Often the most stressful time for the patient during the entire air ambulance process is getting in and out of the aircraft. Many air ambulance companies load the patient by using a couple of hopefully strong people to maneuver the patient into the aircraft.

AirCARE1 has solved this stressful problem by using a unique mechanical transfer system which alleviates the stress during this process.

Here is the step-by-step process:

1. The ground mattress pad is removed
2. A device (called a clip deck) is placed and secured on the ground ambulance’s stretcher
3. The AirCARE1 stretcher is placed on top of the clip deck and is firmly secured to the ground stretcher
4. The stretcher is taken bedside to the patient’s room accompanied by the medical crew
5. The patient is gently transferred onto the proprietary AirCARE1 4-inch mattress pad where they remain during the flight
6. The patient is taken via ground ambulance to the aircraft
7. The patient is moved to the aircraft door
8. The patient’s stretcher is gently and automatically lifted into aircraft through a 36-inch wide door via a mechanical loading ramp and is then secured to the LifePort patient care system inside aircraft
9. At the destination airport, the patient is carefully and safely moved from the aircraft via the same mechanical loading ramp and onto ground ambulance stretcher unit.
10. Patient is taken to receiving facility and transferred off of stretcher onto a bed