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AirCARE1 is a leading provider of air ambulance and medevac services to those in need of medical transport to or from Glendale, California. Maybe you’ve been visiting the city of Glendale and have incurred an injury or fallen sick. Perhaps you are a resident and need nationwide or international air transportation. If for any reason you suffer from a critical medical condition, AirCARE1 can help get you to where you need to be safely and comfortably. Our experienced team is comprised of highly trained professionals that are hand selected based on the unique needs of each patient.

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How AirCARE1 Started And What We Do

AirCARE1 began with strong desire to improve patient care and safety based on the experiences founder, Denise Waye, had as a flight nurse when working for other air ambulance companies. Despite her dislike for the lack of training and regulations associated with her previous job, Ms. Waye really enjoyed caring for patients in need. Eventually, Ms. Waye decided to launch AirCARE1 in an effort to increase the level of patient care she was able to offer to her patients.

As a leading medevac service, we transport patients with critical conditions throughout the nation and the across the globe. We service patients of all ages with varying types of conditions; whether you are a cancer patient who needs care in another state or need to transport an infant in critical condition across the world, AirCARE1 is here to help.

AirCARE1 is Committed To Safety

We at AirCARE1 offer you peace of mind having already flown thousands of patients to their destinations safely. We employ only certified Airline Transport Pilots, who must adhere to strict guidelines, such as annual training at one of the country’s most reputable training facilities. Our medical director at AirCARE1 supervises all facets of patient transportation and is a licensed pilot who also has over 20 years’ worth of emergency room experience. Such a credible background provides us with the necessary insight to handle any issues that may arise. In fact, all of our professionals are carefully screened, highly experienced and show the dedication needed to serve on our team.

AirCARE1 flight operations and equipment meet or exceed industry requirements for smooth and safe flying. Our fleet of Learjet aircraft are known as one of the safest jets ever designed. Our aircrafts fly at an altitude ranging from 41,000 ft to 43,000 ft to avoid harmful weather conditions for a safe and smooth flight to your destination. Furthermore, all of our aircrafts undergo routine maintenance, performed by only experienced mechanics.

Our Dual Accreditation

In the air ambulance industry, dual accreditation is a rare accolade. This just shows how committed we are to going above and beyond the minimum for our patients. AirCARE1 holds both a CAMTS and EURAMI certification.

CAMTS (Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems) focuses on the safety of the transporting facility as well as patient well-being. To receive a CAMTS accreditation, the air ambulance service must show exceptional compliance. Currently, there are only 169 providers that have been granted accreditation worldwide.

EURAMI, or European Aeromedical Institute, is an organization that seeks to make superior quality aeromedical transportation the norm. Various aspects are evaluated, and only a select group of providers are currently accredited.

AirCARE1 is also only one of two U.S. based preferred providers of the IAG (International Assistance Group). We are also certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise and are also a member of the NBAA (National Business Aviation Association).

Importance of Holistic Care

We are aware that injury or illness on its own can elicit all kinds of stress, especially when coupled with flying. Our caring staff customizes your medical transportation based on your unique condition and needs. As a patient, you will receive holistic care, which includes added personal accommodations to facilitate healing and reduce stress that may be normally associated with flying.

Patients can choose to wear a noise cancelling headset that plays soothing music which fosters a calm and relaxing setting. Perhaps you would enjoy aromatherapy and a gentle hand massage. Our medical professionals are trained in holistic care and we intend to cater to your needs as a whole individual.

Helping All Patient Types

No matter your age or condition, we offer our services to all types of patients. We are knowledgeable of the effects childbirth can have on both mother and child. This is why our NICU unit houses expert personnel who can handle the most fragile newborns as well as post-partum complications with the mother. Our NICU team includes respiratory therapists, neonatal doctors and nurses. NICU aircraft equipment is fully equipped and includes an incubator, Cross Vent 2i ventilator, Propaq monitor, and Neonate Isollete for the safest possible facility.

Our flight crew also has specialized training to understand that pediatric patients are in the developing stage and have not yet reached adulthood. Therefore, there is an awareness that different care methods are required. For instance, anatomically, children are more susceptible to body heat loss than adults because their body surface area to volume ratio is higher. Children also have a higher metabolic need and therefore less energy storage. They must be constantly monitored for these reasons. Our medical crew must also be familiar with the physiological and psychological developmental stages to know what to expect. Children’s behavior and environmental responses vary depending on their level of development. Our pediatric care team must also be prepared to deal with fear and anxiety pediatric patients may experience within an unfamiliar environment.

Bariatric patients, also known as obese patients, are highly prone to serious complications that require intensive care. Some facilities may not have appropriate equipment to provide an obese patient adequate care, so the patient may then need to be transferred to another facility.

The first step we take is deciding whether the patient can be moved into the aircraft by taking the patient’s girth and weight into consideration. This is usually made possible, since our Learjets are outfitted with extra wide cargo doors. Special equipment includes a loading device with a ramp that maintains a steady and balanced movement to prevent tilting or uncomfortable movements. Equipment used to monitor an obese patient’s vital signs is conveniently secured to the stretcher, so the patient will require less transfers.

Other special care we take to care for bariatric patients includes the application of oxygen to the patient’s body. This reduces the possibility of a fat embolism, an inhibition of blood supply which can occur if fat globules enter the bloodstream. This can happen when air pressure changes, so the oxygen is typically placed 15 minutes before transportation begins. Lastly, bariatric patients are provided extra padding to prevent decubitis ulcers, which they are more prone to having when lying for long periods of time.

Geriatric patients also pose a myriad of health risks when flying in addition to their existing conditions. Our crew is trained and prepared to handle all possible situations with elderly patients. For one, older patients often require more oxygen because of a higher sensitivity to changes in altitude. For this reason, oxygen is always available and ready to be administered in the time of need. Other problems, such as those related to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems also require additional oxygen supply. They are also more likely to have dehydration and skin deterioration. Therefore, fluids can be dispensed intravenously or orally, and they are repositioned on their beds periodically.

Other conditions we take into consideration are social needs. For various reasons, such as cognitive disorders, geriatric patients may need to be accompanied by family and friends to help them make sense of the world around them. Without their companions, they can easily experience anxiety and worry that can take a toll on their physical health. Companions are accommodated as well. In fact, since may companions are just as or even more fragile than the patient, we focus on taking safety measures for their transport as well. Lastly, our staff must be conscious of the medications and how they might affect geriatric patients psychologically. Some may induce mental impairment, anxiety or even delirium.

State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment

From the time our patients are ready to be moved from their facility or home until they reach their destination, they are supported by innovative state-of-the-art equipment. To begin, our professionals perform a safe transfer of the patient to our Lifeport Patient Care System. This allows for an easy transfer, and the patient can remain there until she or he reaches the destination.

Our loading system prevents wobbling or tilting during transport through cargo doors that are wider than those of commercial aircrafts. During the flight we use complex, thoughtfully designed monitoring equipment, which includes Alaris Pumps, the Zoll Propaq MD Monitor, and LTV 1200 Veintilator for adults. For neonate patients, we use Medfusion Pumps, Cross Vent 2i Ventilator and Neonate Isollete.

Commercial Medical Escort Services

You may be a patient who is not in critical condition, but still needs a medical companion to travel with you. We can make commercial flight arrangements that suit your needs. This service provides you with continuous care and 24/7 flight information and updates. There will be medical equipment and oxygen readily available, and ground transportation to and from the airport. Our commercial flights can assist the following types of patients:

  • Need medical supervision and assistance during the flight
  • Non-contagious and disease free
  • Do not have a condition that involves trapped gases
  • Do not need more than 5 liters of oxygen per minute
  • Can sit upright during take -off and in flight
  • Non-combative

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As you can see, AirCARE1 is a leading air ambulance service that provides extensive professional, holistic, dual-accredited air ambulance and commercial medical escort services.Contact AirCARE1 today by calling 877-760-7760 or by clicking here to request a free no-obligation quote.

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