An AirCARE1 flight coordinator will help you determine the level of service you need.

1. Basic Life Support (BLS) – usually a patient that has minor medical needs, including oxygen and maybe has intravenous access. This patient is extremely stable, but may be medically compromised enough to need air ambulance transportation.
2. Advanced Life Support (ALS) – the patient’s condition warrants a higher level of care due to continuous monitoring, IV access, and infusions. This patient is usually in a stable condition.
3. Critical Care/Specialty Care – a patient requiring continuous care, monitoring, and medication, including continuous multiple drug infusions, ventilation, invasive monitoring due to acuity, instability or complex care requirements.

AirCARE1 handles all of these types of medical air transports.

Why is it important? Since all AirCARE1 aircraft are Airborne Critical Care Units, we are able to provide transportation for all medical conditions. It is important to make sure you choose the appropriate type of air ambulance for the patient’s condition.