a situation where Air Ambulance transportation may not be a feasible option, then AirCARE1 still has you covered. We also offer commercial medical air escorts who are able to accompany you or your loved one on a commercial airline while still offering the same degree of comfort and medical attention. Call our team of flight specialists today to learn more about our Commercial Medical Escort Service and find out if it may be a viable option for you.

Contact AirCARE1 Today

If you are in need of AirCARE1’s services for fast and safe medical transportation to or from Riverside, call our team today to learn more. You will be provided with a free no-obligation quote for your trip that will be inclusive of all costs and fees. We will even work with your insurance company as well to ensure that all possible coverage is applied to your flight. For leading air ambulance transportation, look no further than AirCARE1. Contact AirCARE1 today by calling 877-760-7760 or by clicking here to request a free no-obligation quote.

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