I do a lot of traveling. Spending many hours in airports. Recently I was in the Toronto airport on my way home after a long week of business travel. Going through customs as well as security typically takes hours (Nexus-here I come). This demands going to the airport extra early in case there are any hiccups. After clearing customs and security, I had quite a few hours before my flight. Hungry and tired, I walked up and down the terminal looking for something to eat. Typical airport food again. Walking to my gate, I noticed chairs and tables. Except, these weren’t the typical chairs and tables in the gate area. These chairs and tables had I-pads in front of them! Using the Ipad, you could sit and surf the web as well as play games on them. Additionally, the tables had plugs where you could charge your electronic devices. You could also order food exquisitely made by a world renown chef.

Of course I sat down, enjoyed a pleasant and delicious lunch and enjoyed some recreational time on the Ipad as I charged my computer for my long flight home. What an innovative idea! Great thought and consideration was put into designing a pleasant atmosphere where weary travelers could experience a great diversion while they waited for their flights. Even though the food was slightly more expensive, I was sold! What a wonderful experience.

AirCARE1 has also put great thought and consideration into how we transport our patients. Our patients are provided the opportunity to experience soothing music from noise cancelling headsets, and receive relaxing hand massages with aromatherapy. Music, hand massages and aromatherapy combine to produce a pleasant and calming experience which enhances our patient’s overall sense of well being. This personal touch helps our patients to rest comfortably while promoting the healing process. Our innovative way in which we transport our patients ensure they have the best possible experience during their flights.