AirCARE1 has announced the addition of a Learjet 36A to their fleet of air ambulance aircraft. This new aircraft joins a fleet of three other Learjet 35As owned by AirCARE1. The Learjet 36A will perform medical transportation flights throughout North America, South America and Central America. In addition, the newly added aircraft will be able to perform worldwide operations to Europe, Asia and the South Pacific in the near future.

The addition of the Learjet 36A provides a number of benefits which will allow AirCARE1 to better service their patients both domestically and internationally.

The Learjet 36A has the ability to fly further than the Learjet 35A with a total flight duration of 5 hours in comparison to 4 hours for the 35A. This additional hour of flight time before stopping to refuel will translate to less stops for patients. Less frequent stops for patients during medical transport ultimately helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels for both patients and their loved ones. The extra hour will also allow AirCARE1 to fly patients to and from Hawaii.

With the need for less fueling stops, this will also allow for faster overall travel times between initial takeoff and the final landing. The reduced travel times will make it possible for patients to reach the necessary medical facility more quickly which can make a critical difference for patients with time sensitive conditions and treatment requirements.

AirCARE1s newly acquired Learjet 36A is able to fly at an altitude between 43,000 and 45,000 feet and at speeds of 440 knots which equates to 500 mph. These cruising altitudes make for a smoother flight and help minimize turbulence during patient travel.

AirCARE1 is an air ambulance and medical transportation service headquartered in Albuquerque, N.M. with an additional base in Phoenix (Deer Valley), Ariz. Their company vision takes a different approach to medical air transport. This approach is founded on the belief that providing the highest level of medical attention, combined with compassion and a holistic approach to care will transform the flight experience for their patients. The vision and approach taken by AirCARE1 provides an important sense of well-being for patients and their family members throughout the medical transport process.