Denise Waye, founder and President of AirCARE1 presented at the recent International Assistance Group (IAG) held in Berlin, Germany. AirCARE1 is a preferred provider of IAG and provides air ambulance services to the global network of assistance companies that make up the International Assistance Group.

Ms. Waye was selected to present AirCARE1’s innovative service they provide to their patients during transport to help reduce the stressors of flight. Utilizing a unique approach to patient care, AirCARE1 provides patients with noise cancelling headsets with therapeutic music as well as hand massages utilizing aromatherapy. Ms. Waye demonstrated these techniques on Dr. Wheeler of On Call International. These simple measures provide comfort and peace of mind to patients during their transports.

Ms. Waye also participated in a panel discussion regarding the increasing difficulties of securing patient beds for International repatriations. The panel, consisting of Ms. Waye, representing air ambulance providers, several hospitals, as well as an assist company, discussed the various challenges and possible solutions on securing beds in order for International patient transports to be completed in a timely fashion.

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1. AirCARE1 Holistic CARE in the Air Innovative Service
2. About AirCARE1 100% woman owned with 22+ years of practice as a critical care nurse Years in Service Perfect Safety Record 11
3. About AirCARE1 AirCARE1 is an air ambulance provider that owns and operates under their own fleet of aircrafts Based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico & Phoenix, Arizona
4. Holistic CARE in the Air
5. Comfort Measures • Patient comfort measures during flight brings a human touch between the patient and medical crew that in turn helps to reduce patient pain and anxiety
6. Reducing Stressors of flight • Noise cancelling headsets significantly decrease noise levels during flight • Therapeutic music helps provide a calming influence for patients
7. Therapeutic Music • Music has far reaching effects on brain chemistry • Provides mental and physical health benefits • Stimulates and alters brainwaves • Brings changes to the autonomic nervous system • Slows respirations and heart rates • Lowers blood pressure
8. Hand Massages • Reduce stress for the patient in the aeromedical setting • Decreases pain • Improves circulation
9. Aromatherapy
10. Aromatherapy • Inhaled scents activate the limbic system • Influences emotions and memories • Enhance a sense of well-being
11. Impact on the patient • Providing a holistic approach to patient care has far reaching effects beyond just treating the patient’s medical condition • Holistic CARE in the air provides comfort and a sense of well- being during a stressful time
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