When you are choosing a medevac, or an air ambulance for someone in your family, it’s not an easy choice to make. Medevac is generally used in cases of great need and that means it is not something that many of us know a great deal about. Choosing is difficult because we don’t have anything to compare them to. To help you, this post will give you a brief check list of what you should be looking for.


  • When you are selecting an air ambulance service the one thing you will want to take into consideration is the type of aircraft that is involved. You’re looking for an aircraft that has a wide doorway, to eliminate problems with loading and unloading the patient, as well as one which will have a larger fuel capacity in order to minimize the need for stops to refuel.
  • It goes without saying that having the right equipment on board should be SOP, but you may be shocked by how many providers simply don’t. Making sure that the aircraft is uses strictly for medevac is important and that the equipment isn’t sidelined so that the aircraft can be used for other things.Many companies use their medevac craft for chartering at times when they do not have patients to transport. This kind of craft is probably best to avoid, since you want to assure that the materials that your family member or loved one needs are there on board, waiting for them.
  • Select a medevac service that employs two pilots at a time rather than just one. If something were to take place with one pilot, the results could be disastrous. Likewise, make sure that there are adequate medical staff on the aircraft and that they are well versed in in-flight medicine and medical procedures. Some wonderful medical personnel exist out there who simply don’t know enough about how to practice medicine in the air. Make sure that the staff on the medevac that you use are well versed in flight medicine and know exactly what to do about any emergency that might arise.


  • Look for med-evac companies that will permit you to take a travel companion with your family member. When there is a medical emergency that requires you to be airlifted, it’s going to be much less stressful for the patient as well as immediate family members if at least one person can fly with them. Find out up front how much they charge to take extra passengers. Some air ambulance services do not charge for an additional person and this is a service that is literally priceless.In fact, there are even those companies which encourage and permit the passenger to bring along small caged pets if there is a need for it. Make sure that you check out the company policy about animals and travel companions if you think that it will help to alleviate the stress of the patient.
  • The best provider of medevac or air ambulance services will offer you bed to bed service. They land their patient, the medical personnel travels with them to the hospital and offers a report to the receiving facility. In this way the patient is assured a smooth transition to the new care provider and continuity of care is assured for the patient.

Every medevac company is unique and each offers different types of services. It is important that the patient is at ease with the personnel as well as the services they will be receiving, but it is also important that the family is too. Take a good look at the qualifications and services of each medevac company prior to settling on one to transport you or your loved ones.