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Have you searched for dependable, medically qualified air ambulance transportation to or from the Rancho Rio (and Albuquerque), New Mexico area? Every day, patients seek safe medical flights between this location and other points within the United States. AirCARE1 also offers medevac service to destinations nationwide. We also fly to many international locales. We maintain a fleet of modern Learjets to supply dependable aircraft transportation. Rest assured, you can rely on AirCARE1 for dedicated, caring attention.

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Our Medevac Services

AirCARE1 serves patients residing or needing our medical air transportation services near Rio Rancho and Albuquerque, and in numerous other locations across the United States and around the globe. Our service helps safely transport patients with many different types of medical and health conditions to their destinations by air. We utilize the talents of a skilled medical crew to supply necessary support services during these flights. We represent an excellent option for transporting patients between medical facilities safely and comfortably.

Below are a few of the typical situations in which our service offers vital assistance to patients and their families:

  • A senior citizen with dementia desires to relocate safely from a long-term care facility in Rio Rancho to one in North Carolina;
  • Parents need to send an infant from a burn ward in Albuquerque to an out-of-state medical facility for rehabilitative care;
  • A family injured in an auto accident while traveling in the Southwest requires transportation home, but cannot travel comfortably to their desired destination without supportive medical care;
  • A patient suffering from severe epileptic seizures in Rio de Janeiro desires to visit a specialist in the Rio Rancho area;
  • A terminally ill patient requires rapid transportation home while receiving palliative care after visiting a medical facility in Arizona.

We Prioritize Patient Safety as Our Chief Concern

The dedicated team at AirCARE1 places the utmost value on the safety and well-being of our patients. For this reason, all employees have committed themselves to pursuing ongoing training. With our ongoing training and educational efforts, we surpass industry standards in our field.

When you need supportive medical care and air transportation, we want to help you enjoy a comfortable journey to your destination. When you rely on AirCARE1, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that a trained staff will offer patient assistance during any medical incident. We routinely care for patients in any condition, including those in extremely fragile states.

A Commitment to Excellence: Dual Accreditation

AirCARE1 has made the effort to obtain dual accreditation as an air transport service. We have received accreditation from both the European Air Medical Institute (EURAMI) and the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS).

As medical technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, the air ambulance industry has made significant progress in responding to a variety of complex transportation needs. By maintaining our accreditation with both CAMTS and EURAMI, we remain on the cutting edge of development in this emerging field. We chose to exceed the basic requirements for an air ambulance service due to our commitment to our patients and their families.

Holistic Health Technology

The corporate culture at AirCARE1 respects recent advances towards a more holistic and supportive health care environment. During recent years, New Mexico has become a recognized center in the practice of many complementary and holistic health care technologies. From massage therapy and acupuncture to wellness medicine and aromatherapy, a variety of emerging new treatment methods now enhance the well-being of the public.

We have chosen to implement some holistic practices during our flights to help improve the patient’s healing process. We offer hand massages, aromatherapy, and relaxing music in an effort to enhance patient comfort and alleviate stress. Our staff wants to alleviate any anxiety and tension you or your loved one may experience during medical transport.

Servicing a Diverse Range of Patients

You can count on AirCARE1 to provide attentive care for patients of every age and background. We routinely transport geriatric individuals, neonates, children, teens, and adults. We offer assistance to individuals with a wide variety of health-related conditions.

Our well-trained staff has the experience to care for individuals with a variety of medical and health care needs. We endeavor to provide the specific types of medical service our patients required during extended travel. For instance, we accommodate patients with the following conditions or medical requirements as well as many others:

  • Respiratory distress
  • Immune-mediated disease conditions
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Senility and dementia
  • Drug or alcohol dependencies
  • Life threatening obesity
  • Anorexia
  • Colostomies or urinary catheters
  • IVs or feeding tubes
  • Wheelchairs, casts, prosthetic devices and more

When you contact us, please let us know about your requirements for comfortable transport for yourself or a loved one. We will do everything necessary to provide a smooth and comfortable flight!

State-of-the-Art Medical Supplies & Equipment

We rely upon a fleet of modern Learjets outfitted with the best medical equipment available. These private aircraft undergo regular inspections and service. AirCARE1 takes great pride in maintaining these jets in excellent condition. Our skilled pilots also have excellent safety records and are required to possess a minimum of 3,000 hours piloting aircraft before joining our company.

When you select our air ambulance service, you’ll also gain the assurance we supply well-equipped air transport accommodations. Our personnel can respond appropriately if a patient suffers a medical event during the flight. We recruit and train dedicated medical teams to care for our patients as they journey to or from the Rio Rancho, New Mexico area.

Providing Seamless Air Ambulance Transport

Our team makes every effort to furnish patients with smooth, turbulent-free transportation. We ensure our Learjets provide a comfortable interior environment; for this reason, we’ve invested in the highest quality aircraft. The length of individual flights varies, but we always strive to implement relaxing and pleasant environments during flights.

In some situations, patients require speedy transportation between medical or health care facilities when they use an ambulance service. Many of our aircraft can travel for four to five hours without requiring refueling. By minimizing stops along the route, we seek to provide patients with seamless medical travel. Air ambulance flights significantly reduce the amount of time a patient expends traveling. Our rapid transportation service enables sick and ailing individuals to reach their destinations sooner and with less stress than conventional road ambulance services could provide.

Choose an Affordable Commercial Medical Escort Option

In addition to our air ambulance service, we also offer an affordable and convenient commercial air transportation escort alternative for patients cleared to travel on commercial airline flights. This service ensures a medically trained companion accompanies a patient to their destination. Our experienced medical escorts offer valuable assistance navigating through crowded airline terminals and journeying to a medical facility.

Even individuals without severe health conditions sometimes find the process of long distance air travel confusing and physically tiring. Travelers may encounter unanticipated flight delays or schedule changes during their journey. We strive to make the process of commercial air travel easier and less stressful for those needing additional medical support when flying.

We supply medical supervision and companionship during commercial flights and while journeying through busy airport terminals and transportation hubs. We can only provide this assistance to patients who do not suffer from contagious conditions or combative behavioral problems (which might disrupt a commercial airline flight). Below are just some of the types of patients who may benefit from this assistance:

  • Infants or young children traveling to a new adoptive home;
  • Elderly or infirm individuals journeying long distances alone;
  • Patients with physical disabilities, such as blindness or deafness, required to travel to an unfamiliar location for the first time;
  • Patients visiting the Rio Rancho area from overseas in order to undergo elective surgeries, and more.

While some restrictions apply, this option offers an affordable alternative to air flight ambulance transport. Patients and their escorts fly together in first class cabins on commercial airliners. In many situations, this practical option represents the best choice for someone traveling into or out of the Rio Rancho area. Our Commercial Medical Escort service operates both domestically and internationally.

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If you or your loved one is in need of well-equipped air ambulance services when you travel between health care facilities, look no further than AirCARE1. We staff our flights with highly trained medical personnel who come with extensive experience. We provide caring, comfortable flight accommodations for individuals of all ages who suffer from all types of illnesses and injuries.

Reach us conveniently at 1-877-760-7760 (within the USA) or 505-242-7760 (for international service). We’ll gladly supply a free, no-obligation quote for our services. You can also click here to request a free quote online.

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