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Are you a resident or visitor to the Lake Havasu area in need of medical air transportation? AirCARE1 offers a wide range of air ambulance services in and around Lake Havasu, Arizona. We provide residents and visitors in the area with the ability to receive top notch medical care as we transport patients seeking medical treatment in another state or even internationally. Our air ambulance service provides the highest level of car available as we strive to ensure that each and every one of our patients is well taken care of during transportation to the receiving medical facility.

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About AirCARE1

At AirCARE1, we offer comprehensive air ambulance services with our own fleet of Learjets that allows you or someone close to you to arrive at a hospital quickly in the event that immediate treatment is essential. We believe that these services are particularly useful for anyone who needs to travel a long distance to get to a specific hospital that offers specialized care. When serious injury or illness strikes, time can make all the difference. You can count on AirCARE1 to get you or your loved one quickly and safely to your final destination.

AirCARE1 has been in service for over a decade and strives to always provide exceptional patient care not only during the flight itself, but from bedside to bedside. High levels of standards for patient care are often overlooked in the air ambulance industry. We do things differently at AirCARE1 as we combine traditional medical treatments with holistic care treatments that focus on the overall well being of the patient.

We are equipped to transport a wide variety of different types of patients extending from neonates and pediatrics to adults and geriatrics. All of our aircraft are outfitted with ICU equipment in order to ensure that any intensive care needs are met with our patients. If you are located in the Lake Havasu, Arizona area and require air ambulance services, don’t hesitate to contact us at AirCARE1, to learn more about how we can help.

Our Commitment to Safety

When we transport a patient from one medical facility to another, our primary goal is to ensure the patient’s complete safety throughout the flight. Hand-in-hand with our commitment to safety, we also maintain a commitment to training. All AirCARE1 employees are required to complete ongoing training in order to make sure that their knowledge and skills are always polished. We aim to provide each of our patients with comfort and a peace of mind during the flight.

Our aircraft are outfitted with a Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum system, which allows us to fly at altitudes typically only available to commercial airlines for a smoother and more comfortable flight. The Airborne Critical Care Units that we use within each of our aircraft are designed to improve the comfort and well being of any patient that we transport while also mitigating the risks that are generally associated with long distance transport of patients who are critically ill.

The condition of the patient will be continuously monitored by our highly experienced and well trained staff throughout the flight. If any change occurs in the overall health of the patient during transport, our staff have the capabilities and equipment necessary to take immediate action necessary to ensure the safety of the patient. Each member of our in-flight medical team is outfitted with laptops and PDA’s that allow for quick access of the medical history and charts that are related to the patient on-board. It is through these and many other steps that we take during each of our flights that highlights our commitment to safety for our patients.

Dual Accreditation

An aspect of AirCARE1 that we are very proud of is the fact that we have received and continue to maintain dual accreditation. This is a rare achievement within the air ambulance industry and helps to further highlight our commitment to providing excellent care for each of our patients. This dual accreditation is difficult to achieve and has been awarded by two leading organizations in the air ambulance industry, EURAMI and CAMTS. Both of these reputable accrediting bodies have exceedingly high standards for any air ambulance provider that wishes to receive their stamp of approval.

We have always believed that it’s essential to have this dual accreditation in order to make sure that every prospective and current patient of ours is wholly confident about the service that we provide. We understand how stressful medical transportation can be which is why we want you to have as little stress as possible when making the decision on which air ambulance provider to use. AirCARE1 continues to raise the bar when it comes to setting the highest level of standards for patient care. You can be confident in your choice of AirCARE1 for all of your medevac needs.

Our Focus on Holistic Care

One of the more unique facets of our company here at AirCARE1 is that we incorporate holistic care during the patient’s flight from one destination to another. Our goal is not simply to get our patients from point a to point b. Instead, it’s our aim to provide our patients with the highest level of care throughout the flight so that they are comfortable and relaxed, no matter what illness or injury they may be going through. Some of the primary methods of holistic care that we utilize includes noise-cancelling headphones with therapeutic music, aromatherapy, and even hand massages as a means of helping to reduce stress levels throughout the flight.

The noise-canceling headphones will keep all noises of the flight from reaching the patient’s ears, while the hand massages and aromatherapy are designed to relax their body and mind. We want to make sure that all of the patient’s needs are taken care of during the flight so that they are relaxed and ready to face any continued treatment that may be ahead of them.

Catering to All Types of Patients

Here at AirCARE1, we cater to all types of patients in the Lake Havasu area. Enabling us to cater to so many different types of patients with our air ambulance services, we have a wide range of equipment on-board that helps us assist different types of patients and conditions throughout the flight.

If you recently just had a baby that is in critical care or in need of transport to a different medical facility via a NICU, our Learjets can accommodate this requirement with a level 3 NICU as well as an incubator onboard. Our air ambulance services are also available for children, adults, elderly patients, and obese patients with specialized equipment on board to care for any of these types of patients.

No matter what type of patient is in need of medevac services, you can be confident that your transport to a hospital will be a comfortable and pleasant one, whether the destination is located in another state or another country.

State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment

Along with the holistic care that we provide to each patient throughout their flight, we also equip each of our aircraft with state-of-the-art medical equipment that helps to provide the same level of care that one would receive when in a hospital. This allows us to ensure a smooth transition from our air ambulance to the hospital that we are transporting the patient to.

The equipment that we have on-board allows us to constantly monitor each of our patients to ensure that any problem that might arise during the flight is dealt with instantly. The same level of care is provided to each type of patient that requests our services, whether an infant or geriatric patient. This is achieved by including equipment as well as medical staff that’s catered specifically to the care of each individual patient.

When you request our services, you or your loved one will be transferred directly in our LifePort Patient Care System, where you will stay throughout the entirety of the flight. This system provides you with a wide array of features that are designed to keep you comfortable, including:

  • An adjustable knee lift for additional comfort
  • A premium monitor bracket that keeps the patient monitoring equipment secure on the stretcher
  • A thicker 4-inch mattress pad which is twice as thick as the mattress pads used by most other air ambulance companies

The monitoring equipment that we use can be separated into two categories and includes both equipment for infants and equipment for adults. Our neonate patient monitoring equipment includes a Cross Vent 2i Ventilator, a Neonate Isollete, and Medfusion pumps. Our adult patient monitoring equipment extends to a LTV1200 Ventilator, Alaris Pumps, and a Zoll Propaq MD monitor.

Enhanced Comfort & Smoother Ride

When you request our air ambulance service to or from Lake Havasu, you can expect to be provided with enhanced comfort and a smoother ride throughout your flight. Our Learjets consist entirely of first class interiors that are designed with patient comfort in mind, which is displayed by the fact that each of our aircraft are equipped with RVSM, or Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum, systems. The inclusion of these systems allows our aircraft to fly at higher altitudes that are typically reserved for commercial airlines, which helps to reduce turbulence and provide you with a smoother ride. For patients on longer flights, in-flight movies are also provided to assist with relaxation.

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If you or a loved one is in need of rapid response medevac service that will get you to a hospital of your choosing in a quick and comfortable manner, we at AirCARE1 want to be your first choice. Call us today at 1.877.760.7760 or click to our quote page for a free, no obligation quote.

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