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Dealing with injury or illness is stressful enough, but consider how much more difficult it is when you’re out of town. Let’s say you’re visiting Chandler for the annual Ostrich Festival or playing a round at the historic San Marcos Golf Resort, or maybe you and loved ones are just enjoying time in the Copper State. Suddenly, someone gets sick or injured, and the diagnosis requires continuous medical care at a facility located in another state or even another country. For visitors to Chandler, you may decide to seek treatment needs back in your hometown.

When ground transportation is not the most efficient medical transportation option, or possibly not an option at all, AirCARE1 is here to help. We fly to and from Chandler and multiple other locations, connecting with airports across Arizona, other states and internationally. We are ready to assist patients so they can get the medical care they need.

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About AirCARE1

AirCARE1 was founded when a flight nurse, Denise Waye, found herself uncomfortable with the lack of adequate safety measures used by a company where she worked. She felt that patients deserved a higher standard of care and, as such, decided to form her own air ambulance service, AirCARE1.

Helping people is not just our business; it’s our passion. AirCARE1 has the singular focus of getting patients where they need to be safely and quickly. Whether that is getting to another medical facility for treatment or back home to recuperate in a familiar environment, our air ambulance service is ready to transport you or your loved one while providing unparalleled care.

With a company goal to dream big, work hard and never quit, patients know they can depend on us to get them to their destination quickly. Safety, honesty and customer care are our priorities, and we always provide exceptional service.

Safety First

In order to provide industry leading service to patients, our staff must have advanced education and training. Our initial training includes patient loading and unloading, flight physiology and stressors of flight, as well as in-flight medical emergencies and survival training. The initial phase also includes skills lab training and HAZMAT.

While initial training might be enough for some air ambulance companies, AirCARE1 goes above and beyond. Our team of medical professions must have continuing education coursework in cardiovascular emergencies, burn management, aortic aneurysms and respiratory emergencies. Their training must include ventilator management, infection control, critical care transport, cerebral vascular accidents and intracranial pressure monitoring. Other training includes pulmonary issues, pharmacology and anatomy, physiology and assessment.

Monthly continuing education and annual trauma training is necessary for the safety of our patients and shows our commitment to providing the highest care level possible. Patients who choose our air ambulance service should know they have a medical team that is capable of handling patients in any condition.

Dual Accreditation

AirCARE1 has dual accreditation, something that is extremely rare in the air ambulance industry. We have accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS), an non-profit organization working to improve the standards medical transport services. Our other accreditation is from the European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI), an agency that promotes research, training and accreditation for the aeromedical transport industry. By having dual accreditation, AirCARE1 shows patients that we are committed to higher standards of service.

Our Holistic Approach

Patients are our number one priority, which is why AirCARE1 takes a unique holistic approach in caring for them. We don’t take the word holistic lightly and believe that following a holistic path to treat the whole person will improve the patient’s recovery. We cater to our patient’s mind, body, spirit and emotions to help them achieve optimal health and wellness. We begin by only flying executive quality Learjets so that patients have a comfortable ride in a pleasant environment that is designed to lessen stress and anxiety.

During transport, patients may use noise cancelling headsets to listen to soothing music. They enjoy aromatherapy hand massages to help create a calming experience that enhances a sense of well-being. On longer flights, there are In-Flight movies and entertainment to help keep their mind at ease. These and other personal touches are a deliberate part of our care plan crafted specifically for patient comfort and to promote the healing process.

All Types of Patients Served

When you think of a medical flight, it’s probably in relation to a medical emergency. But, there are many other reasons a patient needs an air ambulance. AirCARE1 transports patients who can’t sit up, those in need of specialized care, those who need continuous medical attention and many others. From infants and children to adults and the elderly, we serve all types of patients.

Let’s say a local resident falls sick while on a trip and needs air transport back to Chandler Regional Medical Center. It’s not an emergency, but it is important that the patient get back home for ongoing treatment. Our team is ready to pick up the patient from their current location and deliver them to the hospital. We do that for each patient we serve, whether we are picking them up from out-of-town and taking them home, or we’re picking them up from their home town and taking them to another city, state or country for the treatment they need.

Some of our patients require extra delicate care, such as infants in intensive care or newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). These flights require equipment sophisticated enough to handle any medical possibility. This includes an NICU incubator, Cross Vent 2i ventilator and more. Top quality care also calls for medical personnel with specialized training. Our team includes neonatal doctors, NICU nurses, respiratory therapists and others trained to care for the most fragile patients. AirCARE1 can provide the most comprehensive newborn ICU air transport services available for both domestic and international flights.

Another group of patients we serve is the elderly, which have their own set of special needs. Geriatric patients may have limited physical and psychological abilities which can make air transport more of a challenge. Our medical team is skilled in geriatric patient needs, including making them feel safe and secure.

Advanced Medical Equipment

Flying with us is safe and medically sound. In fact, our state-of-the-art medical equipment means each patient gets the same quality of care they would get in a hospital or other medical facility. That’s because AirCARE1 has sophisticated medical equipment and a great patient care delivery system. Combined, they allow us to continually monitor and treat almost all patient conditions in our intensive care aircraft.

Adult monitoring equipment on our fleet of Learjets includes Zoll Propaq MD Monitor, LTV 1200 Ventilator and Alaris Pumps for adult patient monitoring. For neonate patients, our equipment includes Neonate Isollete, Cross Vent 2i Ventilator and Medfusion Pumps.

Each of our Learjets has the LifePort Patient Care System, which has been custom built to our specifications based on years of medical transportation experience. One of its unique features not typically seen in the medical air transport industry is a thicker, four inch mattress pad that provides patients more comfort. Our stretchers include a bracket that secures patient monitoring equipment at all times, which keeps equipment from shifting and potentially injuring the patient or staff. Stretchers also include an adjustable knee lift to keep patients from sliding during aircraft takeoff and landing. Our cargo door is 30 percent wider to make the loading process easier, and we have a mechanical loading and unloading system to make the process quicker and safer. This system also provides stability during loading and unloading so that there is no wobbling, tipping and titling of the patient.

Fly in Comfort

Medical transport should not be uncomfortable in any way, and it’s for that reason we fly Learjet aircraft. The first thing you’ll notice is that the interior of the aircraft is first class. We believe patients should enjoy executive quality travel to enjoy maximum comfort. Another benefit is that these aircraft are less noisy than many other aircraft.

Known for their range, these Learjets allows us to fly more than 2,100 miles non-stop. Now, imagine traveling in an aircraft that won’t go the distance you need. There would be at least one fuel stop, which could make travel less comfortable than it should be for someone dealing with a medical issue. Unfortunately, about half of all patients using an air ambulance service end up in an aircraft like that. Jets should be used for all air ambulance service over 500 nautical miles because they’re faster, which gets the patient to their destination quicker.

Learjets also fly at higher altitudes. When the aircraft flies higher, there is less turbulence, and the ride is smoother. That means more comfort for our patients. For AirCARE1, using a fleet of Learjets just makes sense, they are fast, comfortable and have exceptional safety records. AirCARE1 chooses to put the safety and comfort of our patients first by using top quality aircraft for all medical transport.

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It can be overwhelming trying to coordinate necessary medical transportation, but it doesn’t have to be when you choose the right air ambulance company. It’s our job to do the work, so relax, and let AirCARE1’s communication specialists handle it for you. Start by contacting us by phone to get a quote, or you can click here to request a free quote directly on our website.

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