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Medical emergencies can be tough on both patients and their families. While many aspects of getting medical attention are stressful and sometimes out of your control, transportation to a hospital should not be a stressor. When accidents occur in remote areas, roads are inaccessible, or time is of the essence, patients must turn to the air. Finding emergency medical service can be extremely daunting, and this is especially true when air transfer is required. AirCARE1 is an internationally renowned medical transport service that can provide on-call, long-range transfer to and from the Las Cruces, New Mexico area from both national and international locations. With our state-of-the-art equipment, veteran staff, and commitment to excellence, we can promise to not only get you to your destination faster and safer: we can also allow you to be more comfortable in the process. AirCARE1 is run by dedicated medical and aviation specialists who are committed to providing exceptional service when you need it most.

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About AirCARE1

AirCARE1 sprouted from a love of flying combined with a passion for providing the best patient care services. As an experienced critical care nurse and a flight enthusiast, Denise Waye recognized a significant gap in the air care industry and brought her concerns to her employers. After being told that she could run things the way she wanted when she owned her own company, she was inspired to take action and do just that. Her enthusiasm and drive allowed her to start AirCARE1, where she worked hard to build a company that was dedicated to providing honest and safe care to her patients and their family members. Today, AirCARE1 owns and operates an entire fleet of air ambulance aircraft from two bases and is the most trusted provider of many insurance and travel assistance companies. She and her staff continue to live their mission: “Do what is right for your patient at all times as we transport them with exceptional care equal to or better than the best premier medical facility.”

Our Commitment to Safety

Our pilots and crew provide transport services in a variety of settings, safely transferring critical care patients between a pick-up point and the hospital that they need. We maintain the highest standards for in-flight medical stabilization and treatment, always prioritizing patient comfort, safety, and care. Coupled with our commitment to risk mitigation (made possible by our Airborne Critical Care Unit) as well as offering a fair, competitive price, AirCARE1 is the name-brand in patient service and satisfaction. All staff are trained in and evaluated by our written quality standards, giving them the knowledge and tools to make decisions, solve problems, and resolve any and all issues that patients and their families may face while utilizing our services. Starting from the moment you call our customer service line, throughout the journey, and until the safe arrival at your destination, AirCARE1 guarantees an unsurpassed level of attention to reliable customer service, patient safety and comfort, and top medical care through every phase of your journey.

Providing exceptional care requires a commitment to patient safety—something we don’t take lightly at AirCARE1. We fulfill our mission of doing what is right for the patient at all times by holding the highest standards in our hiring, training, and equipment maintenance practices. Both our medical and flight teams require ongoing training in order to provide quality assurance in all scenarios. AirCARE1 Captains and First Officers are rigorously vetted and trained. Fully qualified and with a full resume of experience, they undergo recurrent training in accordance with FAA regulations. Medical applicants must pass a stringent hiring process, demonstrating their experience in the critical care arena to our Medical Director, who has over 20 years of emergency room experience, along with private pilot training and experience. Employing only the most experienced staff allows our teams to be built with superior critical thinking skills, applying their diverse knowledge to even the most complex patient emergencies. Their years of experience also make our medical team the very best in providing respectful, compassionate care to all patients.

Dual Accreditation

We are proud to demonstrate our commitment to providing the highest standard of service through earning dual accreditation with both the CAMTS and EURAMI air ambulance bodies. This is a rarity in the industry, showing that we go above and beyond in the quest to serve our patients and their families. Additionally, we are honored to have been one of only two United States medevac providers named a preferred provider for the International Assistance Group (IAG).

Our Focus on Holistic Care

We also stand apart from our competitors in our focus on holistic care methods. In order to make our patients and their families as comfortable as possible during this inherently stressful time, our team provides hand massages, aromatherapy, therapeutic music, and noise cancelling headphones. These seemingly minor additions to our service provide that extra level of attention necessary to give patients and their families the peace of mind that they need during the flight. Please call and speak to our staff if you require any particular aesthetics to make your trip more comfortable.

Employee Training

Made up of neonatal and critical care nurses, respiratory therapists, paramedics, and other medical specialists, the in-flight team is versatile and competent in treating a wide range of ailments and conditions, from injuries and psychological disorders to congestive heart failure and hypoxia. They are initially trained in patient loading and unloading, flight physiology, common flight stressors, patient assessment, aircraft orientation and safety, in-flight emergencies, and resource management. However, they are also constantly continuing their education to better serve a broader community. We require specialized medical training in respiratory and neurological issues and emergencies, infection control, ventilator management, burn management, and blood and heart complications, to name just a few.

Catering to All Types of Patients

Our well-seasoned, specialized staff are experienced in caring for a variety of populations, recognizing that many people will have special needs requiring specific intervention and care. Our Learjets are equipped with sophisticated medical equipment on par with level three neonatal intensive care units, providing the safest neonatal transport care for even the most fragile of infants and their parents. The cabin environment can also be altered to accommodate pediatric, bariatric, and geriatric care needs.

AirCARE1 recognizes the importance of providing the most appropriate team to fit a set of circumstances. Our medical flight crews are trained in techniques and strategies to suit the growth and development of children from birth to adulthood, making them capable of tailoring their treatments and assessment to fit the needs of pediatric patients. The same is relevant for bariatric patients who have unique transport, treatment, and monitoring needs. Our aircraft are also built to accommodate obese patients, with specialized loading ramps and stretchers designed to ensure safe, optimal transfer. Elderly patients also come with particular needs, and our crew is trained and capable of meeting these both from a physical and psychological standpoint. AirCARE1 also allows family members to travel with you, recognizing this as a necessity for you to feel safe and secure throughout the flight.

Our Medical Equipment

Combined with our knowledgeable medical staff, we have put every effort into delivering care using the best systems and equipment in the industry. Each of our air ambulances is equipped with stretchers, CPR equipment, ventilators, various medications, and monitoring units that enable our emergency staff to stabilize the patient while transporting him or her to a treatment center. Maintaining our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to continuously and meticulously monitor and treat almost any condition while airborne. Our exclusive Lifeport Patient Care System allows you to be transferred from your in-flight bed to a bed at your destination smoothly and seamlessly, allowing you to preserve your strength and energy with as much comfort as possible. We are the only air ambulance company whose jets are equipped with a four-inch mattress pad, a monitor bracket attached to the stretcher, and an adjustable knee lift. All of our Learjets have been modified and customized to suit the needs of an air ambulance, further guaranteeing your optimal comfort and care. Our custom ramp enables optimal loading and unloading processes, and our cargo door is more than 30% wider than the industry average, further making the loading process as easy as possible. We aim to provide the same level of care and relief as you would expect in a hospital: free of tipping, tilting, and wobbling.

Our Fleet

Our commitment to care does not end with medical treatment. Our fleet is composed of the industry-leading Learjet 35As and 36As, two of the most efficient, quiet, and luxurious aircrafts on the market. Capable of flying at higher altitudes, these Learjets can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions and allow for reduced turbulence and an overall smoother flight experience. At AirCARE1, we use only first-class interiors to make the journey comfortable for everyone on board, creating the most relaxed and positive environment possible through amenities, cleanliness, and entertainment options to keep your mind at ease throughout the journey.

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AirCARE1 is dedicated to providing exemplary service to all those in need in Las Cruces and internationally. We recognize the ease that receiving concrete, detailed information and services provides to our patients and their loved ones during medical emergencies, and we are forever committed to providing you with the most customized care possible. To receive your free, no-obligation quote or learn more, call US: 1-877-760-7760 or International: 505-242-7760 today, or visit our quote page to request a quote.

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