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Peoria, Arizona, part of the metropolitan Phoenix area, offers world-class cancer care from the Arizona based Mayo Clinic in addition to other excellent hospitals that can handle most medical emergencies. But what if you are vacationing in another state or are on a cruise and experience a serious illness or accident that requires you and your spouse to get back to Peoria for medical treatment?

Or perhaps you or a loved one are diagnosed with a rare brain tumor and the only two viable surgeons are located in Los Angeles and New York City. You need to seek medically assisted travel from Peoria to one of these two cities for treatment.

These are just two examples of how AirCARE1 helps people every day to seek the medical treatment they need. If you are in need of air ambulance services to or from Peoria, AirCARE1 is your trusted medevac partner offering a variety of services to accommodate all types of patients in all types of situations.

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About AirCARE1

AirCARE1 is a premier air ambulance service providing intensive care air transport throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Asia and Europe. AirCARE1 founder, Denise Waye, was a critical care nurse who became a flight nurse. While working for another Air Ambulance company as a flight nurse, Ms. Waye felt that the standards of patient care could be improved in the medevac industry. Ms. Waye decided to take matters into her own hands and founded AirCARE1. Her mission statement – dream big-work hard- and never quit! While that may sound simple, implementing that mission statement requires an ongoing commitment to excellence in every aspect of the business. Now with more than a decade of experience, AirCARE1 continues to elevate the standards of patient care with every flight.

Safety Always Comes First

AirCARE1 owns and operates its fleet of aircraft under a 135 Air Carrier certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. AirCARE1 is proud to maintain a perfect safety record having safely transported thousands of patients.

We utilize the Learjet 35A and 36A aircraft, known for their exceptional safety, having speed of over 500 miles per hours and the ability to fly at altitudes of over 40,000 feet which allows us to provide fast and comfortable medical transport during an often stressful time for the patient and their family members.

AirCARE1 utilizes two certified ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) pilots on every flight. Every pilot undergoes thorough annual flight training at one of the most respected flight schools in the United States. Additionally, pilots are trained in critical care so that they are able to work seamlessly with the medical staff onboard.

Dual Accreditation

AirCARE1 is certified by both CAMTS (Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems) and EURAMI (European Aeromedical Institute). Dual accreditation is a rarity in the air ambulance industry and is something we are very proud to maintain from these two leading accreditation organizations.

We are also a preferred provider for International Assistance Group (IAG). AirCARE1 is only the second medevac company to gain this status in the United States.

In-Flight Compassion with Holistic Care

The best equipment and training means nothing without providing compassionate care for our patients and their family members. AirCARE1 provides our medical teams with superior training while instilling compassionate care that includes a variety of holistic treatment methods.

Every employee at AirCARE1 recognizes that the situations which prompt the need for an air ambulance service are often stressful for both the patient and their family. This might be the first time that the patient or a family member has flown. Or it might be the first time that they have flown in a smaller jet aircraft. Regardless of the situation, our staff is ready to help you and your loved one.

AirCARE1’s air ambulance service is from bedside to bedside, including all ground transportation transfers. Our exclusive LifePort Patient Care System provides a 4-inch thick mattress for greater comfort and to help protect fragile patient’s skin. It also provides a monitor bracket so that monitoring equipment is securely attached during transfers and flight so that our patients are continuously monitored. We also provide an adjustable knee lift that prevents a patient from sliding down the stretcher during takeoff and landing.

AirCARE1 provides this custom-designed loading system to help eliminate the stress of loading and unloading patients onto the aircraft. Our loading system prevents tipping, wobbling and tilting of the stretcher as the patient is transferred.

Once our patients are onboard our aircraft, we offer holistic care treatments which include:

  • Noise-canceling Headsets
  • Therapeutic Music
  • Stress Relieving Hand Massages
  • Aromatherapy

We Transport All Types of Patients

AirCARE1 offers air ambulance service for all types of patients. From the tiniest newborn to young children to adults and elderly patients, our aircraft are fully equipped and ready to meet your emergency air transport needs.

Neonatal/Critically Ill Infants

Babies don’t always wait until they are full-term to be born. They might come early while you are visiting your parents or taking that last vacation. No matter what the circumstances, AirCARE1’s neonatal medical team can safely transport your baby to a large NICU unit that is equipped to care for the smallest newborn.

Our equipment for neonatal transport includes fully equipped medical level 3 neonatal intensive care unit, trained NICU nurses and a NICU incubator. Sophisticated equipment designed just for babies includes:

  • Neonate Isollete
  • Cross Vent 2i ventilator
  • Propaq monitor

The medical team includes neonatal physicians, NICU nurses and respiratory therapists who have additional training in the transport of premature infants and critical care/severely injured infants.

Pediatric Patients

Our highly-trained medical staff knows that children aren’t just “small adults.” For example, children are more prone to becoming chilled than adults due to their higher body surface compared to their small body volume. Our specially trained pediatric medical team monitors our pediatric patients for this potential problem as well as monitoring their higher metabolic rates that might result in minimum glycogen stores.

The AirCARE1 pediatric team is trained in the developmental stages for children of all ages so they can assess age-appropriate behavior. Many younger children may experience severe stranger anxiety. Occasionally, this may produce a highly-charged emotional situation that also involves a family member. We’re trained for these situations as well to ensure the safe transport of all types of children.

Bariatric/Obese Patients

There are some 3 million bariatric patients in the United States who are described as morbidly obese, i.e., they weigh over 100 pounds more than their ideal body weight. What happens if they have an accident and the nearest healthcare facility does not have the capabilities to actually take care of them?

Our Learjet aircraft’s cargo doors are 30 percent wider than other aircraft and can accommodate the wider girth of a bariatric patient. Our exclusive loading ramp system helps us load bariatric patients safely and without tipping, wobbling or tilting. Unless otherwise necessary, we load our bariatric patients headfirst using additional restraints to secure the patient.

Bariatric patients have special needs before and during air ambulance transport. To avoid the possibility of a fat emboli during flight, we provide our patients with 15 minutes of 100 percent pure oxygen before the flight. Our thicker mattress pads also help prevent skin injuries. We also offer pain medication or light sedation for patients who become anxious in smaller spaces.

Geriatric/Elderly Patients

Almost 45 million people in the U.S. are over 65. Today, our senior population remains active and many enjoy travel at their older age. But what happens if they become seriously ill while on vacation? What if they are involved in a serious accident? AirCARE1 offers air ambulance service specially tailored for older patients who may be physically weak, suffer heart problems or respiratory issues or suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

AirCARE1 employs specially trained medical teams to care for geriatric and elderly patients. We provide physical and emotional support for the patient’s traveling companion, who may also be frail. We have developed techniques to help fragile companions board our aircraft. Our medical teams help ease the stress of a medevac situation so that both patient and companion arrive safely with a anxiety levels at a minimum.

Geriatric patients also often require additional oxygen while flying at higher altitudes. Our team has cared for many patients who suffer from congestive heart failure, respiratory illnesses and dementia and/or Alzheimer’s. We pay attention to any skin issues that our geriatric patient may have and also administer fluids (via IV if necessary) to assure that our patients receive adequate hydration during transport.

World-Class Medical Equipment

AirCARE1 utilizes the latest and greatest monitoring equipment so that the medical team can effectively monitor the patient throughout transfer to and from the airport as well as while airborne. Our equipment includes:

  • Zoll Propaq MD Monitor
  • LTV 1200 Ventilator
  • Alaris Pumps

We also utilize our custom designed LifePort Patient Care System to assure a safe and comfortable transport. Our patient loading ramp was designed specifically to eliminate anxiety during loading/unloading and increase patient comfort.

Our monitoring equipment is the same equipment that is available at top-notch hospitals assuring your loved one a safe transport. We monitor the patient’s heart rate and rhythm, oxygen saturation and blood pressure to ensure the patient is stabilized throughout the flight.

Comfortable, Smooth Ride

With patient comfort also being a top priority at AirCARE1, we have outfitted our Learjet fleet with state of the art Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) systems. This allows us to fly at altitudes over 40,000 (equivalent to that of commercial jetliners) to provide a more comfortable and less turbulent ride. Our Captains and First Officers monitor cabin pressurization, temperature and flight profile to meet the patient’s specific medical need.

The extra steps that AirCARE1 takes assure that monitoring and administration of medicine are not interrupted during transfer from hospital to aircraft, throughout the flight and from aircraft to the destination hospital. We also carry PDA’s and laptops to provide accurate charting of the patient’s vital signs. No detail is overlooked in the care of your loved one.

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When the unthinkable happens to your loved one and they need air ambulance transport, call AirCARE1 at 1-877-760-7760 or click here to fill out our online quote form. AirCARE1 coordinates your insurance benefits and will let you know if your insurance will cover all or part of the cost. Our quotes are all-inclusive and do not include any hidden fees. Call our team of flight coordinators today to learn more about our medevac services in Peoria, Arizona.

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