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While people often flock to Las Vegas to experience a fun-filled vacation, that doesn’t make them immune to unexpected illness or injury. In an emergency situation, finding reliable hospital transport service in a timely manner is of the highest importance, especially when roads are not a viable option. When sickness or injury forces you to look toward the sky, look no further than AirCARE1 International, the most experienced team in air ambulance services. Whether your emergency requires transport to or from Las Vegas, Nevada, AirCARE1 has you covered, both domestically and abroad.

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The AirCARE1 Story

AirCARE1 has been the industry standard in medical aviation services since its founding. While working as a flight nurse, Denise Waye began to notice the significant gaps in the safety, training, and medical care practices being provided in the industry. After a previous employer knocked down her observations and challenged her to fix the problems by starting her own company, Ms. Waye took a courageous leap and did just that. Combining expertise in both the aviation and medical fields, Ms. Waye set out with the goal of providing unparalleled medical transport to all patients in need. She told herself to work hard, dream big, and never quit—a motto that has led to the tremendous success of AirCARE1 International. Today, the company operates an entire fleet of air ambulance aircraft out of two bases, under the supervision of diligently trained and compassionate pilots, medical personnel, and customer service providers, and holds the honor of being the preferred provider of many medical insurance and travel assistance companies. When emergency strikes, AirCARE1 is there.

Our Commitment to Safety

At AirCARE1 international, safety is our highest priority, from pick-up and take-off to delivering the patient to his/her final destination. In order to maintain the highest standards for in-flight critical care, we rigorously train our employees to be dedicated to the following priorities:

  • Quality patient care
  • Safety
  • Risk mitigation
  • Reliable customer service
  • Fair price

Our commitment to all patients is to provide the best medical care, focus on patient safety and comfort, provide honest and reliable customer service from the moment you request a quote, and offer and deliver the best value in the industry. Providing this degree of patient-centered service requires hiring the right people, utilizing the most relevant training, and having the best equipment on the market. In addition to hiring only the best in the industry and using the latest medical equipment and in-flight medical systems, AirCARE1 requires ongoing training for all employees.

In addition to ongoing medical crew training upon hire, our staff members undergo monthly training workshops and seminars in order to strengthen their confidence and competency in dealing with any patient condition. After passing through the stringent hiring process, all medical staff, regardless of prior experience, must complete a rigorous initial training schedule. This includes training on patient assessment methods, loading and unloading procedures, flight physiology, potential stressors encountered in flight, air medical resource management, survival training, and other skill labs specific to providing critical care while in the air. Once becoming a regular member of the flight crew, staff members attend monthly trainings focused on particular areas of medical care—including respiratory, heart, and blood related emergencies, neurological accidents, pharmacology and proper distribution of critical care medicine, and physiological and anatomical assessments.

Our medical staff members come from various backgrounds, from critical care nurses and paramedics to respiratory therapists and physicians. No matter where they come from, our top criteria is to hire the most caring and compassionate providers that we can find. Combining their extensive experience creates superior team dynamics, allowing our staff to use the critical thinking skills necessary in complex medical situations. The specialized teams operate under the direction of our Medical Director, who oversees all aspects of patient transport in addition to ensuring quality assurance with each air ambulance flight.

We Are Dually Accredited

In addition to training our medical staff to be as effective and prepared as possible, we have taken the extra step of being dually accredited in order to demonstrate our commitment to providing excellent care to our patients. AirCARE1 International has received both the CAMTS and EURAMI air ambulance accreditations—quite a rarity in the industry. When it comes to our patients, we aim to make you as comfortable in your decision to use our services.

Our Focus on Holistic Care

We recognize that medical emergencies cause stress and discomfort for both our patients and anyone who may be accompanying them on their transport flight. That’s why we extend the reach of our medical services to include holistic methods designed to help reduce the stress of the patient. A unique approach in the air ambulance and medevac industry, our team provide noise-cancelling headsets, therapeutic music, aromatherapy, and hand massages to our patients on-board. These holistic treatment methods help keep both patient and family members calm and relaxed during the flight.

Catering to All Types of Patients

AirCARE1 is proud to be qualified and equipped to provide service to a wide range of patients. For mothers and newborns, our well-trained staff can provide the best care during an incredibly stressful and unsettling time. Our neonates are able to be efficiently and meticulously monitored through our neonatal-specific equipment, including the Neonante Isollete, Cross Vent 2i Ventilator, and Medfusion pumps. Staff also undergo training specific to treating pediatrics, learning about developmental stages and cues necessary to implement the most age- and size-appropriate medical interventions necessary. AirCARE1 has taken steps to ensure the comfort and proper treatment of bariatric patients, who come with particular potential risks and transport needs. We employ the same rigorous attention to detail with our geriatric patients, understanding that medical emergencies may be particularly daunting for the elderly and their families. No matter the age or condition presented, our medical staff and flight crew are dedicated to providing the most individually-tailored care and service possible to all patients.

State of the Medical Equipment

As stated above, AirCARE1 International relies on only the best in medical equipment used on our aircraft. This commitment to the best equipment and systems further enables our staff to provide the same advanced level of care that you would receive in a hospital. Each Learjet aircraft is fully equipped with the state-of-the-art LifePort patient care system, which includes monitoring as well as therapeutic elements. We also utilize the Zoll Propaq MD monitor, LTV 1200Ventilator, and Alaris pumps in order to monitor even the most fragile patients. Our proprietary systems enable our medical staff to provide the most accurate, efficient, and reliable care while en-route to the hospital. All staff are equipped with PDAs and laptops, ensuring that they have access to relevant medical information as well as being capable of charting the patient’s in-flight symptoms and data. This eases the worries of patients and their families and provides the necessary information for receiving hospital personnel to take over safely and efficiently upon landing.

Comfortable & Smooth Aircraft

AirCARE1 International also seeks to enhance your comfort by providing the smoothest loading, unloading, and flight possible. Our fleet is made up of Learjets, the leader in medical transport aircraft. These aircraft have the reputation of being one of the most efficient and luxurious models on the market, allowing our teams to treat patients in comfort and style. Learjets are designed to be capable of flying at higher altitudes, reducing turbulence while overcoming harsh weather conditions. Each aircraft in our entire fleet of Learjets has been customized to fit the needs of an air ambulance to ensure that you can be as comfortable as possible. The loading ramps used by AirCARE1 crew are customized to prevent tipping, tilting, and wobbling during loading and unloading, and the cargo doors of each aircraft are more than 30% wider than most in the industry. We are the only air ambulance company whose jets go beyond the industry standard two-inch mattress pad and instead use a four-inch pad. All stretchers include an attached monitor bracket as well as an adjustable knee lift. Once inside the aircraft, patients will be surrounded by only first-class interiors, ensuring a more comfortable journey for everyone on board. With ample amenities, attention to pristine cleanliness, and a constantly positive and reassuring environment, you will be able to have your mind kept at ease throughout your journey, whether long or short.

Commercial Medical Escort Program

In some situations, a Air Ambulance may not be the most optimal or cost-efficient way to transport a patient. For these cases, AirCARE1 International has developed a special service division called AirCARE1’s Commercial Medical Escorts. Our medical escorts provide an alternative for those patients with non-critical conditions by booking worldwide flights for those patients, making arrangements to accommodate special needs, and providing continuous care throughout the transport.

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At AirCARE1 International, we recognize the stress, fear, and exhaustion that is associated with experiencing a critical medical emergency. We vow to always put the needs of our patients first and provide the ultimate level of customer service from the moment you reach out to us. To get your free, no-obligation quote or to learn more about the specific services we offer, please call our customer service line at US: 1-877-760-7760 or International: 1-505-242-7760 today.

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