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AirCARE1 provides industry leading air ambulance and medical air transportation services to those traveling to or from the Casa Grande area. AirCARE1 offers patients safe and comfortable transportation options for those traveling within the United States as well as those traveling internationally. From transporting critically ill infants to elderly family members, AirCARE1 sets the standard for exceptional patient care. Known for our state-of-the-art equipment, keen attention to patient comfort and our highly trained and expert staff, we’re one of just two air ambulance providers in the United States to have been selected as a premier provider for the International Assistance Group. Additionally, we hold dual accreditation by the two leading accrediting bodies in the air ambulance industry which is a rarity.

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About AirCARE1

The AirCARE1 story starts with the dream of one critical care nurse who wanted to make a difference. Flight nurse Denise Waye had worked for another air ambulance company, but did not feel the level of patient care and safety standards were at the level that patients deserved to receive. Ms. Waye decided to build on that need in the industry and founded AirCARE1 over a decade ago.

Today, AirCARE1 operates a state-of-the-art fleet of Learjets that fly to destinations around the world in order to provide the specific types of care that their patients need. AirCARE1 helps residents of the Casa Grande area get the right kind of care no matter what the location of the medical facility that they need to travel to may be. As a highly acclaimed air ambulance provider, AirCARE1 offers comprehensive training to our staff that allow us to achieve exceptional levels of care as well as an excellent safety record.

Our Commitment to Safety

Many air transport providers say that safety is important, but at AirCARE1 it’s essential, and that statement is backed with proof. Between the staff’s experience and our advanced technologies, we ensure that you and your loved ones reach your end destination quickly and safely. All pilots who fly our Learjets are qualified experts who attend ongoing education sessions with the FAA.

Furthermore, all of our aircraft are outfitted with Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum systems, also called RVSM systems. A few benefits of RVSM systems are that they increase airspace capacity, save on fuel, and create safer flights using optimized flight profiles. This means that our fleet of Learjets can fly at or above altitudes normally reserved for commercial flights and reach destinations in a shorter period of time. Only a few select air ambulance providers are certified to have RVSM technology, which has been further restricted since 2005. Flying on a plane equipped with RVSM technology translates to a shorter flight and a more comfortable flight for patients, as there is less turbulence, noise, and motion.

Throughout the journey from one destination to the next, our team monitors cabin temperature, cabin pressure, and other flight logistics to match the patient’s precise medical needs. Adding to an impeccable safety record is the use of the comforting and therapeutic system we call our Lifeport patient care delivery system. With this proprietary system, the patient is transferred smoothly and safely from the dispatching to the recipient hospital. The patient is monitored regularly, both in flight and on the ground, to ensure vital care like medicine dosage is not interrupted at any point during transit.

Dual Accreditation

Among air ambulance carriers, level of certification demonstrates proficiency and commitment to customer service and safety. AirCARE1 is a proud holder of two industry certificates, which are the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS for short) and the European Aeromedical Institute, or EURAMI.

CAMTS awards a certificate to companies who excel in patient service and possess a high level of transportation safety. The companies that receive the CAMTS certification demonstrate superior service both on the ground and in flight. The CAMTS organization evaluates several measurable factors when choosing whether or not to grant a certificate to an organization, and its criteria are updated regularly to reflect the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the medical transportation industry.

EURAMI is an international counterpart to CAMTS, and it honors companies that provide exceptionally good medical transport services throughout Europe and around the world. The EURAMI accreditation is designed to honor companies that uphold its strict standards of ethical, safe, and high-quality patient transport services. EURAMI also advocates for training, research, and accreditation in the realm of aeromedical transfers.

Incorporating Holistic Care

Holistic care is defined as looking at the whole person, which includes mental as well as physical well-being, and treating each as equally important. Patient care is taken to a new level as our medical staff employ holistic care treatments such as hand massages, aromatherapy, noise-canceling headphones and relaxing music. Long-distance flights also come with a choice of movies for patients and their families to watch. This holistic approach to patient care is a reminder that those who fly with AirCARE1 are much more than just a name and number. The amenities that come with our flights and holistic approach to patient satisfaction are designed to relieve stressors of flight, even promote healing, and make each ride as smooth and comfortable as it can be.

Caring for Patients of All Types & Sizes

From the tiniest babies to elderly individuals, patients of all kinds are treated with kindness, care, and respect onboard AirCARE1’s flights. While all patients get the special treatment aboard our executive-level Learjets, AirCARE1 recognizes that some patients need additional care to fly safely.

Neonates are one such group. With our advanced neonate patient care team, babies are expertly transported in the onboard NICU to their final destination. Flying with the child is a highly skilled team of NICU nurses, respiratory therapists, and neonatal physicians. The onboard neonatal ICU is a level 3 unit that is fully equipped and ready to monitor, stabilize, and transport even the most fragile infants safely to their final location.

Another group that receives special care aboard AirCARE1’s flights are bariatric and obese patients. The clinical term for an “obese” patient is an individual who is 20 percent or more over his or her ideal weight, while bariatric patients have a BMI of 40 or higher. Another term for this condition is “morbid” obesity, and it’s also classified as a Level III on the scale of obesity measurements. Regardless of whether they’re on the low or high end of the obesity spectrum, it can be difficult for obese patients to receive comfortable, safe, and adequate treatment during air medical transport. Fortunately, AirCARE1 solves that problem using our fleet of Learjet aircraft that are equipped with cargo doors that are wider than standard doors and permit patients with a wider girth into the aircraft. In addition to having the right aircraft for proper transportation, the care providers at AirCARE1 use a special loading system that allows our team to safely load and unload larger patients. Once in the air, bariatric patients are continually monitored and given anti-anxiety medications or even light sedation if necessary to minimize their levels of anxiety when confined to close quarters.

State of the Art Medical Equipment

Beginning before takeoff and continuing through the time the patient has arrived at their destination, AirCARE1’s sophisticated medical equipment ensures even the most fragile and at-risk patients receive the level of monitoring and care they need throughout their medical journey. AirCARE1 has a series of special monitoring equipment designed for infants and adults, which ensures that each patient can have detailed and continuous monitoring throughout his or her medical flight. Ventilators are also dispatched, both in infant and adult sizes, for medical flights when such care is necessary.

Some of the adult medical equipment onboard AirCARE1’s flights are Alaris Pumps, the LTV1200 Ventilator, and the Zoll Propaq MD Monitor. The equipment list for neonates is similar, and includes: Medfusion Pumps, Neonate Isollete, and the Cross Vent 2i Ventilator. An efficient patient loading system onto the aircraft, which reduces bumps, wobbles and other unpleasant feelings, and our own exclusive Patient Care Delivery System also provides patients a well-rounded experience with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

Seamless & Comfortable Air Ambulance Transportation

As one would expect from a fleet of luxury executive-style LearJets, patients’ comfort is prioritized with a suite of luxury features that are designed to please even the most discerning and seasoned business travelers. Flying a medical flight via AirCARE1 ensures that patients are comfortable from takeoff through landing. The interiors of AirCARE1’s Learjet aircraft are quiet and filled with luxurious features, which enhances the patients sense of well-being.Our Learjets fly at a maximum altitude of 43,000 feet and have a cruising speed of 440 knots. Flying at that height and speed, our aircraft can fly above most turbulence which makes for a smooth and comfortable ride. The speed at which the aircraft can fly also reduces flight time between hospitals, which can be critical for severely injured or ill patients. Multiple windows, a larger fuel capacity, and seats with more headroom than is found on standard commercial aircraft are some other highlights of flying on AirCARE1’s elite Learjet fleet. The Learjet is one of the most called-upon aircraft in the industry to transport patients comfortably and safely from one place to the next. These Learjets are also known for their noise-reducing cabins and their impressive safety record, which makes them a natural choice for AirCARE1 and our focus on customer safety and satisfaction.

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Whether you are flying a short distance, flying from Casa Grande to NYC or are traveling internationally, critical care patients are in good hands flying with AirCARE1. A superior level of certification, combined with a highly trained staff and top-notch medical equipment set AirCARE1 apart from other medical air transport companies. From the city of Casa Grande, patients have immediate access via direct flights to some of the best medical treatment facilities in the United States and around the world. Personalized touches and one-on-one care given to each patient ensure he or she has as a safe and stress-free ride, wherever the end destination may be.

If you are a Case Grande, Arizona resident or visitor in need of air ambulance services, call us today at 1.877.760.7760 or click here to get a free quote.

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