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When you are in need of safe, reliable air ambulance transportation, you want to ensure that the company you choose is the best option for the specific patient in need. At AirCARE1, we provide safe, reliable transportation to and from Flagstaff, Arizona. We provide medical air transport to and from destinations across the United States as well as international destinations.

About AirCARE1

AirCARE1 was created in order to provide the best possible air ambulance experience for our patients. Founder Denise Waye is dedicated to the business and developed AirCARE1 as a way to provide patients with the highest standards available in medical air transportation.

Ms Waye’s background as a critical care nurse, who then became a flight nurse, allowed her to bring her years of medical experience and expertise to the business. As she flew with patients working as a flight nurse for another air ambulance company, she quickly realized that the compassion needed to make a patient comfortable during flight was missing. She wanted to find a way to ensure that her patients were more than just comfortable during their travel: she wanted to use a holistic approach to make sure that the flight was beneficial for the patient as well as any accompanying family members, so they would arrive at their destination refreshed and relaxed.

With that, AirCARE1 was born and Denise set out with a simple vision for her ne company, “Do what is right for our patient at all times as we transport them with exceptional care equal to or better than the best premiere medical facility.”

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Our Commitment to Safety

AirCARE1 works hard to ensure that we have the most qualified medical personnel on our medical team up to date with the latest in training. We employ professionals who have multiple years of experience in critical care. In addition to the initial crew training we give all of our new team members, we also require frequent continuing education so our team has up-to-date training in their field.

Our flight crew are also the most qualified, experienced professionals in the industry. We only hire certified Airline Transport Pilots who are also required to receive critical care training. Once they have passed our stringent hiring process, our pilots will receive annual training at a prestigious flight training facility. We always use a 2-pilot crew on our flights for maximum safety.

Our Learjets are maintained by experienced mechanics to ensure that our aircraft is always flight-ready at any time of the day or night.

Dual Accreditation

AirCARE1 is dedicated to maintaining a level of excellence within the medical air transportation industry. We have received the very rare dual accreditation from the European Air Medical Institute (EURAMI) as well as the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS).

Holding this dual accreditation is a rare achievement within the air ambulance industry, and it serves as evidence to our continuing commitment to maintaining a level of excellence well beyond the norm.

In addition to our dual accreditation, we are only the second air ambulance provider in the United States to be chosen as a preferred provider for the International Assistance Group (IAG).

Our Focus on Holistic Care

With the layers of experience behind the founder and employees of AirCARE1, we know how stressful even the idea of going through medical air transportation can be. We know that often the experience of loading and unloading the patient in the aircraft can be challenging and exhausting. We understand that patients may experience higher stress levels in transport and we take every measure to make sure that our patient’s experience is as stress-free as possible.

In order to increase patient comfort and decrease stress, we offer services in-flight to help alleviate patient anxiety. We offer aromatherapy and hand massages to create a low-stress and peaceful environment. We also use noise-cancelling headphones so the patient can enjoy therapeutic music or a movie during the flight to help keep their mind at ease.

We do all that we can to ensure that both the patient and their family members are able to be as relaxed as possible while in our capable hands.

Catering to All Types of Patients

AirCARE1 understands that different types of patients have different medical needs while in-flight. We cater to all types of patients, from neonates to bariatric patients to elderly patients, our medical team will ensure that the every individualized measure is taken during the time you are under our care.

When transporting neonates or infants who require NICU intensive care, we provide sophisticated medical flight equipment, but we also make sure that our neonate transport team is on board so that the infant is provided with the utmost in medical care. We also have a level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Incubator on board our flights.

We recognize that our pediatric patients have specific anatomical differences from adult patients and can ensure the child is monitored properly during flight. Our medical crew has the knowledge and experience to monitor our pediatric patients to make sure that they remain stable and comfortable during the flight.

Transporting bariatric patients requires extra logistical planning, especially during the critical loading and unloading of the patient. Most aircraft used in the air transportation industry do not have entry doors wide enough to accommodate larger patients; they often cannot accommodate patients who are over 400 pounds. We have extra wide modified entry doors on our Learjets that make it possible to transport bariatric patients that may not have the option of flying with another air transport company.

When transporting our geriatric patients, we understand that sometimes patients may experience anxiety because they suffer from a disease such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia. That is where the skill and experience of our medical flight crew again comes into play. They are skilled at calming patients who are suffering from a cognitive dysfunction by using techniques such as redirecting their attention. Another thing that can calm patients like these is to allow a travel companion, who can be of great comfort to the disoriented patient.

No matter what the need of our patient is, our medical team has the experience and skill to ensure that their flight is as comfortable as possible while achieving the highest quality of medical care to successfully get the patient from one destination to the next.

State of the Art Medical Equipment

Our state-of-the-art medical equipment provides the same level of care that our patients receive in a hospital on the ground.

Upon arrival, our patients can be transferred from their bed into our Lifeport Patient Care System. Our exclusive system ensures that our patients are stable and experience appropriate medical management during their transport. This is true for our smallest neonates to the oldest geriatric patients, and everyone in between.

Our air ambulance is equipped with modern medical equipment, including necessary medications, monitoring systems, CPR equipment and ventilators.

Enhanced Comfort & Smoother Ride

Our experience has led us to choose Learjet aircraft over any other type of aircraft to use for our long range air transportation. The Learjet is quieter than similar aircraft in its category and has an exceptional safety record. The Learjet interior provides a comfortable ride for the patient as well as any family members who may be riding alongside.

In order to provide a smooth ride for our patients, our pilot takes the Learjets up to a higher altitude once we are in flight. This achieves a level of smooth flying not normally seen at the altitude many other air transport companies fly at. Our pilots know that a higher altitude can substantially reduce the turbulence that leads to patient discomfort and stress.

We are the only air ambulance transport service in the United States to go above and beyond the industry standard for our mattress pads that are used during flight. Instead of the standard 2” mattress, we have upgraded to a thick, 4” mattress pad, to increase patient comfort. We strive to do all that we can to make your ride as comfortable as possible.

We also have a special bracket that secures patient monitors so our patients are monitored safely during loading and unloading, something that is not standard in the industry. AirCARE1 is also unique in that we provide an adjustable knee lift so the patient will not slide around during takeoff and landing. This knee lift also provides extra support for the patient in-flight.

Choose AirCARE1 for Your Medical Transport Needs

When you decide to fly with AirCARE1 during your trip to or from Flagstaff, Arizona you can be assured that you will be treated with the utmost in professionalism and care. The safety of our patients is our number one goal. We use the most advanced medical equipment to provide medical care of our patients so they will arrive at their destination feeling ready to face the next step of their medical treatment.

If you are a Flagstaff, Arizona resident or visitor in need of air ambulance services, call us today at 1.877.760.7760 or click here to get a free quote.

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