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Patients and their loved ones in Albuquerque, New Mexico in need of air ambulance or commercial medical escort services should look no further than AirCARE1. AirCARE1 operates out of two base stations in the US and flies to hospitals around the country as well as around the world. We have your medical air transportation needs covered as we are able to fly in and out of many airports in the Albuquerque area as well as surrounding region. When flying with AirCARE1, we provide an exceptional level of care that includes holistic treatment methods, stress-relieving components, and one-on-one attention provided by our highly experienced, kind, and courteous staff. We have outfitted each of our specially equipped Learjet aircraft with world-class medical equipment, which makes each trip as safe as possible and ensures constant patient monitoring from the first hospital bed to arrival at the receiving facility. AirCARE1’s patients are transported using a fleet of luxurious, executive-style LearJet aircraft to ensure that even the longest rides are as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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About AirCARE1

AirCARE1 was founded by a former flight nurse named Denise Waye. Ms. Waye was initially employed as a critical care nurse, but switched to become a flight nurse following an inspiring trip with a flight medic. Ms. Waye found that while she loved caring for her patients in the air, there were many safety risks involved with taking patients from the liftoff site to the landing site. Seeing that the subpar safety situation wasn’t likely to change at her previous company, Ms. Waye left to start her own company, which gave rise to AirCARE1. Today, AirCARE1 proudly fills the safety void that’s been missing among many air ambulance companies in the industry. Patient care and safety, honesty, extensive staff training, and compassion for patients’ family members are foundational components of our mission at AirCARE1. These are just some of the elements that set AirCARE1 apart as a leader in the medical air transport industry.

Commitment to Safety

If you’re accustomed to flying commercial airlines, you will be pleasantly surprised by the extensive safety measures that AirCARE1’s staff has in place. Our staff is trained at levels above industry standards, which makes for a safer ride for our patients and their family members. All AirCARE1 team members also regularly attend ongoing safety training, which makes them equipped with the latest safety knowledge and skills in the field. Adding to patients’ continued confidence in AirCARE1’s services is our perfect safety record over our 13 years in service. All of the medical transport LearJets that AirCARE1 uses are company-owned and operated by AirCARE1. Our superior safety protocol begins on the ground, where patients are carefully loaded according to their medical condition. Once patients and family members are boarded, they will enjoy a flight at altitudes that are typically reserved exclusively for commercial flights. Flying at higher altitudes means a less turbulent and more comfortable ride for all. Additionally, the Learjet aircraft that we use are among the safest aircraft available. Our Learjets can land at smaller airports that larger aircraft are not able to land at which provides easier access for patients who may not live close to a major airport. Our aircraft also have an extensive fuel capacity, which necessitates fewer stops and allows patients to reach their destination in as short of a time as possible. For destinations close by or further away, AirCARE1’s fleet of Learjets are headed by two experienced pilots who are Airline Transport Pilots (ATP) certified. Air Transport Pilots are highly trained and receive ongoing training at rigorous training institutes to ensure that patients have the safest journey possible. AirCARE1 also has a team of highly trained expert mechanics who provide requisite repairs and maintenance to ensure our aircraft meet the highest safety standards and are ready to go 24/7.

A Holder of Dual Accreditation

Another facet of care that sets AirCARE1 apart from others is the fact that we have dual accreditation with both CAMTS and EURAMI. Holding certifications from both of these accrediting organizations is extremely rare in the industry and AirCARE1 is proud to have that distinction.

CAMTS stands for the “Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems.” It is a non-profit organization that accredits and audits medical transport services in the United States and around the world. CAMTS exists to recognize industry leaders and to continually improve the level of quality care that patients get during medical transport services.

EURAMI is the acronym for the “European Aeromedical Institute.” EURAMI is a European-based organization that advocates for the continual improvement of medical transport transfers for patients in and around Europe and worldwide. EURAMI issues certifications based on a company’s commitment to providing safe, ethical, and high-quality transport services. EURAMI also promotes uniform standards and levels of care to air transport patients around the world.

Exceptional Holistic Care

When flying with AirCARE1, patients are much more than just a name and number. AirCARE1’s renowned medical and transportation staff ensures that patients and any family members traveling with them are as comfortable as possible during transit, regardless of whether the trip is a short flight within the country or a longer flight overseas. On flights of all distances, patients will receive noise-canceling headphones if they’d like to have a peaceful and quiet ride. Patients can also choose to listen to soft therapeutic music in the background or listen to their own favorite tunes. Hand massages And aromatherapy are are both given as stress-relieving techniques used to calm patients on flights of all distances. For longer flights, patients can choose from a large selection of movies to make the time pass more quickly. Medical needs are attended to by compassionate and critical care-trained medical professionals, including a pair of either a paramedic/respiratory therapist, registered nurse or physician who work under the supervision of a medical director with two decades’ worth of experience.

Transporting All Types of Patients

From the smallest babies to older adults, AirCARE1 is equipped to handle flights for patients of all kinds, including those with precise medical needs. Neonatal patient transport, pediatric patient transport, and transportation for obese/bariatric and elderly patients are all some specialties that AirCARE1 offers. AirCARE1 has special monitoring equipment for patients in these categories, including ventilators, which ensures rides are as smooth and safe as they can be.

Tiny neonates, for example, require extensive and highly specialized care to ensure they make it from one neonatal intensive care unit to another safely. AirCARE1 has an entire team of neonatal specialists, respiratory therapists, and NICU nurses who travel with at-risk infants to make their flights as fast, smooth, and safe as possible.

Similarly, AirCARE1’s pediatric patients are assigned to a team of pediatric specialists for their flights. AirCARE1’s highly skilled pediatric flight team understands that children differ from adults physically, psychologically, and developmentally. Children at different ages can be affected in very different ways, both physically and emotionally, by flight transport. Therefore, each flight is tailored to the specific child’s age, developmental capacity and other important factors to ensure the best possible transit for both the child and his or her family members.

If you or a family member is an obese or morbidly obese patient, rest assured that you’ll get the same specialized care that other unique patient groups are given. AirCARE1 has a fleet of Learjet aircraft that have extra wide cargo loading doors, which permit the safe loading of patients who weight 400 pounds or more. Along with having the aircraft designed to support heavier loads, the flight crew is trained in proper loading, in-flight, and unloading techniques to make sure that the patient and crew members are safe and comfortable from liftoff to landing. Oxygen, additional padding, and even sedation to reduce anxiety in-flight are some benefits bariatric patients may receive on their AirCARE1 flight.

Geriatric patients are also assigned a flight crew that is well-versed in their special needs during flight, which may include the administration of oxygen, medications, and methods used to prevent skin deterioration and breakdown.

Flying With Advanced Medical Equipment

From neonate incubators to oxygen tanks and vital organ monitors, there are many types of advanced medical equipment that you’ll find on AirCARE1’s flights. The patient loading system, which is possible with the LearJet’s wide loading ramp, reduces patients’ stress of traveling while simultaneously making the loading and unloading process safer by minimizing the risk of tilting, wobbling, and tripping during the stages of loading and unloading. AirCARE1 also uses a special patient care system called Lifeport, which is designed to make patients’ rides smoother and more relaxing while also preserving their strength. Lastly, separate sets of adult and child monitoring systems, including monitors, ventilators, and pumps, provide up-to-the-minute readings of your loved one’s status from the time he or she leaves the dispatching hospital to the time the flight arrives at the recipient hospital.

Comfortable & Smooth Rides

AirCARE1 uses only the most luxurious Learjets to fly patients from one destination to the next. Our Learjets feature an interior equipped with luxury amenities, as well as plenty of room for patients and any fellow family members who may be traveling with them. Our Learjets are also fuel-efficient and are authorized to fly at cruising altitudes typically reserved for commercial aircraft. This makes the ride safer and less bumpy for all onboard. These aircraft are capable of transporting patients at distances over 500 nautical miles, which makes them an especially sound choice for cross-ocean travel. AirCARE1’s sophisticated fleet also travels at higher speeds than conventional aircraft, which allows them to reach their end destinations in a shorter amount of time.

Commercial Medical Escort

For those who are medically stable but need assistance with traveling, AirCARE1 offers a travel companion service on commercial flights for peace of mind. Our medical team is on hand to escort patients traveling on commercial flights who are in need of extra medical attention, including those who are traveling to and from home or who suffered an unexpected injury or illness during their travels. AirCARE1’s staff will help plan for all aspects of the flight, and they will provide requisite medical assistance that patients may need as well. Our staff takes all components of planning into their own hands, which ranges from booking flights to securing pre-flight medical clearance, providing continual care throughout the duration of the flight, and arranging for ground transportation before and after flight . The staff will also make any necessary arrangements for family members traveling with the patient.

Choose AirCARE1 for Your Medical Transportation Needs

If you or a loved one is in need of medical air transport services within Albuquerque or to other destinations, call AirCARE1 today or request a no-obligation quote by clicking here. Our flight coordinator team will evaluate your quote, which can be completed either electronically or over the phone. The team will then consider all aspects of air transportation that you’ll need including airports, flight times, food requirements, ground transportation, and more. From pickup to arrival at the final hospital, AirCARE1’s staff keeps its patients in good hands.

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