Understanding the Pediatric Patient’s Needs

Transporting pediatric patients require a specialized team who understands that pediatric patients are not just “little adults” who can be treated in the same way as adult patients.

Caring for pediatric patients is unique not only due to physiological and anatomical differences, but also social and developmental influences. Pediatric patients have unique anatomical, physiological and developmental characteristics that can alter their evaluation and care.

Anatomical differences in the pediatric patient require an informed and knowledgeable flight crew. Some important differences include the knowledge that children have higher body surface area to body volume ratio than adults. This affects temperature regulation capabilities in younger children and they can lose body heat much more rapidly than adults. Children also have higher metabolic requirements with minimal glycogen stores. Therefore, children have less reserves and can decompensate rather quickly if not carefully monitored.

By understanding characteristics of the pediatric anatomy, the medical flight crew can ensure the flight environment is conducive for the transport of the pediatric patient.

AirCARE1’s pediatric teams are required to have superb assessment skills to notice subtle differences in the pediatric patient that might indicate the patient is decompensating.

Pediatric Patient Growth & Development

AirCARE1’s medical flight crews are trained on the growth and development of children from birth to early childhood in order to be able to assess for age-appropriate behavior. This allows the medical flight crew to tailor assessment and treatment to the pediatrics’ age group and developmental level.

The flight crew is adept at assessment techniques in which children may be experiencing severe stranger anxiety. The flight crew may also have to handle highly emotionally charged situations that involve family members as well.

AirCARE1 understands the unique challenges in transporting pediatric patients. Our highly specialized pediatric teams ensure our pediatric patients are transported safely and efficiently.

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