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You may think that it is unlikely that anyone in your family will ever need an air ambulance service. But if you or someone you love does need quick and safe transport by aircraft to a medical facility in Henderson, Nevada, or from Henderson to another location, AirCARE1 is here to help. AirCARE1 owns a fleet of Learjets that carry the most up-to-date medical technology on board. We emphasize holistic care which creates a comforting and reassuring experience. AirCARE1’s air ambulances service domestically across the u.S. as well as internationally in Canada, Mexico, Central and South Americas, Europe and Asia.

Company owner Denise Waye brought her love of flying and her background in nursing to fruition in AirCARE1. Employed as a flight nurse with another company, Ms. Waye realized she could found her own company that embodies her dream of high safety standards and patient-centered care.

AirCARE1’s multidisciplinary staff operates under the supervision of a medical director with over 20 years of emergency room experience, who is also a private pilot. Our medical team includes physicians, critical care nurses, paramedics, and respiratory therapists.

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Our Commitment to Safety

Our fleet consists of Learjets, which have one of the best safety records in the aviation industry. Once the patient and family members have boarded, the flying range of the aircraft allows us to arrive at your destination with minimal, if any, stops. This increases the safety and comfort of the patient.

AirCARE1 hires only the most qualified and experienced pilots. We require that they are certified Airline Transport Pilots (ATP), which means they are well equipped to captain a flight. Our pilots undergo annual training at accredited, highly-rated flight training facilities.

Finally, AirCARE1 employs an experienced team of Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Mechanics who keep our fleet in top flying condition twenty-four hours a day. We never know when one of our aircraft will need to transport a patient and are prepared at all times. We have a perfect safety record with no accidents or incidents.

Dual Accreditation

Two of the leading air ambulance organizations have awarded AirCARE1 International accreditation: the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems and the European Aeromedical Institute. Dual accreditation is a rare event for an air ambulance services company. We consider it an honor to be recognized in this way and point to this as a demonstration of our commitment to excellence and high standards of safety and quality.

Our Focus on Holistic Care

“Do what is right for our patient at all times as we transport them with exceptional care equal to or better than the best premier medical facility.”

This is the mission statement of AirCARE1. You, the patient, are our focus at all times, from the first contact to the moment we ensure you have arrived safely at the destination hospital. At AirCARE1, we understand that oftentimes families are in distress when they contact us, and rely on us to provide the little things that will ease your anxiety before, during, and after the flight. We provide noise-cancelling headphones with relaxing music and hand massages with aromatherapy for our patients. These holistic treatment methods help to reduce stress during the flight.

An additional holistic element is the person-to-person relationship you will experience with our in-flight medical staff. Our flight nurses and paramedics, while thoroughly trained in medical interventions for the critically ill, also possess skills such as empathy and active listening that can help put the patients mind at ease during a stressful time.

Catering to All Types of Patients

AirCARE1 provides air ambulance services to all ages, types, and sizes of patients.

Our tiniest patients are newborns who require the most delicate care during transport. The baby’s mother and family members also require delicate care at what can be a difficult and frightening time, when the health of a newborn baby is threatened. Sometimes your local hospital doesn’t have the facilities needed to care for your newborn, such as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and you require the services of an air ambulance to save your baby’s life. Our neonate air medical transport jet includes state-of-the-art equipment, featuring a fully equipped medical level 3 neonatal intensive care unit, a trained NICU nurse, and a NICU incubator.

Air transportation of pediatric patients also requires special skills. Children are not just compact adults; they have different physical, medical, and emotional needs. Our personnel are thoroughly trained in working with pediatric patients, and can assess their medical needs and behavior rapidly and accurately.

There is an epidemic of obesity in many first-world countries. More than 1% of Americans weigh 300 pounds or more, and deserve to be treated with respect and to have access to medical care. Our Learjets are equipped with doors that are 30% wider than industry-standard, allowing us to transport bariatric patients. We found this was necessary so we could accommodate patients of all sizes, up to about 450 pounds.

Remembering that older patients can have special needs during air transport, we also address those with dementia. More than a memory struggle, people with dementia and other similar disorders may need help with ordinary activities. They can become frightened or confused more easily, and may not know what is happening to them during an air ambulance flight. Our medical staff can recognize the issue and reassure individuals with neurocognitive disorders during flights.

Additionally, older patients also have different medical needs than adults. They typically require more in-flight oxygen and have routine medications which must be administered. Elderly people typically bruise easily, and there can be jostling during a flight. In order to maintain skin integrity, our method of transferring only once and of providing an extra-thick mattress can help protect our older patients.

State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment

All AirCARE1 Learjets are equipped as airborne critical care units. The Lifeport Patient Care System is essentially a self-contained care-delivery system that we utilize to ensure your care is not interrupted at any time during transport. The necessary monitors and therapeutic support elements are connected to the patient before leaving the point of origin. The patient transfers once to the same bed that they will fly on, and reaches the receiving hospital on that bed. Transferring the patient fewer times results in less discomfort and fewer opportunities for accidents. Nursing staff can administer medication at the proper time while the patient is in flight. While flying, the patient will receive an identical level of care as you would in a top-notch hospital.

Because the equipment is in flight, we have taken additional safety precautions. A heavy bracket attaches the apparatus to prevent shifting during flight that could injure the patient.
Our equipment is constantly monitoring the patient. All in-flight medical personnel carry their personal data assistants and laptop computers that are efficiently integrating the monitor signals to give a second-by-second account of the patient’s condition. In-flight staff will instantly know if intervention becomes necessary.

Adult monitoring equipment includes the Zoll Propaq MD Monitor, the LTV 1200 Ventilator, and Alaris Pumps. Our equipment for monitoring neonates features the Neonate Isollete, the Cross Vent 2i Ventilator, and Medfusion Pumps.

Enhanced Comfort & Smoother Ride

Our Learjets are able to cruise at altitudes of 41,000–43,000 feet, above any adverse weather conditions; this makes for a smoother ride. Additionally, the Learjets in our fleet can land at smaller airports, reducing the amount of time that you must endure ground transportation to your final destination. Learjets are capable of faster cruising speed and greater flying range than other small craft used as air ambulances, thus shortening the trip and ensuring there will be few or no stopovers. The aircraft we use are also less noisy than other small planes.

AirCARE1’s special loading ramp prevents any tilting, undue bouncing, or wobbling during patient loading on and off the aircraft. The adjustable knee lift prevents the patient from sliding on the mattress during takeoff and landing. Additionally, we use a four-inch mattress rather than the standard two-inch mattress for enhanced patient comfort and prevention of decubitus ulcers.
Our fleet of Learjets is of executive quality, with comfortable leather seats for family members. You will truly know what it is like to travel first-class on a private jet.

Commercial Medical Escort Services

What if an individual has a medical emergency while traveling, but doesn’t require emergency air transport to return home for treatment? Our Commercial Medical Escort Services can provide the medical support necessary. Only patients who have been medically cleared by a physician, don’t require more than 5 liters per minute of oxygen, aren’t carrying a contagious disease, are free of significant trapped gasses, are able to sit in an aircraft seat, and aren’t combative may fly in a commercial airliner. We can provide a medically trained escort for the flight home.

AirCARE1 stands ready to assist you with any air ambulance needs that may arise. Or you may choose our Commercial Medical Escort Service. We offer state-of-the-art medical support services with a warm human touch. Our safety record and patient testimonials will assure you that you and your loved one will arrive safely at your destination, ready to undergo the next phase of your medical care.

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