The Highest Quality Learjet 35A Aircraft

  • Fixed wing air ambulance provider for better patient care utilizing Learjet 35A’s—airborne intensive care units— to transport patients in safety and comfort throughout the United States, Canada, Central and South America, as well as destinations worldwide
  • Patients are transported in Executive quality interiors in a pleasant medical environment
  • Range: 2125 nautical miles (nm)-allowing nonstop travel almost anywhere in North America
  • Speed: 440 knots (500 mph)
  • Altitude: 41,000-43000 ft
  • Ability to land at smaller airports providing closer access to the patient
  • 36-inch Cargo Door (versus 24-inch standard executive door)

Highly Trained AirCare1 Team

  • MEDICAL-Required-Minimum three years critical care experience
    • Aircraft staffed with two person medical team consisting of Critical Care Nurses, Paramedics or Respiratory Therapists
    • Medical Director
      • Over 20 years of experience in critical care
      • Extensive flight experience
  • FLIGHT-Required-Minimum 3000 hours (Captains)
    • Two pilot crew
    • Trained annually at flight safety
    • Air Transport Pilot (ATP) Certified—Highest FAA pilot certification

Superior Customer Service

  • 24 Hour Dispatch
  • Contact us day or night
  • Professional communication specialists arrange every aspect of the flight including the following:
    • Flight Times
    • Airport/Fuel Considerations
    • Ground Transportation
    • In-flight food considerations
    • International Logistics

Required Information for Patient Transport

  • Name of patient
  • Date of Birth
  • Weight
  • Diagnosis
  • Location of patient at sending facility (room number/nurse’s station phone number)
  • Receiving facility name, address, room number/nurse’s station phone number
  • Physicians names at both sending/receiving facility
  • Name of passengers –Date of birth, weight

Due to the size restriction of the aircraft, only 1 small carryon bag allowed per person-up to two total bags

Patient Transfer Guidelines – Day of Departure

In order to prepare the patient for a safe and smooth transfer, the following need to be completed on the day of departure

  • Appropriate Transfer orders
  • Four copies of the patient’s face sheet
  • Copy of the patients chart-including History and Physical (H&P) as well as discharge summary
  • Current Laboratory Values (within the last 12 hours)
  • Ventilator Patients should have a current set of Arterial Blood Gases
  • Additionally, any tube feedings (excluding neonates) should be discontinued within 2 hours prior to transport
  • Scheduled medications should be at the bedside to be sent with the patient

Click here to download our patient transfer guidelines.

Family Members

At the discretion of the medical crew, up to two family members may accompany the patient. Please have their names, dates of births, weights, available for the medical crew


Due to space restrictions, baggage is limited to a total of two small carryon bags. Baggage is subject to search at the discretion of the flight crew

Bedside to Bedside Care

The medical team will arrive at bedside at the predetermined time. The patient is transferred from their hospital bed to the AirCARE1 LifePort patient care system where they will remain throughout the flight until they are safely delivered at their receiving facility

Ground Ambulance

AirCARE1 will coordinate all ground transportation to and from the patient’s facilities

Patient Facility Locator

Having difficulty finding a receiving facility or room? Let AirCARE1 help. Our extensive network enables us to find accepting physicians as well as rooms for your patient.

Flight Following

AirCARE1 keeps all parties informed of every detail of the flight during the patient’s transport. Additionally, we provide you with a post-flight follow up after the safe arrival of your patient at their destination.


AirCARE1 accepts most insurances