Air Ambulance Industry News

Credit Card Offers Free Medical Transportation

American Express has now decided to offer free medical transportation with some of their credit cards. A new benefit offered, termed the Premium Global Assist® Hotline‡, is designed to help travelers who may be if need of emergency services while traveling abroad. With this hotline, card holders are provided with medical assistance services which does include medical transportation.
When you travel more than 100 miles from home, you have 24/7 medical, legal, financial or other [...]

Nevada Requires Air Ambulance Companies to Have State Permit

The Nevada State Senate recently passed Senate Bill 285 (SB285). This legislation prohibits Air Ambulance providers from transporting patients in or out of the state of Nevada without first complying with the state’s safety, medical, and transportation requirements. Few Air Ambulances providers have complied with this new bill to obtain the necessary permit.

AirCARE1 is pleased to announce we are one of the first long range Air Ambulance providers to have been granted the State of Nevada’s Emergency Medical System’s Air [...]

The US Military’s MEDEVAC Unit in Iraq

The United States Army’s MEDEVAC unit in Iraq has become an important part of medical service for US troops in Iraq. A recent article describes the life of the air ambulance company serving northern Iraq, which consists of several Black Hawk helicopter pilots, crew chiefs and flight medics. According to the article, this air ambulance company runs a tight ship:
“You’re trying to get some sleep, you wake up, run as fast as you [...]