Patient Transport

Six Tips on How to Spot an Air Ambulance Broker

Choosing the services of air ambulance provider especially during a stressful time can be a daunting task. Thankfully, the advent of the internet with its powerful search engines has made this task much easier to ensure you are getting an air ambulance provider. Easy- right? Wrong!

Your search may lead you to an air ambulance broker who portrays themselves as an actual air ambulance operator with websites showing images of aircraft and making promises of [...]

AirCARE1 Transports 24 Week Old Baby Home to New York City

A baby born four prematurely in Albuquerque, New Mexico finally flies home to New York City by AirCARE1 International. You may also watch the 1st video on this subject which was featured on KOB Channel 4 News.

AirCARE1 International Featured on KOB Channel 4 News

Video of AirCARE1 featured on New Mexico’s KOB Channel 4 News for transporting a premature baby home.

Focusing On a Good Experience

I do a lot of traveling. Spending many hours in airports. Recently I was in the Toronto airport on my way home after a long week of business travel. Going through customs as well as security typically takes hours (Nexus-here I come). This demands going to the airport extra early in case there are any hiccups. After clearing customs and security, I had quite a few hours before my flight. Hungry and tired, I [...]

Air Medical Transport

The time it takes to access medical attention from the time an incident takes place, or the symptoms of an illness start can be critical in determining whether the person recovers or not. But getting to the hospital is not always as smooth as it ought to be what with certain areas being remote and inaccessible by road or the possibility of an ordinary ambulance encountering a heavy traffic jam on the way to [...]

Patient Transport: What You Need To Know

Patient transport provides quick, often life saving, transportation for the sick or injured. It is also referred to as an air ambulance. The services of an air ambulance are used in a variety of situations. It may be used when there is no roadway to get in and out of an area or accident scene. It is also used when a patient needs immediate transport since travel by air is much faster than taking [...]