AirCARE1™ maintains the highest standards for in-flight critical care available from any on-call air ambulance service in the United States.

Our priorities are:

  • Quality Patient Care
  • Safety
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Reliable Customer Service
  • Fair Price

Quality Patient Care – All AirCARE1™ long-range jet aircraft are fully equipped Airborne Critical Care Units. The patient travels on a custom designed LifePort patient care system that is equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring and therapeutic systems. Our highly qualified and experienced medical team continuously monitors the patient’s condition and takes any required action to assure their comfort and medical well being. The flight crew, medical team, equipment, procedures, supplies and medical data are fully integrated into an AirCARE1™ proprietary system to assure accurate, efficient and reliable enroute medical care. The in-flight medical personnel are equipped with PDA’s and laptop computers that assure fast access to comprehensive medical information and accurate charting of patient data. This proprietary combination of medically skilled personnel, on-board critical care equipment and access to essential data provides unprecedented peace of mind for the point of origin medical staff, the patient, the patients’ family and receiving hospital personnel.

Safety and Comfort at Jet Speed – AirCARE1™ assures a seamless transition of critical care patients between two distant points at jet speed in comfort and peace of mind. The Learjet Airborne Critical Care Unit provides an added margin of safety and comfort for the patient and their loved ones. All AirCARE1™ aircraft are equipped with state of the art Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) systems. This allows AirCARE1™ to fly at commercial airline altitudes to assure a smooth ride for the patient. Only a limited percentage of air ambulance jet aircraft in service after January 2005 will have this new and enhanced capability. The time and expense needed to get an RVSM rating is not required by industry standards, but lack of this capability will lengthen the flight, and reduce the patients comfort during flight. Captains and First Officers are fully qualified and experienced, and they receive recurrent training in accordance with FAA regulations. Cabin pressurization, temperature and flight profile are controlled to meet the patient’s medical needs. Every aspect of AirCARE1™ flight operations is focused on safety of flight and patient comfort.

Medical Risk Mitigation – The risk and associated legal liability of transporting critically ill patients over long distances is significantly reduced by the AirCARE1™ proprietary Airborne Critical Care Unit. The patient is transferred from their hospital bed to the AirCARE1™ LifePort patient care system where they will remain until they are placed in a bed at the destination medical facility. This significantly improves the patient’s comfort, preserves their energy, and adds to their feeling of well being. Required monitoring of patient condition and/or administration of medication is not interrupted by ground or air ambulance flight transportation procedures. Both the releasing and receiving hospitals are assured that the patient is receiving a cohesive flow of professional medical attention that can withstand legal scrutiny.

Reliable Customer Service – AirCARE1™ has written quality standards that we use to train and evaluate our staff members in customer service. Every one on our staff is empowered to make decisions to solve problems and resolve all issues the patient or anyone associated with the flight has with our service. The AirCARE1™ professional medical and flight personnel are your assurance of reliable customer service in every phase of patient transfer by air.

Fair Price – The price for the AirCARE1™ service is in line with the less comprehensive medical air services, and is designed to be the best value for the patient, the medical services provider, and the insurer.

This is the AirCARE1™ commitment to you. We look forward to providing you with unsurpassed air transport for your patients, clients, or loved ones. You have my personal assurance your air transport needs will be met with (1) the best medical care, (2) patient safety and comfort, (3) reliable customer service and (4) good value.

You may reach me at 877-760-7760.

Sincerely yours,
Denise K. Waye, RN, BSN