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When you require experienced, safe air ambulance services for yourself or a loved one into or out of the Bakersfield, California area, contact AirCARE1. We provide comfortable, well-equipped aircraft. Our rigorously trained personnel help patients travel between destinations in the United States and internationally. We specialize in skilled air ambulance transportation and assist patients in journeying between medical facilities, residential centers, and specialized care hospitals in safety and comfort. If you require help transporting a loved one with a medical condition to or from a Bakersfield destination, contact AirCARE1 today for assistance.

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About AirCARE1

A former critical care nurse, Denise Waye, founded AirCARE1. She entered the dynamic field of flight nursing, and realized she could help make improvements in the way medical crews cared for air ambulance patients and their families. Today the ease of accessing services from AirCARE1 appeals to many households requiring transportation assistance for seriously injured or ailing loved ones. People residing in the Bakersfield Area, or visiting this part of California, appreciate the simplicity of obtaining fast, dependable air ambulance transportation assistance from us.

Simply contact us online or call us at 1-877-760-7760 (in the USA) or at +505-242-7760 (outside the USA). We’ll supply an all inclusive quote so you’ll know the cost of individualized service. When you decide to use AirCARE1 as your air ambulance provider, we will handle arranging all of the details of the flight: the schedule, the refueling stops, the travel route, in-flight meal planning, and much more. Rely on us to handle all of the logistics involved in seamlessly transporting patients from one location to another.

Safety is Our Top Priority

The safety of our patients remains our top priority. For this reason, we require all our employees to participate in ongoing training programs. Our continuing education policies help us maintain a highly skilled team of pilots and medical professionals. The pilots serving in our fleet have already gained a minimum of 3,000 hours flying airplanes before becoming eligible for our hiring process.

Everyone associated with our flights receive initial, monthly, and annual training sessions. The mechanics who maintain our Learjets, the pilots, and the medical crews caring for patients during flights, all participate in regular training. We furnish trauma training programs for all employees every year to ensure our crews remain capable of handling unexpected medical emergencies. As a company, AirCARE1 has worked hard to develop a culture dedicated to the provision of excellent patient safety and care!

Why Multiple Accreditations Matters in This Specialized Field

Did you know AirCARE1 has also taken the important step of obtaining two leading air ambulance accreditations? Both the U.S.-based Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transports Systems (CAMTS) and the European Union’s European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI) have awarded our company air ambulance credentials. We sought these accreditations in order to ensure AirCARE1 continues to meet the very highest national and international standards for transporting patients via air ambulances.

By adhering to the practices and standards put in place by two accrediting bodies, AirCARE1 also seeks to maintain medevac service using cutting edge protocols. This effort translates into better service for our patients and their loved ones. We continue to participate actively in the development of air ambulance transportation as a rapidly emerging and developing allied health care field.

We Incorporate Holistic Care

Our medical crews appreciate the vital importance of assessing patient anxiety during air ambulance flights. Many studies have demonstrated the potential for stress to produce undesirable physiologic changes. For instance, it increases cortisol levels in the bloodstream. People suffering from medical conditions or illnesses requiring air transport certainly benefit from technologies helping to reduce the unwanted physical effects of tension and worry.

In order to assist our patients in relaxing and enjoying more carefree travel, we’ve developed expertise in a number of proven holistic therapies and techniques. We offer aromatherapy as one way to help create soothing onboard environments. Additionally, our medical crews have received training in hand massage. For centuries, these safe, innovative technologies assisted people in promoting relaxation and mental calm. We always give patients the option of declining holistic care, of course. However, many patients welcome these measures.

All Types of Patients Benefit From Our Services

AirCARE1 possesses the resources and training required to assist a wide variety of patients in our impressive fleet of fast, comfortable Learjets. These aircraft land safely at airports or airstrips near specialized medical facilities throughout the United States and around the world. If you or a loved one requires air ambulance transportation, we possess the capabilities to help you reach your destination safely, even if you need sophisticated medical support services. We can assist you in reaching a Bakersfield facility even if you reside in a remote or sparsely populated region.

For example, just consider a few illustrations of the common situations in which patients seek our assistance:

  • Transporting a premature infant from a rural hospital to a well equipped medical center near Bakersfield;
  • Escorting an elderly couple home after one spouse undergoes cancer treatments at a specialized medical facility;
  • Safely relaying an injured vacationer to a local hospital following treatment at a trauma center;
  • Assisting a patient anticipating transplant surgery to a surgical facility on short notice;
  • Flying a morbidly obese patient to an out-of-state treatment clinic;
  • Relaying a terminally ill patient to a hospice;
  • Helping a child with life-threatening anemia reach a pediatric hospital in a distant location safely.

We help all these kinds of patients, and many others. When you contact us to request air ambulance transportation, let us know your medical condition and any special travel requirements requested by your physicians.

State-of-the-art Medical Equipment: It Matters

One distinct advantage we offer relates to our well-equipped and exceedingly comfortable air ambulance accommodations. Our fleet utilizes the most modern facilities and equipment. We utilize loading ramps to facilitate the entry and exit of patients onto our aircraft, for instance. Our staff assists both ambulatory and bedridden patients, as well as patients in wheelchairs.

Our Learjets offer advanced monitoring systems and the equipment necessary to provide supportive care during the flight. We work diligently to supply the ongoing level of assistance required to ensure a seriously ill patient arrives safely at a designated destination. We rely on cutting-edge equipment. These tools assist the delivery of skilled supportive medical services during flights.

Our Patients Enjoy Comfortable Travel

Whether you request our assistance for a shorter flight or a long, multi-stop journey halfway around the globe, AirCARE1 strives to supply a smooth, comfortable and fast medical transportation. Our modern fleet of aircraft furnishes a refreshing travel environment. Attendants sanitize our transportation equipment and cabins before and after flights. We adhere to rigid protocols to ensure our aircraft provide sparkling clean accommodations for the patients who depend upon us as allied health care providers.

In order to enhance the comfort of patients and their loved ones, we allow one or two companions to accompany patients under many circumstances. We offer this service at no additional charge. This practice may assist patients in enjoying a less stressful flight to their destination.

Commercial Medical Escort Services

In some situations, patients in a non-critical condition benefit from our Commercial Medical Escort service. We send well-trained medical escorts to help patients who qualify for this program to reach destinations across the United States and overseas. The patient and medical escort fly in first class commercial airline cabins together with other passengers. This service brings loved ones greater peace of mind, while at the same time providing a less expensive option than hiring a dedicated air ambulance.

Our Commercial Medical Escort program greatly assists infirm, ailing, or juvenile patients. When someone benefits from medically trained companionship but does not require the level of supportive care supplied by a dedicated air ambulance, this option proves highly cost-effective. You may use us to provide a Commercial Medical Escort to chaperone an elderly person or a young child undertaking a lengthy journey by air. Or request this service to help an ambulatory patient traveling to a medical facility for an elective procedure. We offer detailed guidelines for the types of patients we can assist through this affordable, convenient transportation service.

Contact AirCARE1 Today

We offer safe, reliable transportation into the Bakersfield Area. We also help patients fly from this location to destinations throughout North America and around the world. AirCARE1 possesses familiarity with this part of California and its flight conditions. Check with us first the next time you or a loved one requires skilled medical air ambulance transport. Our medical air transportation services help improve the quality and comfort level of patients of all ages.

To speak with us about our medevac services, contact AirCARE1 at 1-877-760-7760 (in the USA) or at +505-242-7760 (outside the USA). You may also reach us by completing our online quote form to request a no-obligation quote now. We understand that people seeking air ambulance or commercial travel companion services often face pressing time deadlines; we will respond to your inquiry quickly. Contact us now for swift, experienced medical transportation.

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