Holistic Care

The Positive Impacts of Practicing Holistic Care

The concept of holistic care has increasingly gained traction in the last few years, particularly in nursing. The concept seems simple: treat each person as an individual and treat the whole person. The reality is that holistic care must be solidly grounded in science, but also come from the heart, which makes it more complex than it first seems.
Conventional vs. Holistic Care
Modern medicine and nursing have become very specialized. Conventional medicine is [...]

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Holistic Care in the Air

Taking an holistic approach to treating patients onboard air ambulance flights is a unique method we use here at AirCARE1 to reduce stress in patients during the flight. Denise Waye, president and owner of AirCARE1, explains in an article she wrote for AirMed&Rescue Magazine, the positive impact holistic care can have on patients.

As a critical care nurse and former music major, Denise integrated music into the medical environment of air transport after seeing how music and [...]

Focusing On a Good Experience

I do a lot of traveling. Spending many hours in airports. Recently I was in the Toronto airport on my way home after a long week of business travel. Going through customs as well as security typically takes hours (Nexus-here I come). This demands going to the airport extra early in case there are any hiccups. After clearing customs and security, I had quite a few hours before my flight. Hungry and tired, I [...]