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A rapid, reliable air ambulance service assists people seeking medically monitored transportation. If you’ve searched for a private company capable of flying a patient to (or from) Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, you’ll appreciate learning more about AirCARE1. We strive to maintain the highest standards of medical care, comfort, and safety!

Our pilots and flight crews know the Puerto Vallarta area well. Our company fully complies with applicable licensure requirements to conduct air ambulance services throughout Mexico. We also fly to many other destinations in the Western Hemisphere, Europe, and Asia. We do not furnish emergency rescue flights; however, we do offer swift, dependable air ambulance transportation for patients seeking to travel to (or from) medical facilities and clinics within our service areas.

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Medical Air Transportation Services

Why do patients and their family members request help from AirCARE1? We maintain a magnificent fleet of Learjets staffed by experienced medical and flight crews. These aircraft transport people afflicted with many different types of health conditions, injuries, and ailments. Use our services to travel in safety and comfort to destinations within the Puerto Vallarta area. Or contact us to request transportation services from Puerto Vallarta to locations in the Western Hemisphere, Europe, or Asia.

Potentially, a wide array of situations prompt patients and their family members to request our assistance. One patient might seek our help obtaining comfortable transportation to a local rehabilitative care facility after undergoing treatment for an accidental injury or an illness at a hospital overseas. Another might require a swift means of traveling to a distant clinic offering urgent but elective surgery, such as an organ transplant. Yet a third patient may benefit from our assistance because a health condition requires the patient to fly only in an aircraft supplying available medical monitoring services.

Safety is Our Top Priority

Our company takes great pride in maintaining a sterling safety record. If you’ve searched for transportation for a loved one suffering from a medical condition, you’ll appreciate the measures we take to furnish safe air travel. We’ve invested in a fleet of very well engineered aircraft and also in ongoing pilot training. Pilots cannot work for our company unless they have already logged at least 3,000 hours of training; additionally, they must complete at least 40 hours of flight simulations annually. We assign two pilots to every flight.

Our medical flight crews engage in frequent drills to keep their skills current, too. We insist these employees meet both monthly and yearly continuing education requirements to ensure they know the most current methods of caring for patients during transit. Our dedication to furnishing outstanding patient care compels us to emphasize safety during day to day flight operations. When you select us as your air ambulance provider of choice, you’ll gain the assurance of knowing we prioritize your safety as our chief responsibility.

Dual Accreditation: A Rare Achievement

How can patients and their loved ones determine whether or not our company adheres to a high standard of care? If you’ve searched for an air ambulance service recently, you probably know the frequently steep costs associated with this type of travel. Yet simply charging a significant sum does not always guarantee a provider furnishes an excellent caliber of patient care. In order to make this determination, it usually makes sense to inquire about the accreditation status of a company offering medical services to the public. Just as a university usually maintains its accreditation status in order to reassure applicants about the high quality of its academic services, an air ambulance company may choose to invest resources in meeting the requirements of an accreditation body.

In this respect, AirCARE1 not only meets a rigorous accreditation standard, our company actually exceeds it. We have obtained accreditation from not just one, but two respected organizations: the U.S.-based Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (“CAMTS”) and the European-based European Aeromedical Institute (“Eurami”). By taking this step, we’ve committed our company to meeting the requirements promulgated by both of these accrediting organizations. For example, we undertake continuing education in order to satisfy the variable demands of both entities. This action on our part should give you confidence in our commitment to furnishing a robust level of patient care and safety!

Premier Learjet Aircraft

Perhaps you or a loved one harbors reservations about air travel? Although statistically far safer than journeying by auto, aircraft flights have long inspired anxiety in a certain percentage of the population. The thought of flying while afflicted with a health condition or a medical malady may create stress for some patients and their family members. This situation sometimes compounds existing worries about a health problem.

Today, the weight of medical knowledge supports alleviating patient stress whenever possible. The human body responds on a physiological level to profound emotional and psychological states. For example, intense fear, worry, and anxiety produce physical changes in blood flow and breathing, contrasting with the responses elicited by happiness and deep relaxation. In some cases, intense stress may actually damage a patient’s health. Consequently, our medical teams make every effort to assist patients in relaxing and enjoying a pleasant travel experience on AirCARE1 flights. We embrace holistic health technologies to further this goal.

Serving Patients With Diverse Medical & Health Issues

Can you obtain air ambulance services from AirCARE1 regardless of a patient’s health conditions or medical problems? In most cases, we possess the resources to supply skilled travel care. However, we do ask you to furnish specific information about a patient’s medical needs in advance so we can determine whether or not we offer the best option for you. Our well trained personnel and our extensive on board resources permit us to transport most patients safely.

Some examples of the types of patients we serve frequently include newborns and their mothers, seniors, children, and individuals with potentially life threatening health conditions, such as morbid obesity or severe anorexia. We represent an excellent choice for patients who cannot obtain medical clearance to fly aboard commercial aircraft, yet who need air ambulance services to reach specific destinations swiftly and comfortably.

State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment

One advantage patients enjoy by selecting AirCARE1 as an air ambulance provider relates to our investment in high quality medical equipment. We ensure every Learjet we utilize as an air ambulance contains basic supplies. For example, our company has purchased reliable ventilators, infusion pumps, and monitor screens. Just like a vehicle serving as an over-the-road ambulance, our aircraft contain essential tools to help our medical teams care for patients.

We’ve also taken steps to ensure our patients travel as comfortably as possible. For example, we utilize customized loading ramps. This equipment helps ensure easy access to (and from) our aircraft cabins. We transport patients on stretchers more safely and conveniently using this technology. We employ a “LifePort” care device to facilitate transfers so patients experience minimal discomfort during transit.

Smooth & Comfortable Flights

Finally, if you’ve considered requesting air ambulance services from AirCARE1, we’ve spared no expense in obtaining high quality aircraft for flights to and from Puerto Vallarta. We utilize a fleet of well-maintained Learjets, premium aircraft capable of flying on international flights at high altitudes of up to 43,000 feet and at speeds of up to 440 Knots. The sleek Learjet configuration supplies ample room in the cabin to accommodate crew members, patients, and necessary equipment.

Our use of a fleet of Learjets helps contribute to rapid, comfortable air travel. We depend extensively upon the Learjet 35A because it offers swift speeds and requires minimal refueling stops. When you contact us to request our assistance, we’ll assume responsibility for selecting the best route to reach your patient’s intended destination.

Commercial Medical Escort Options

Our company offers a highly cost-effective option which appeals to some patients who can travel safely via commercial aircraft, yet who may still require a level of personalized assistance in order to fly comfortably. Have you considered this excellent Commercial Medical Air Escort service? We’ll supply a medically trained companion to accompany a patient on commercial flights. Some restrictions apply. (Please consult with us for specific details if you’d like to request this service.)

Our travel escorts assist patients who may benefit from the presence of a responsible caretaker when navigating through the sometimes confusing landscape of commercial air travel hubs. For example, we can aid a wheelchair bound elderly patient in traveling along a route requiring several aircraft changes at different terminals. If a patient with a condition such as epilepsy or severe diabetes must travel aboard a commercial flight, the presence of a medically trained escort enhances the peace of mind of loved ones. We offer this affordable travel service for the convenience of patients traveling to (or from) Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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To learn more or request a free no obligation quote, call us now at 877-760-7760 or internationally at 505-242-7760. You may also request a quote online by clicking here to fill out our quote request form. We’ll discuss specific information concerning your patient’s medical requirements and provide you with a detailed quote for air ambulance or commercial medical escort services.

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