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    Scottsdale, Arizona: Ranked One of 2018’s Healthiest Cities in the US

Scottsdale, Arizona: Ranked One of 2018’s Healthiest Cities in the US

Scottsdale, Arizona is situated within the amazing boundaries of the Sonoran Desert just 12 miles outside of downtown Phoenix. This oasis occupies 120,000 square miles surrounded by the McDowell Mountain Regional Park and the Camel Back Mountains. WalletHub conducts an annual survey of the top healthiest cities in America and Scottsdale was near the top. At number 7 out of more than 170 U.S. cities, the survey named the city of Scottsdale as one [...]

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Medical Preparation During a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters can strike at any time and often without advanced warning. Between hurricanes, earthquakes, fires to name just a few, the world has experienced a large amount of natural disasters in recent months. While you may not get much warning in many instances of a natural disaster, it is important that individuals properly prepare themselves and their families to handle any medical related issues that often arise during these times of crisis.

For other [...]

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Biggest Health Risks of 2018

Every year, a number of health concerns emerge in the United States that deserve special attention. The problems concern patients and physicians alike. By gaining information about the latest health concerns, families and individuals are more likely to protect themselves from the risks. Here we have put together the biggest health risks that you should be aware of in 2018:
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    2017 Preventive Healthcare Trends & Predictions for the Future

2017 Preventive Healthcare Trends & Predictions for the Future

The healthcare industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Estimated at between five to six trillion dollars, spending just on products and services pertaining to the heart is larger than all costs in the automotive industry. Healthcare costs are rising astronomically and the trends are leaning toward prevention. Several new, and some not so new, healthcare options have become more popular and accessible in 2017.

In Roman times, plunging into frigidarium [...]

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Caring for a Sick or Injured Family Member: 10 Helpful Tips

Providing care for loved ones who are unable to help themselves is a tough job. Whether they are chronically ill or seriously injured with a long recovery period ahead, the task requires resiliency and dedication. At times, it can make the caregiver feel like they lost their old life. Here are ten tips for caring for an ailing family member or friend:

1. Continue on with your own social life as much as possible. [...]

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How Wearable Devices Are Shaping the Future of Healthcare

It is estimated that over 38 million wearable devices will be sold by the end of 2016. More and more people are using this option to monitor their health. How will this affect people’s health? And how will it affect health care in general? Let’s take a look at what these devices can do for us and what that means.
There are a variety of devices on the market today that are giving [...]

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