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Having access to the highest quality and effective health care can be the difference between life and death, or at the very least, impact the quality of life for an individual. Unfortunately, the best treatment, the top surgeon, or the best technology is not always within driving distance. Fortunately, there are companies like AirCARE1 International which provide medevac services that ensure that patients are transported safely to the medical facility where they can get the best possible treatment. Additionally, while planning and during the trip, patients are ensured that they will receive the highest quality of care possible. AirCARE1’s air ambulance service offers premium care and transportation services to individuals of all types including neonates, geriatrics, pediatrics, and bariatrics. We have the capacity to facilitate almost any type of patient in need of our services. Not only do we use state-of-the-art equipment, but our pilots and medical staff are some of the most experienced in the business.

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About AirCARE1

AirCARE1 is owned and operated by Founder and President, Denise Waye. Denise has more than 10 years experience functioning as a critical care nurse in some of the most challenging and pressure-filled environments. She understands the importance of a timely response and competent engagement. Denise earned her BSN degree from the University of New Mexico, and she has had the privilege of working in some of the most challenging emergency environments. AirCARE1 is a reflection of Denise’s commitment to excellence in delivering the best medical care possible, as well as offering medical transportation on a national and international level — ensuring that patients have access to the treatment they need.

Denise is committed to more than transporting patients; she is focused on delivering an optimal experience that alleviates the stress that is often associated with these trips. As a testimony to Denise’s commitment to excellence and understanding the entire process, she earned her private pilots license, giving her even greater insight into every aspect of what it takes to meet the needs of every patient that is transported by AirCARE1. AirCARE1 is the ultimate reflection of Denise Waye’s commitment to excellence in every conceivable way.

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is always at the forefront when transporting patients. Anytime that travel includes drafting a flight plan, the need for safety is paramount. To start, AirCARE1 owns its own fleet of planes that are constantly maintained beyond the standards required by the Federal Aviation Administration. The company functions under its own 135 Air Carrier Certificate. Additionally, AirCARE1 boasts a perfect safety record, having transported thousands of patients to all parts of the world without incident.

Over the years, the Learjet aircraft we use has proven to be one of the safest aircraft in the industry. Not only does the aircraft have the capacity to reach a cruising speed that exceeds 500 mph, the ability to climb to an altitude of up to 43,000 ft means that the vast majority of the trip takes place above any inclement weather. The reduction in turbulence can be a welcomed experience when a patient is already battling an existing illness or injury.

Another important feature associated with the Learjet is that it can land on short landing strips which is important when you consider some of the small airports near patients in need. Not all patients are in metroplexes; some are in remote areas that have very small airfields. Fortunately, the Learjet is built to navigate the shorter landing strips at these airfields.

Our aircraft are also equipped with extra-wide body doors, meaning that we can easily accommodate larger patients and the range of these jets mean that once we are in the air, there is no need to stop to refuel for trips in the continental United States.

Our Rare Dual Accreditation

Becoming an accredited air ambulance medical transport service is not an easy accomplishment, and to demonstrate our commitment to excellence, we are one of only a few service providers in the industry that has dual accreditation. We have been awarded both, EURAMI and CAMTS air ambulance accreditation, which demonstrates the level of commitment we invest in providing the highest standard of service to our customers. While a single accreditation is considered sufficient, we understand that meeting the criteria of two distinct institutions; we can provide the most comprehensive and safe transportation experience possible.

When it comes to international travel, AirCARE1 is one of only two service providers to be selected as a preferred provider by the International Assistance Group — a very prestigious accomplishment.

Our Focus on Holistic Care

Beyond the fundamental points of traditional medical care is our unique approach to offering our patients a holistic care experience. We ensure that all of the traditional medical equipment required to provide a safe and comfortable trip is on board. We also offer our patients, and their family members holistic treatment methods such as noise-canceling headphones. There is a wealth of pragmatic and empirical evidence that suggests that noise reduction can lower stress levels and help people become more at ease during flights. Because stress can exacerbate an existing illness, we provide our patients with therapeutic music to help them relax. In addition, we also offer patients aromatherapy and hand massages, which are also great stress-relieving mechanisms.

Catering to All Types of Patients

We serve a wide range of patients. AirCARE1 has transported everyone from pediatric patients to neonatal patients. We can easily support transports that include geriatric patients and patients who are struggling with extreme obesity. Not only do we have the physical capacity to support all of these different types of patients, but we also possess the expertise and experience that ensures we are capable of providing the care and support necessary to make the patients experience as memorable as possible under the circumstances. It is not simply the medical treatment they receive while under our care but the way they are treated throughout the process. At AirCARE1, we stress the importance of kind and compassionate interactions with our patients.

State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment

The rapid advancement in technology has introduced the capacity for hospitals to provide unparalleled treatment via state-of-the-art equipment. We use the same equipment to ensure that our patients are getting the best possible treatment. Our equipment allows us to provide treatment in a responsive and timely manner with a very high level of dependability.

Enhanced Comfort & Smoother Ride

At AirCARE1, we equip our Learjets with first-class interiors to ensure patient comfort throughout the flight. When you consider the level of comfort on board and the fact that we can fly at higher altitudes and reducing turbulence, you can rest assured you and your loved one will have a comfortable trip.

Commercial Medical Escort Services

There are times that a patient may not need the use of an air ambulance, but they may still need someone to provide the necessary attention during their travels. We offer a service called AirCARE1 Commercial Medical Escorts to assist patients who are traveling on commercial flights. This service is ideal for patients who may have become ill while traveling and are in need of assistance during their return flight. Some of the features included with this service are booking all worldwide airline flights, continuous care throughout the flight, first/business class seating to ensure the highest level of comfort possible. We also make the necessary arrangements for accompanying family members, so no one is left out. Our 24/7 communication center allows loved ones to receive continuous, around-the-clock updates, ensuring that they are always in the loop. Once you have landed, you will be transported to your destination via ambulance or private sedan, depending on the severity of your condition.

In order to use our Medical Escort services, the patient will have to be cleared to fly on a commercial airline by their physician. There are limitations as to the amount of supplemental oxygen that can be transported on a flight by a single patient. Also, the patient must be free of any contagious diseases. When you contact AirCARE1, we will cover all of the qualifications to ensure that everything is in order before booking the flight.

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The need for adequate expert medical transportation is at an all-time high. When you find yourself in a situation in which you need to be transported via air to receive medical treatment, it is imperative that you choose a service that you can trust. AirCARE1 is one of the most trusted air ambulance services in the world, as evidenced by our dual accreditation, as well as being selected as one of only two U.S. companies classified as a preferred carrier by International Assistance Group. AirCARE1 goes to exceptional lengths to ensure that our patients receive optimal care throughout the process, placing great emphasis on comfort during the entire flight. You can relax knowing that our safety record is impeccable. If you are looking for a reputable air ambulance service, you should call us directly or click here to request a no-obligation quote.

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