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Most people never give any thought to worst-case scenarios. Fortunately, there is a company who has. AirCARE1 provides air ambulance transportation for patients from one hospital to another hospital when they are in need of specialized care. AirCARE1 is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico with an additional base located right here in Deer Valley, Arizona.

When you need medical transportation to or from Deer Valley due to injury or illness, you can rely on AirCARE1 to get you there safely. There are many circumstances where air ambulance service is the most feasible solution. Below are the types of situations that we handle every day at AirCARE1:

  • Rare illnesses or injuries that require treatment or surgeries not available at your local hospital.
  • An infant born with extremely rare medical condition that requires treatment at a specialized neonate facility
  • You are overseas on vacation and suffer a serious injury that requires you to return home for further ongoing treatment
  • You need to bring a seriously-ill parent or adult child for treatment at the nearby MD Anderson/Gilbert

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Who Is AirCARE1?

Denise Waye loved her job as a flight nurse, but she felt that she needed more training to perform her job safely and effectively. She was met with resistance from the company that she worked for and she got frustrated at the lack of safety and patient care standards. Ms. Waye felt that patients deserved better and realized that founding her own air ambulance company would allow her to accomplish this goal.

AirCARE1 provides air ambulance service throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as International destinations including Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Committed to Safety

Safety is paramount when we transport your loved one. We have a perfect safety record and have transported thousands of patients safely.

Every flight utilizes a two-pilot crew, both pilots being Certified Air Transport pilots. AirCARE1 hires only the most qualified and experienced pilots. When hired, each pilot undergoes rigorous annual training at one of the country’s most respected training facilities.

AirCARE1 operates under a 135 Air Carrier Certificate. and utilizes company owned Learjet 35A and 36A aircraft, two of the safest aircraft in the industry. With cruising speeds of over 500 miles per hour and cruising altitudes above 40,000 feet, we transport our patients quickly and above most weather-related turbulence. Our Learjets can land at smaller airports as well to pick up patients in smaller cities and/or rural areas.

AirCARE1 employs a team of highly-skilled aircraft mechanics who maintain our aircraft to the highest standards. Our mechanic team ensures the safety of every aircraft to allow for safe air ambulance flights day or night.

Dual Accreditation

AirCARE1 is one of only two fixed wing air ambulance carriers in the western hemisphere who have received dual accreditation. We are accredited by both CAMTS (Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems) and EURAMI (European Aeromedical Institute). These two organizations are the leading accreditation bodies in our industry that continue to set a high bar for air ambulance providers.

AirCARE1 is also a preferred provider of the International Assistance Group (IAG), only the second provider of IAG located in the United States.

Holistic Care for Our Patients

Every AirCARE1 employee recognizes that the need for air ambulance transport can be a stressful time for both the patient and their accompanying family member. We provide holistic care for our patients to help provide peace of mind and ease the anxiety our patients may experience.

We offer noise canceling headsets to provide soothing music and hand massages with aromatherapy. On longer flights, we offer In-flight movies and other entertainment options to keep the patient’s mind at ease.

Ability to Transport All Types of Patients

Patients come to AirCARE1 from all walks of life. Our patients include infants/neonates, children of all ages, business executives, construction workers, vacationers, retirees and citizens from many countries. From the tiniest baby to a bariatric patient, we are equipped to safely transport your loved one from one hospital facility to another hospital facility.

Neonatal/Infants – our tiniest patients receive care in the most comprehensive newborn intensive care units available. We transport these newly born infants to both domestic and international destinations. Our neonatal transportation equipment includes:

  • Completely equipped medical level 3 unit neonatal intensive care unit
  • NICU incubator
  • Highly trained NICU nurses

Pediatric Patients – Pediatric patients aren’t just treated the same as adult are in terms of medical transportation. Children have unique physiological and anatomical differences from adults. Small children lose body heat more easily than adults. They have less glycogen stores too. Monitoring a child very carefully is critical to their well-being during flight.

Our flight crews receive special training on the developmental stages of children so they can recognize age-appropriate behavior. Some children have even been known to experience extreme stranger anxiety. The AirCARE1 team is prepared to handle highly emotional situations that sometimes arise when a pediatric patient is transported.

Bariatric/Obese Patients – About 3 million people in North America are categorized as morbidly obese (i.e., they weigh over 100 pounds more than their ideal weight). Another 57 million are obese. Some hospital facilities do not have the equipment and staff required to care for bariatric patients. Patient beds, the thickness of the operating table and imaging devices of sufficient diameter to accommodate bariatric patients are a few of the problems that a bariatric patient may face if they become ill or are injured in an accident.

AirCARE1’s Learjet aircraft are customized with an extra wide cargo door that will accommodate the girth of a bariatric patient. Our unique loading system helps prevent wobbling and tipping. Our crews receive special training to safely load our bariatric patients into and out of the aircraft.

Bariatric patients are also prone to bed sores, and as such, we provide extra padding to protect these patients. Adipose tissue contains a high concentration of nitrogen which can present a problem when air pressure changes. To counteract this, we recommend and administer 100 percent oxygen concentration for 15 minutes before transport to prevent fat emboli during flight.

Geriatric/Elderly Patients – Older patients are remaining more active and are traveling more than they ever have before. But when they become ill or suffer an accident and require medical transportation, our flight crews often face extra challenges.

Our elderly patients may be physically weak and/or need continuous oxygen. Many seniors may be anxious about the idea of flying in a smaller jet aircraft. Others may suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s. Our specially trained crews are prepared to soothe anxious patients and attend to their specific medical needs including heart failure and breathing difficulties.

The patient’s traveling companion may even be frail and need help boarding the aircraft. They might also be anxious about flying. Geriatric patients are prone to complications caused by dehydration, and we ensure that fluids are given by mouth or via IV to make sure our patients are fully hydrated.

State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment

AirCARE1 transports its patients from hospital bed in one location to another hospital bed in the receiving medical facility. AirCARE1 utilizes their custom designed Lifeport Patient Care System to transfer a patient from their hospital bed to a specially constructed system that features a 4-inch thick mattress, a monitor bracket to safely secure monitoring equipment, and an adjustable knee lift for patient comfort. A customized loading ramp prevents tipping and wobbling as the patient is transferred into the aircraft.

Monitoring equipment is state-of-the-art and includes:

  • Alaris Pumps
  • LTV1200 Ventilator
  • Zoll Propaq MD Monitor

Our patient-care teams are carefully selected and receive ongoing training. No detail is left to chance. We have a specially-trained neonatal team, a pediatric team and a special trauma team.

Enhanced Comfort and Smoother Ride

AirCARE1 owns and operates a fleet of aircraft, ranging from a twin-engine piston aircraft to 3 turboprop aircraft of different ranges. AirCARE1 selected the Learjets due to their efficient operation, excellent safety record and quiet operation.

AirCARE1 selects the appropriate aircraft to assure a safe and comfortable flight. About half of all patients are transported in aircraft that are not suitable for the distance of the flight. Patients flying over 500 nautical miles (about 580 statute miles) should always fly in jet aircraft.

Our Learjet fly at altitudes over 40,000 feet providing a smoother, more comfortable trip for both the patient and traveling companion. AirCARE1’s Learjets are also equipped with Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) systems that allow us to fly at commercial airline altitudes to help ensure a smooth ride for our patients.

We coordinate every aspect of your flight including:

  • Airport/Fuel Considerations
  • Staff and Equipment Selection to Meet Your Patient’s’ Specific Needs
  • Flight Times
  • Ground Transportation (from hospital to hospital)
  • International Logistics

Our in-flight medical teams have PDA’s and laptops that ensure access and charting of the patient’s data. You’ll have extraordinary peace of mind when your loved one flies with us.

Commercial Medical Escort Services

Sometimes, you may be able to utilize the service of our Commercial Medical Air Escorts. If a patient is cleared by their treating physician to fly on a commercial aircraft with a medical escort, this may be a cost-effective option for your loved one. Our trained medical air escorts administer supplemental oxygen as required and accompany the patient from their hospital to their final destination.

Choose AirCARE1 for You Medical Transportation Needs

We hope that Deer Valley residents and visitors will never require our services, but when the unthinkable happens, AirCARE1 air ambulance service has a base right here in Deer Valley and we are here to help.

AirCARE1 will work with your insurance company to coordinate benefits. One of our communication specialists will help determine whether your insurance will cover all or part of the cost. We will make sure you understand any out-of-pocket charges to ensure you never end up with any unexpected fees.

Once you submit a quote request to us, we will quickly provide you an all-inclusive quote. All quotes include transport in a medically equipped Learjet flown by two ATP certified pilots. Our quote also includes the services of a critical-care trained medical crew, advanced medical equipment in our airborne intensive care unit, and bedside-to-bedside transfer plus one or two travel companions dependent on the patient’s condition.

If your loved one needs air ambulance service to or from the Deer Valley, Arizona area, call us at 1-877-760-7760 (+ 505-242-7760 out of country) or use our online quote request form to learn how we can help you during this stressful situation.

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