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The world of air medical travel can be overwhelming and exhausting if it is your first time in need of an air ambulance. On top of dealing with accident, illness, and/or injury, patients and their families often find themselves in situations where ground transportation is not the most viable option. In times of emergency, AirCARE1 International is only a phone call away and we are here to make this an easy process. Offering air ambulance transport service to and from Los Angeles, both domestically and abroad, AirCARE1 is a proven leader in the medevac industry. When illness or injury strikes, our dedicated customer service team will promptly coordinate all of the necessary aspects and details of your trip, in addition to providing you with a free no obligation estimate. Our mission is to transport you or your loved ones safely and with quickness, efficiency, and comfort.

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Our Story and Mission

AirCARE1 International was founded on a vision: a vision of a superior standard of care in the medical aviation industry. AirCARE1 founder, Denise Waye, was working as a critical care nurse before joining a team of aviation medical personnel. Identifying significant gaps in the quality of care and provisions of service, she decided to dream big- a motto that has stuck with the company ever sense. She dreamed of combining her two passions: providing unparalleled health care and taking to the skies. Her mission, which the company continues to uphold, is to “do what is right for our patient at all times as we transport them with exceptional care equal to or better than the best premiere medical facility.” From rigorous hiring practices to continual training, AirCARE1 continues to be the industry standard for success.

Our Commitment to Safety

AirCARE1 International values safety as the highest priority. To ensure the safety of all patients, family members, medical staff, and flight crew, employees first undergo stringent layers of recruiting and hiring. Upon being asked to join the team, members undergo a plethora of training specific to treating patients in an air ambulance. Such courses include flight physiology, fatigue factors, stressors that can occur in flight, aircraft orientation and training, and air medical resource management, to name just a few. Once passing all of the necessary aviation team requirements, medical staff become full members of the AirCARE1 team, attending regular trainings focused on specific medical emergencies, ranging from pulmonary and respiratory diseases and conditions to neurological and pharmacological episodes and potential reactions. AirCARE1’s focus on continual training and providing educational opportunities to our staff demonstrate our commitment to developing our employees’ abilities to the highest level, enabling and empowering them to provide the highest degree of care and safety to all patients.

Dual Accreditation

Unlike many other air ambulance companies, AirCARE1 International has the honor of being dually accredited, by both CAMTS and EURAMI. A rarity in the air ambulance and medical transport industry, our commitment to making our patient’s as trusting, confident, and comfortable as possible shines through. We go above and beyond, cutting no corners in our pursuit of delivering the best in service.

Our Focus on Holistic Care

Also unique to our company is our holistic approaches to the care environment. Having the best equipment and well-trained, passionate staff is only part of the overall in-flight experience with AirCARE1. We also provide patients with noise cancelling headphones, serene, relaxing music, hand massages, and aromatherapy in order to reduce stress and maintain a healthy, calming environment. Feeling slightly more comfortable and taken care of goes a long way with a patient and his/her family who have experienced a crisis.

Our Commitment to Catering to All Types of Patients

Not all patients are the same, nor are their needs. This is particularly true for several more vulnerable groups in the population. AirCARE1 staff are extensively trained in dealing with ailments, injuries, and illnesses across the age and body type spectrums.

Each of the Learjet aircraft in our fleet is stocked with medical supplies and equipment specifically made to support neonates, such as an NICU incubator, three neonatal intensive care units, and, of course, a team of NICU nurses. When young ones are in distress, our compassionate and experienced crew know what to consider when treating them and their mothers.

This also applies to our pediatric patients. All AirCARE1 staff are trained and educated in typical child growth and development matters, allowing them to tailor their treatment approaches, methods, and interventions appropriately to children. A caring heart and a kind smile go a long way with all patients, but it is particularly important to comfort frightened children.

Of course, special care is not limited to the young. Our staff are also specially trained in treating bariatric patients. Our planes have been custom-designed to feature a wider door, extra-supported ramps, and other equipment to ease the transference of a bariatric patient during loading and unloading, significantly reducing shaking, bumps, and tilting. Our interiors also feature special monitors designed to monitor conditions that typically present in obese bodies.

AirCARE1 crew and staff also make special accommodations for geriatric patients, who often have a variety of co-existing conditions.. Additionally, we provide support and recognize signs of psychological fatigue and are trained in intervening in these situations. Carers and family members are allowed and encouraged to travel with geriatric patients, as their presence often provides the extra, needed comfort and reassurance of a familiar face.

State of Our Medical Equipment

In order to provide service and treatment on par with the best hospitals, all of our Learjets are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment. Our aircraft are inspected and serviced regularly, as are all transport vehicles and interior equipment. Our aircraft are designed as certified Airborne Critical Care Units. Furthermore, AirCARE1 International is the only air ambulance company in the industry whose jets are equipped with a 4-inch mattress pad (2 inch is standard), a monitor bracket attached to the stretchers, and an adjustable knee lift.

Our crew also utilize the most sophisticated medical equipment available on the market, enabling them to treat almost any patient condition in the airborne intensive care units. Our exclusive LifePort patient care system ensures that patients will remain comfortable and safe while being transferred and transported. This system guarantees a smoother and safer ride, enabling each patient to conserve his/her energy and strength. Each of the monitors used in our aircraft allow for continuous tracking, communication with the destination hospital, and more reliable information for the next doctors and nurses who see the patient. In addition to the neonatal-specific equipment and monitoring systems, AirCARE1 also utilizes Zoll Propaq MD monitors, LTV 1200Ventilators, and Alaris pumps for our adult patients.

Enhanced Comfort & Smoother Ride

Our air ambulances exude comfort, making the transfer of critical care patients as seamless as possible. We do this utilizing our fleet of Learjets. Compared to the other industry standard aircraft lines, our Learjets are considered to be one of the most efficient for long range air transport journeys. Efficient, safe, and with a focus on comfort, our fleet of aircraft are less noisy than many other brands in the industry, in addition to boasting a high safety record. Flights traveling more than 500 nautical miles should always be undertaken in a jet, as they are able to fly at greater speeds and higher altitudes, creating a smoother ride experience. Jets also require less stops to refuel, which is crucial for an air ambulance service as it allows critical care patients to be transported to their destinations faster and without continuous ascents and descents. Our flight team will be able to discuss what type of aircraft the patient and his/her family will be flown in and answer any questions that they may have pertaining to the transition and flight.

Our Learjet aircraft are not only known for their safety and efficiency records: they also provide the optimal level of comfort inside. These aircraft are equipped with comfortable seating and other amenities to make the flight more enjoyable for patients and their families. These aircraft are also capable of flying at higher altitudes than most in the industry, allowing them to escape excessive turbulence, provide a smoother ride in general, and continue to fly in even the most adverse weather conditions.

Commercial Medical Escort Service

We offer a Commercial Medical Escort service as an option for patients who may not require an air ambulance and are able to travel on a commercial flight with medical assistance. In order to use this service, patients must be cleared by a doctor as non-contagious and in a non-critical situation. Once cleared, our customer service team works to arrange all of the patient’s transport needs, from booking worldwide flights and ground transportation to ensuring that continuous care and special needs are taken care of. Travel arrangements can also be made for family members or those traveling with the patient.

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At AirCARE1 International, we recognize how trying medical emergencies can be for patients and their families. We promise to provide the best, most cost-effective services to all patients and families in need and to go the extra mile to ensure the safest, most comfortable journey to their next destination. To get your free, no-obligation quote to or from Los Angeles, visit our quote page or call us at 1-877-760-7760 or internationally at 1-505-242-7760. Our customer care team is ready and waiting to assist you with any and all questions or concerns you may have.

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