AirCARE1 assures a seamless transition of critical care patients between the point of origin and destination utilizing Learjet 35A’s. We chose the Learjet 35A over other aircraft as it is one of the most efficient aircraft in the industry for long range air ambulance transport, is less noisy than other aircraft and has an excellent safety record.

There are several aircraft used for patient transport, and it is important to use the appropriate aircraft for the distance required. Did you know that approximately 50% of patients are flown in aircraft not suitable for the distance they are transported? Transports over 500 nautical miles should always be flown in a jet aircraft. Jets fly at faster speeds, higher altitudes (allowing for a smoother ride) and require fewer fuel stops. It is important to find out what type of aircraft will be used to fly the patient.

Below is a comparison chart for several types of aircraft to help you find the best one for your needs. We will be happy to discuss which aircraft is appropriate for you.

Aircraft Comparison Chart

Aircraft Aircraft Type Range (Nautical Miles) Cruise Speed Service Ceiling
Cessna 414 Piston 1090 nm 225 Knots 30,000 ft
Cessna 441 Turbo Prop 1400 nm 275 Knot 35,000 ft
King Air Turbo Prop 1300 nm 255 Knots 28,000 ft
Pilatus (PC12) Turbo Prop 1770 nm 265 Knots 30,000 ft
Citation Jet 1480 nm 380 Knots 35,000 ft
LearJet 35A Jet 2125 nm 440 Knots 43,000 ft

Aircraft Comparison Trip Times with a LearJet

Aircraft Distance (nm) Flight Time LearJet 35A
Cessna 414 1090 nm 4.9 Hours* 2.4 Hours
Cessna 441 1400 nm 5.0 Hours* 3.1 Hours
King Air 1300 nm 5.0 Hours* 2.8 Hours
Pilatus 1700 nm 6.4 Hours* 3.7 Hours
Citation 1480 nm 3.9 Hours 3.2 Hours

* Fuel stop required