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AirCARE1 offers world-class air ambulance and medevac services to those individuals needing medical transportation into our out of the Houston, Texas region. Whether you have become injured or fallen ill in Houston and need to be transported home or you need to be transported to a medical facility in Houston, AirCARE1 is here to help. When it comes to safe and compassionate medical air transportation, no one does it better than AirCARE1.

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About AirCARE1

AirCARE1 began with the heartfelt desires of flight nurse Denise Waye to improve upon the patient transportation procedures of the air ambulance company she originally worked for. Denise spotted many safety lapses and quality care deficiencies that struck her as opportunities for improvement. She found it impossible to compel her previous employer into following her suggestions and was forced to transform her lifelong skills in nursing into a broader level of care by forming her own air ambulance company which ultimately became AirCARE1. Today, Denise’s fleet of Learjets provide world-class air ambulance services from two bases and under its very own FAA Air Carrier certificate.

Our Commitment to Safety

Each of our AirCARE1 Learjets are equipped with an Airborne Critical Care Unit known as the LifePort Patient Care System. This custom designed patient care system allows our experienced medical team to provide the best critical care in flight. The organization of our medical equipment into a seamless unified system ensures that our team has everything necessary for patient care within arm’s reach.

Our team has engineered a few additional features to increase the safety and comfort level of our patients. By modifying our Learjets we are able to hug patients into place on 4-inch thick mattress pads; double the thickness of the industry standard pad. We have developed an adjustable knee lift to securely hold patients in place during takeoffs and landings. We have also developed stretchers that incorporate the monitoring equipment directly into the stretcher. This way, the nurse can continue monitoring the critical health of the patient even during the loading and unloading process.

AirCARE1 is among the best in safely loading and unloading our patients due to a variety of customized equipment and processes we have in place. We use a mechanical loading and unloading system that takes the variable dangers out of moving patients; patients would otherwise tend to slide and tip with conventional loading procedures. Our entry port is thirty percent wider to accommodate allow for a safer loading and unloading process. These seemingly small steps help ensure maximum safety and comfort for our patients.

Dual Accreditation

AirCARE1 has proven its ability to provide an exceptional level of air ambulance care by earning accreditation from the two leading organizations in the medical air transportation industry. Receiving both the CAMTS and EURAMI air ambulance accreditations is a rarity in this industry. When the experts from these two organizations determine that an air ambulance service has met the high standards required for their independent accreditations, patients and family members alike can be assured they will receive only the highest quality of care.

Our Focus on Holistic Care

Having to undergo life-saving medical procedures can be unnerving. We have developed holistic care methods that look at more than just the vital signs of the patient. Holistic care considers the totality of the mind, body, soul, and spirit. Using noise-canceling headphones, aromatherapy, and comforting hand massages reduces the stress associated with emergency care. Our nurses are trained to give our patients the personal warmth and security of compassionate care throughout the flight and our unique holistic approach to care helps make this possible.

We Cater to All Types of Patients

Whether we are transporting an elderly patient in need of specialized geriatric care or neonates who are fragile and need every ounce of care possible, we are fully equipped to handle any situation that may arise. Our larger doors allows us to accommodate bariatric patients who need special attention for the complex issues they may face. Whether you have become injured while on vacation and need to get back home or are seeking specialized treatment at a distant medical facility, AirCARE1 will get you there safely.

State-Of-The-Art Medical Equipment

AirCARE1 is equipped to provide the same level of medical technology as an emergency room in a hospital. We have invested in the most versatile medical equipment to measure all of the critical factors in a fragile patient. Our bed to bed service protocol reduces the variables and risks that come with patient transport. Depending on the health condition, a patient may need special monitoring of different organs and a nuanced real-time feed. Our staff is specially trained to recognize and treat a variety critical care issues as we are equipped with state of the art medical equipment.

Enhanced Comfort & Smoother Ride

Our Learjets are equipped with luxurious interiors that provide a pleasant and calming environment for our patients and their family members. With the ability to fly at the same altitude that commercial aircraft travel, we are able to fly above any adverse weather which reduces turbulence and provides the smoothest ride. Our Learjets are also more fuel efficient than many other aircraft used for medical flights which reduces the need for refueling stops during transport. When you fly with AirCARE1, you can ensure that our aircraft will provide the best possible medical air transportation experience.

Commercial Medical Escort Services

In some instances, a patient doesn’t need extensive care while in flight and it may be possible for them to take a commercial airline to their destination. In these cases, AirCARE1 will provide a experienced medical escort to assist the patient on their commercial flight. When patients fly with a medical escort, they receive the security of personalized medical attention in the event that they need help. If you are injured or become ill during a vacation, for example, this service would help you mitigate the risks of further injury and complications during your flight. We are able to provide exceptional care in this field by booking your flight with special accommodations for you and your loved ones. We also arrange to have a ground ambulance or other transportation transport you to and from the airport. .

In order to meet the criteria for our Commercial Medical Escort service, you must be in non-critical condition. Once you are medically cleared by a physician and authorized to travel in-flight with our medical assistance, we can ensure a safe journey with expert care by your side. You may need special accommodations for oxygen, handicaps, or medical equipment which we will also coordinate.

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If you or a loved one are in need of a kind and compassionate air ambulance or medevac service in the Houston, Texas area, look no further than AirCARE1. Our years of experience and commitment to engineering solutions to all of the variables that can make transport uncomfortable has made us a premier leader in air ambulance services. Our different approach of combining stellar medical care along with holistic methods that promote the healing process has gained recognition from hospitals, insurance and travel assist companies as a more compassionate and medically effective way to transport patients over long distances. Feel free to call us at 877.760.7760 or click here to receive a no-obligation quote for premier medical air transport services.

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Houston Airports We Fly To

Here is a list of airports in Houston that we fly to:

  • David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport
  • Ellington Airport
  • George Bush Intercontinental/Houston Airport
  • Houston Executive Airport
  • Houston-Southwest Airport
  • Lone Star Executive Airport
  • Sugar Land Regional Airport
  • William P Hobby Airport
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